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Most beautiful roads in the world: Top 10 most incredible

On some trip, you probably looked out of the car or bus and observed that unique landscape. All over the world, there are roads that amaze us for their engineering, but also for their landscape. There are several that could be among the most beautiful roads in the world.

In today’s post, we bring you the 10 most beautiful roads in the world. I’m sure you’ll want to meet many of them!

Then get to know the 8 most amazing walled cities!

Top 10 most beautiful roads in the world

Serra do Rio do Rastro, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Source: TripAdvisor

Serra do Rio do Rastro is arguably one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

The 284 winding curves ask drivers to be careful, as well as stops at viewpoints to view this incredible road.

Serra do Rio do Rastro is an important part of the SC-438, because it connects the south to Serra Catarinense, very popular in winter, when snow can paint the place white, including the road itself.

Also know where to stay in Urubicithe main city in the Serra Catarinense for tourism!

Atlantic Highway, Norway

Most beautiful roads in the world: the 10 most incredible!
Source: TripAdvisor

The Atlantic Highway connects several Norwegian islands in its 8 kilometers long.

This highway is a local attraction and locals like to visit her to fish. There is even a bridge with adaptations for fishing. Incredible!

Also check out tips on where to stay in oslothe gateway to tourism in Norway!

Estrada de los Caracoles, Chile and Argentina

Most beautiful roads in the world: the 10 most incredible!
Source: TripAdvisor

Known as the path of 365 curves, Estrada de los Caracoles could not be left out of the post about the most beautiful roads in the worldbecause it is located in the Andes, between Chile and Argentina.

The beauty of Estrada de los Caracoles is proportional to the danger it offers, especially in winter, when snow covers the region, making the road even more beautiful and treacherous.

Estrada de los Caracoles is used by those who are in a trip to Mendoza and wants to go to Santiago by car.

Stelvio road, Italy

Most beautiful roads in the world: the 10 most incredible!
Source: TripAdvisor

The Stelvio Road has many winding curves as it is located in the Italian Alps, close to the border between Italy and Switzerland.

But the most interesting fact about the Stelvio Road is that it is 2757 thousand meters above sea level. Undoubtedly, a beautiful place.

Icefields Parkway, Canada

Source: TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Canada has beautiful cities, very rich in natural beauty. The roads that connect these cities are also amazing.

This is the case of Icefields Parkway, a road that connects two national parks, one located in Banff and the other in Jasper.

The Rocky Mountains set the tone for Icefields Parkway, with its waterfalls and glacial lakes. The scenery is wonderful and should be on the itinerary of anyone visiting the western region of Canada.

Normally, whoever passes through this road also makes a trip to Vancouverthe main city on the west coast of Canada!

Milford Road, New Zealand

Most beautiful roads in the world: the 10 most incredible!
Source: TripAdvisor

Milford Road is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and has many attractions until it ends at Milford Sound.

There are glaciers, golden fields, many lakes and lots of New Zealand natural beauty.

If you have the opportunity, get to know this beautiful place and the entire Fiordland National Park in New Zealand.

To visit Fiordland National Park, it is best to stay in queenstown.

Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

Most beautiful roads in the world: the 10 most incredible!
Source: TripAdvisor

Chapman’s Peak Drive connects Hout Bay to Noordhoek in atlantic coast of cape town.

This road has spectacular views of the ocean, so many tourists take this route, which is spectacular.

Also check out the tips on the best neighborhoods to stay in Cape Town!

Overseas Highway, Florida Keys, United States

The Overseas Highway is not just one of the most beautiful roads in the worldbut also one of the best for tourism.

In its almost 200 kilometers long, there are several small historic towns and lots of marine life, ending in Key West.

The Overseas Highway connects more than 1700 islands and therefore much of it is above the sea, showing how amazing and surprising this road is.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is a must-see for anyone visiting the state of Victoria and its most important city, Melbourne.

The Great Ocean Road offers one of the most beautiful views of a road, with the Twelve Apostles (rocks in the sea) as one of the highlights.

In addition to the incredible view, there are many attractions along the road, such as waterfalls, seaside villages, wineries and much more.

Know that the Great Ocean Road is one of the Melbourne tourist attractions!

Iroha-Zaka, Japan

One of the most beautiful roads in the world is the Iroha-Zaka road in Japan. What brings so much beauty to the place is the forest, which in autumn colors the landscape with orange tones.

The Iroha-Zaka road is also interesting as it is an ancient Buddhist religious pilgrimage path.

Also check out the episode Travel Podcast about Japan!

Did you like the 10 most amazing roads in the world? So enjoy the site and this post!

Good trip!

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