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NGong Ping 360, the Hong Kong cable car. Is it worth it? I’m going to the Janela

I came back to Hong Kong this year to redo tours that somehow didn’t go very well or didn’t go the way I wanted on the first trip. How to visit Macau, a day trip that couldn’t be done because of a typhoon that was passing through the region and left the weather rainy. And it was precisely these intense rains that also hampered my visit to the Great Buddha of Lantau. Due to the large volume of water, the Hong Kong cable car in Lantau was closed for safety reasons, leaving the bus as the only option to climb the mountain to Tian Tan, the Big Buddha.

The day was beautiful, unlike last year

The Great Buddha of Lantau

The Great Buddha of Lantau

The Ngong Ping 360, the official name of the Lantau cable car, connects Tung Chung Station, close to Hong Kong airport, to Ngong Ping Terminal Station, high up in the mountains and next to the Big Buddha. It is easy to get there by subway, here on the blog there is already a post explaining how to get there and how to visit, read here.

There are two types of cabin on the cable car, the Standard and the Crystal, which have a glass floor and allow a better view during the ride.

Hong Kong cable car ride start

The return ticket in the Standard cabin costs 210 HKD (R$108.00) and in the Crystal 315 HKD (R$162.00). Anyone who has taken the tour in the Crystal cabin says that the difference in values ​​is not worth it, it’s not that amazing. Generally speaking, it is an expensive tour, but in Hong Kong everything is expensive, you get used to it.

I got there relatively early, around 10 am and it was a great balcony, as I practically didn’t have lines to buy the ticket and to board the cabin. When I got back, around 1 pm, the line to buy the ticket was going round and round around the cable car station. So get there early!

Famous image of Hong Kong cable car

The Ngong Ping is the biggest cable car in Asia, I’ve read that it was the biggest and highest in the world from sea level. But I don’t know if this latest information is correct. The fact is that it is really long, it is 5.7km long, covered in 25 minutes.

When it starts to rise, it makes your stomach feel like it’s going to collapse, but it’s just an initial feeling. First he crosses a channel, turns around one of the towers to take the long crossing of Tung Chung Bay and up the ridge.

hong kong airport

The view is really sensational, I would say, mesmerizing. We see a good part of Lantau, all of Hong Kong International Airport, the preserved mountains of the island. You can even see the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge, an immense road complex with bridges and an underwater tunnel that will connect Hong Kong to Macau. Look at this image below.

The bridge that plunges into the sea, what an impressive thing to say

As we approach the end of the trip, we can already see the immense image of the Buddha appearing in the middle of the forest. Is too beautiful.

The view is very nice from the Hong Kong cable car

Arriving at the Big Buddha

Is the Hong Kong cable car worth it?

Now the key question: is it worth it? Look, in my case it was worth a lot because it was a tour I wanted to do last year and I couldn’t. But I recognize that it is a very expensive tour for what it is, even though it is a nice experience.

If the day is very cloudy or rainy I do not recommend it, as it will greatly impair visibility. And because Lantau is covered in forests, there is always a fog covering the mountains. It’s practically an independent microclimate, sometimes it’s sunny in Hong Kong and Lantau is in bad weather.

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