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My experience with the Vodafone chip in Portugal

My experience with the Vodafone chip

For me it is extremely important to have internet during any trip. In addition to updating the social networks of the cheap trip, I use it a lot to search for cool restaurants and attractions in the place where I am and have access to maps. It’s the way I travel and it has worked. In this post, I come to tell you my experience with the Vodafone chip in Portugal.

I left Brazil with my SIM card and without activating my cell phone. I never do that (enable cel) and I don’t even try to find out the value, because I’m afraid that at some point they cover something more and until I manage to reverse this I would have a huge headache. So I usually buy a chip to use during the period I’ll be away.

In fact, my real requirement is a good internet, preferably unlimited. That’s what I’m always looking for! As I said, I need a decent internet connection to keep both Cheap Trip blog posts and social media up to date. Keep reading this post and stay on top of my experience with the Vodafone chip in Portugal 😉

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This time it couldn’t be different. As soon as I arrived at the arrivals area in Lisbon, I’ve been looking for operators and looking for data package options. I ended up getting in line at the store Vodafoneit even resembles Claro or Vivo (with the red logo, look here). While waiting, I was thinking about a reasonable amount to pay for internet for 15 days.

Vodafone Lisbon chip

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Vodafone packages in Portugal:

  • 1G – 10 euros
  • 2G – 15 euros
  • 5G – 20 euros

The attendant was nice and said that the package of 2G would be enough. I didn’t want to risk it and bought the one from 5G same. So I could spend all my time on the internet without fear of finishing my package. He even exchanged my Oi chip for the Vodafoneand left my chip tidy for me to exchange later.


Not even 10 minutes had passed and the internet was already working at full steam. I was satisfied with the service provided and would use it again.

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I make it clear here that there was no type of partnership with the Vodafone. I normally paid for the chip at the airport shop. The post above portrays exactly the experience I had with the service provided.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with the Vodafone chip in Portugal and until the next post…


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