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Monorail will link train to Guarulhos airport terminals

There are many criticisms since the train to Guarulhos airport opened in 2018. Most complain about the fact that the train does not reach the three passenger terminals. At the moment, it is necessary to get off at the station, walk a little and take a bus that takes you to the airport.


Nonetheless, the governor of São Paulo João Doria, the minister of infrastructure, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitasit’s the metropolitan transport secretary, Alexandre Baldyannounced this Tuesday, May 28, the creation of a monorail that will connect CPTM’s Line 13-Jade to the passenger terminals at Guarulhos International Airport.

According to the governor, this was a lack that the main airport in the country had: “We found an engineering and financial solution to make this connection viable”.

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The forecast is that the work, which will begin in September this year, to be completed in May 2021. will be invested BRL 175 million financed with resources from the concession granted by the GRU Airport concessionaire.

The monorail will be 2.6 km long with four stops (at the airport’s three passenger terminals and at CPTM’s Aeroporto-Guarulhos Station) and will serve up to 2,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

Monorail to Guarulhos airport (Photo; Esse Mundo é Nosso)

From the CPTM station to Terminal 3, which is the furthest away, the monorail will take six minutes. With that, whoever leaves the Paulista Avenue towards the airport should take 52 minutes and gives Light, 40 minutes.

Monorail to Guarulhos airport (Photo; Esse Mundo é Nosso)


Another novelty is that from the second half of this year, eight new trains, all with luggage racks, for CPTM to use on the Guarulhos international airport line.

*With information from official site of the Government of the State of São Paulo

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