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My First Impressions of Sydney, Australia

Updated November 20, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I came to talk a little about my first impressions of sydney and how one city managed to make me fall in love with an entire country!

It’s funny to say, but a friend asked me how the trip was going and I (as a boyfriend in the beginning of a relationship) replied dazzled that I was in love: for life, for the sun, for the sea!…

But that’s how it is, Sydney leaves you speechless. And it’s even worse when you’re taken by surprise: I didn’t expect to like so much a place that until then had never aroused any interest in me.

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First impressions of Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not the capital of Australiabut I understand who imagines it to be: with more than 5 million inhabitants, Sydney really looks like the navel of this part of the world.

The capital of Australia is Canberra, almost 300 km away, but Sydney is the largest, densest and most “connected” city in Oceania. It is in Sydney that any new adventure around here usually begins.

I’ve always found this contrast super inviting: Sydney is bustling like a metropolis and heavenly like a seaside city. How can you not like a place like this?

What to expect from Sydney?

Sydney is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. This mixture of the big city and paradise turned a disinterested one on the first day: I’m not passionate about the beach, but since last week I can’t do without it!

I swear, I didn’t expect this: I first got to know that madness that is the center of the biggest city in the country, then I got to know the first beach and fell in love before getting off the bus – Coogee is amazing, and she is far from my favorite..

Almost all the beaches are connected by incredible paths that encourage you to go further and further: when you least expect it, there were more than two hours of walking and more than five beaches along the way.

First impressions of Sydney: My first photo walking around Potts Point

What is Sydney’s public transport like?

Extremely useful and functional, but tricky for first-timers. I swear I’ll do my best to help you not make the same mistakes I did, but still at some point you’re likely to throw money away or get locked out of a station for not paying the correct fare.

The cool thing is that there are dozens of extremely polite employees willing to release the turnstile for unsuspecting tourists.

All the trains I took were from the new fleet, which was recently upgraded. The buses are functional and never fill up: by law only 15 or 20 people can stand. To know when the next one will arrive, just send an sms and the answer comes by cell phone.

What we usually do is a mix of all of them that may or may not be interconnected, depending on how much we want to spend or how fast we arrive.

Spending is anything but moderate: Traveling by train, bus and ferry in Sydney is expensive, but that’s the price you get to cross the city in safety, comfort and, best of all, without traffic.

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St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney

St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney

Two brides from completely different worlds getting married less than 200 meters apart

Is Sydney a safe city?

I envy these evolved countries where people walk the streets as if they were in mall parking lots.

I walked late at night through completely deserted streets and through neighborhoods far from the center without feeling threatened at any time, and everyone close to me used their cell phones without any apparent fear.

An Australian friend told me his opinion about Brazilians’ relationship with technology: according to him, Australians are focused on their cell phones and that’s why they tend to bump into each other or get run over, but according to him Brazilians weren’t like that – yes, Yes they are!

The problem is that in Brazil we are all vaccinated and we know how dangerous it is to use cell phones in public.

Eat, drink and have fun in Sydney

Drinking is so expensive that you feel that crazy urge to stay sober most of the time. And no walking around drunk or carrying an unsealed drink: you could be detained or fined, although tourists would probably only get a warning.

I didn’t have much luck with the food, I don’t remember any amazing experiences that make me write about it. I remember when I asked a place where he would take his wife to celebrate a job achievement and he suggested a place so common it’s not even worth writing about.

The prices are steep for dishes that would be cheap in the United States and even cheaper in Europe, in addition to not having the attention we expect from a place that charges 30 dollars for pasta with shrimp – which comes with head, shell and could barely escape. swimming.

First impressions of Sydney: Harbor Bridge

First impressions of Sydney: this was the first time I saw the Harbor Bridge…

What to Expect in Sydney: Tourism

Tourists are welcome and warmly welcomed in Sydney.

Don’t waste too much time looking for attractions that cover the entrance: what you were doing there was seeing some of the most incredible beaches in the world!

Of course, I don’t know all the beaches in Sydney, but I’m a dazzled boyfriend at the beginning of a relationship, remember? Anyway, remember: even though the city offers amazing museums and some attractions that must be really good (not that I’ve seen any), what we came to see there is in Manly, Coogee, Bondi and all the other beaches. that appear when least expected.

Getting around is easy and no moderate paced walk takes more than 30 minutes in central Sydney, even if you go through all of it from end to end.

To get to the beaches you’ll need a car or public transport, but with a little research you’ll have no problem.

First impressions of Sydney: Harbor Bridge

…and that was the unforgettable time

Is Sydney an expensive city?

Yea, Sydney is an expensive cityby the way, is the third most expensive in the world – the truth is that Australia is the most expensive country I’ve ever been to.

When I say that a country is expensive, I mean accommodation, a simple meal, public transport and tipping – and all this is extremely expensive here, except for the tip, which is non-existent.

I imagined a trip with an average expense of 100 dollars/day, but when I found out that my wave is the beach, I have good money left over at the end of the day, especially after I gave up asking where people celebrate their increases.

Where to stay in Sydney?

Before staying in Sydney, it’s worth researching and investing more than the minimum so you don’t regret it later.

Searching for a hotel in Sydney is complicated, I even have some tips to give, but I’ll tell you what I realized very early on: as a first-timer, I liked being on the outskirts of the center, but that doesn’t stop me from choosing one of the beaches next time. travel.

Oh, another: look for the apartments. Apartments are practical and have more affordable prices when compared to the most famous hotel chains.

A $160 night stay in a hotly contested region is already a huge achievement.

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First impressions of Sydney: eating shrimp in the park, who never?

What to Expect in Sydney: The Locals

The locations are amazing, but it’s unfair that they concentrate so much beauty: women, you will feel fat, men, you will too.

Sydneysiders are young, beautiful, and healthy (last time I went like this I was freshman in college). This is a country where people take their health seriously and are also helpful, patient and friendly.

Men drink a lot (which leads me to believe that they are all very rich, because I definitely I don’t have a wallet to accompany them) and they can be uncomfortable at the end of the night, especially when they’re in a bunch, but other than that, I’m all in love with these beautiful and friendly people.


First impressions of Sydney: sydneysiders

And what’s ahead

I’ve already put dozens of posts in the oven, and you’ll notice how much I liked each of them here.

I’m posting this first one from the oceanfront balcony of Surfers Paradise, but I don’t get Sydney out of my head: I also think God is Brazilian, but I’m sure it was in Sydney that he rested on the seventh day.

Other blog tips for planning your trip:

Already know where to stay in Sydney? I selected the best options around Darling Harbour, Bondi Beach and Kings Cross. I stayed at Kings Cross’s Regents Court and highly recommend it!

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