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Mini Mundo de Gramado: miniature replicas

Post updated on 04/11/2022

Mini Mundo de Gramado: perfect replicas in miniatures
The Beatles calmly cross a street | A fire takes over an inn. The culprit is the owner, an 89-year-old lady who, sleepwalking, forgot the pans in the gogão. Firefighters are at the scene, putting out the fire | A driver crashes his car into a fire hydrant, which bursts and splashes water everywhere | The lady tries to rescue her kitten that climbed on the roof. Detail: she places the ladder on the edge of the guardrail

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These could be everyday scenes from various cities around the world, but in fact, they are miniatures on display at the theme park. mini world which is in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul. In all, there are more than 200 replicas built in 1:24 scale, that is, 24 times smaller than the originals.

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But, in addition to these and other scenes (women doing top less on the beach, residents sitting in front of their houses, cars passing through the streets or parked, ships in the ports…), the city of Mini Mundo has thousands of inhabitants.

There are more than two thousand, according to the miniature city census, and hundreds of historical monuments.

miniature replicas

have the Neuschwanstein Castle, from Germany; The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, from Ouro Preto; O Ipiranga museum, in São Paulo, with its beautiful gardens; it’s the bariloche airportfrom Argentina, with plane and all.

You can also view thumbnails of the German castle of Lichtenstein (built with materials similar to those used in the original); gives Andes mountain range; gives Friedrichshohe railway station, in Germany; Gasometer Plant, from Porto Alegre; gives Sao Joao del Rei train station, in Minas Gerais; and several others.

Mini World Miniatures - Gramado - RS
Mini World of Gramado, RS

The Mini Mundo is an entire city with residents (the pieces are brought from Europe), houses, towers, gardens, airports, squares, churches, streets, castles, museums, among others.

And all respecting the official rules and laws. Examples are traffic and pedestrian lanes, accessible streets, traffic lights, streetlights, and other common features of a full-size city.

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Not to mention that everything really works: the firefighter puts out the fire with real water and the little train runs and whistles along the railroad, announcing its passage.

Mini World Miniatures - Gramado - RS
Replicas in the Mini Mundo de Gramado, RS
Mini World Miniatures - Gramado - RS
Mini World of Gramado, RS


The ride on the Mini Mundo is easy and fun. At the entrance, the visitor receives a small newspaper with the “news” of the mini world city.

This helps to locate the most important happenings in the place.

Mini World Map of Gramado: replicas in miniatures
Mini World Map of Gramado: replicas in miniatures

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The tour starts in the original house (although it has undergone some renovations) that gave rise to the theme park.

It can be done on your own. But we recommend the company of one of the featured guides of chimney sweeps, as they tell thousands of stories and details that surround each of the miniatures.

Mini World Miniatures - Gramado - RS
Little house that gave rise to the Mini Mundo de Gramado, RS
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We were guided by Nelson and we were delighted with his tone of voice, his posture and his knowledge of each of the pieces on display. Not to mention that he had the “wisdom” to take the best pictures of the replicas to increase the impression of reality.

During our tour, he would take our camera, raise or lower it over or under the pieces, choose the best angle, and suddenly everything was transformed. Take a look at the Beatles, crossing the street (in the opening photo of this post) or in the images below. It’s very cool!!!

Thumbnails on display
Mini World of Gramado, RS

Gramado’s Mini World Complexes

The park is divided into seven complexes, each with dozens of replicas.

Some, like the one at the Ipiranga Museum, cost a fortune to build and had a lifetime license authorizing their exhibition.

And look how curious: the museum replica has the same number of windows and doors as the original (171 and 84, respectively).

Miniature Ipiranga Museum
Ipiranga Museum in the Mini Mundo of Gramado, RS

According to the guide, everything important that happens in the world ends up gaining some reference in the park. One example was the tragedy in Mariana (MG), where the tailings dam broke and caused the country’s biggest environmental tragedy in 2015.

At Mini Mundo, this event was recorded by means of a flag of the city of Minas Gerais that was placed on the ground in front of the door of the Igreja de São Francisco, in Ouro Preto.

In the scene, residents lay flowers on the flag, paying tribute to the victims.

Church of São Francisco de Ouro Preto in miniature
Church of São Francisco de Ouro Preto in the Mini Mundo of Gramado, RS

History of the Mini World

The Mini Mundo is located in the gardens of Rita Hoppner hotel and emerged from a game between grandfather and grandchildren.

It all started when the German Otto Höppner and the Brazilian Ritta Höppner came from Germany in 1952 and opened the Ritta Höppner hotel in 1958 in the city of Gramado.

Guide explaining about the museum
Mini World of Gramado, RS

With the arrival of the grandchildren, Otto decided to build a dollhouse (1979) and a train (1980), starting the miniature city.

Each year, new items were added until, in 1983, the space became the Mini World theme parkopen for visitation.

At the site of the Mini Mundo has a timeline nice, counting, year by year, everything that was done there.

Museum history
Chronology of the Mini World of Gramado, RS

Outdoor Parks Association – Mini Mundo de Gramado

As the park is outdoors, suffering the influences of rain and sun, work on the miniature city is constant with the restoration and reconstruction of the pieces. Not to mention the news that are always incorporated.

In fact, the Mini Mundo, one of the most visited attractions in Gramado, is part of the Outdoor Parks Association.

Because of this, the replicas are made to withstand the temperature variation ranging from minus 10 degrees in winter to 47 degrees in summer. In 1994, for example, a blizzard damaged some parts of the park, causing it to be closed.

In addition to the replicas, the park has a snack bar, restrooms and two souvenir shops.

mini world

It works: every day – from 9 am to 5 pm
Address: Rua Horácio Cardoso, 291 – downtown
Value: BRL 58 (Children from 3 to 15 years old and seniors: half)
Telephone: +55 54 3286-1334 / 4055 / 3129


Seal D&D Mundo Afora in Rio Grande do Sul


The entrance of the members of D&D Mundo Afora to the theme park was courtesy of the mini world. Despite this, the information, opinions and evaluations reported here are entirely personal and reflect the real experiences lived by the members of the blogwhether positive or negative.

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