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Normandy Tour 4, 6 or 8 Days [Cities and Sights]

Normandy is a region in northern France with a lot of history, linked to the Vikings, the English Channel and the River Seine.Although the Normandy itinerary is currently known for the D-Day battles of World War II, the region goes far beyond that.

Summer resorts, Gothic buildings, unique places and natural beauty are hallmarks of many cities. from Normandy, such as those shown in this article.

The following are the main (and best) cities to visit in the region, as well as tips for creating 3 suggested itineraries through Normandy, with 4 , 6 or 8 days.Check out these tips and start planning your vacation in northern France!

Best Normandy Cities and Sights


Roteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Giverny
Monet’s House.Source: Flickr

Giverny may be a day trip from Paris, but it’s also part of Normandy.Giverny is known for Monet’s Gardens, which are gardens designed by the Impressionist painter and which inspired him during the 43 years he lived in the city.

A visit to Giverny should include the beautiful gardens of Monet and its fantastic lake, the house where the painter lived and also the Museum of the Impressionists.

To experience the region in its splendor, visiting Normandy in April or May (better in May!) is the best decision. .

Practical information – From Paris, take the train to Vernon.From Vernon train station, buses leave for Giverny.Times are coordinated.It is worth remembering that the gardens are closed for a few months (from November to March).The adult ticket costs €12 on the official website of the Claude Monet Foundation.

Check out the list of the best lodgings in Giverny!


Roteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Catedral Notre-Dame de RouenRoteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Catedral Notre-Dame de Rouen
The exuberant Notre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral.Source: Zigazou76 on Flickr

Rouen is the capital of Normandy, having historical and cultural importance, as well as being known for the murder of Joan of Arc(she was burned in Rouen ).In fact, one of the city’s attractions is visiting the museum dedicated to her.

Rouen has beautiful buildings, such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, immortalized by Monet in his works.

The Churches of Saint-Ouen and Saint-Maclou are worth a visit, as is the church dedicated to Joan of Arc, the Patroness of France.The Clock Tower and the Palace of Justice are other highlights of the city.

Most of Rouen’s historic buildings are Gothic, such as the facade of the Cathedral and the pointed spiers of the Church of Saint-Ouen.

Check out the hotels in Rouen!


Source: Wikimedia

Honfleur is one of the must-see destinations on your Normandy itinerary.These buildings reflected the wealth of trade with Canada centuries ago.

The main attraction of Honfleur is indeed its architecture, particularly in and around the harbor.There are also plenty of shops, restaurants and bars in this area.

Walking is the most fun in France’s small, historic towns and still makes for great photos!

From Honfleur or Le Havre are unmissable day trips, which we’ll introduce you to shortly.

See the list of hotels in Honfleur!

Le Havre

Roteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Le Volcan em Le HavreRoteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Le Volcan em Le Havre
Le Volcan in Le Havre.Source: Wikimedia

Le Havre is a different city than what you would expect from Normandy cities.

Le Havre was created to be industrial and port, but was devastated in the Second World War .It is estimated that more than 80% of the buildings were destroyed during this period.

Le Havre is a UNESCO World Heritage Sitethanks to the strength of modern architecture by Auguste Perret, who designed the city .

However, the most famous tourist attraction in Le Havre is Le Volcan concert hall, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

Check out the list of hotels in Le Havre!

Tours from Honfleur or Le Havre: Deauville and Trouville, Étretat and Lisieux

Roteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: ÉtretatRoteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Étretat
Étretat is an unmissable part of Normandy .Source: Wikimedia

The decision to stay in Honfleur and Le Havre depends a lot on the daily rate in both cities and if you are interested in getting to know a modern city in Normandy, which is Le Havre.From these towns you can visit works.

Deauville is an important summer resort, with a hint of wealth.The beach with its colorful umbrellas is one of the highlights, as are the chic hotels, casino and events.

From Deauville, just cross the bridge and visit the small historic center of Trouville-sur- Mer.

One of the main cities in Normandy to visit is Étretat.Its limestone cliffs are impressive for their size, shapes and light colors, which transform with the sun, making the scenery even more impressive.

Some stay in Étretatbecause they want to enjoy the beach, the local restaurants and enjoying the cliffs and their trails more.

Lisieux is worth a visit when traveling between the cities on the River Seine estuary (Le Havre or Honfleur) and Caen.

Lisieux is one of the largest centers of Catholic pilgrimage in France, as Saint Therese of Lisieux lived in the city.The Basilica dedicated to the Saint is a splendor, following the neo-Byzantine style.

The city is also historic for other reasons.Lisieux was the seat of the bishops of Normandy, so there are old churches and the Quartier Canonial district has medieval buildings.


Roteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 DiasRoteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias
Castle of Caen

Caen is one of the most important cities in Normandy.Men’s Abbey, also known as St Etienne’s Abbey, was built by William himself and contains the tomb of England’s first Norman king.

The Ladies’ Abbey was founded by King William’s wife, Queen Matilda.Her grave is located in this abbey, also known as Igreja da Trindade.It’s a beautiful church, especially on the outside.

When you go to Normandy, the events of the Second World War are on the agenda for most travelers.

In Caen, it’s well worth visiting the Memorial focused on presenting from the origins of World War II to the end of the Cold War, highlighting the D-Day battles.

Check out more tips on what to do in Caenand where to stay in Caen!

D-Day Beaches and Bayeux

Memorial no Cemitério AmericanoMemorial no Cemitério Americano
Memorial at the American Cemetery

A visit to the Caen region ends with D-Day beaches.A visit to the beaches begins with Bayeux, a city rich in history, with ancient carpets and religious buildings that are well worth a visit.

In addition to the tapestry depicting William’s conquest, the Allied cemeteries stand out in tourism. in Bayeux.The British Cemetery is located on the city’s territory, and closer to the sea is the largest of all, the American Cemetery.

The American Cemeteryis located in an area overlooking Omaha Beach, landing site for US troops.

The battle on this beach was the inspiration for the film “Saving Private Ryan”, but it was not filmed there.

In the American Cemetery in Normandy there are 9,300 graves, mostly of very young soldiers.Check out more details in our post about the beaches on D-Day, which tells of our visit there right on the day of the D-Day celebrations (June 6).

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-MichelMont Saint-Michel
The beauty of the sunrise on Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel it is one of the most visited monuments in France and it would be unfair if it weren’t, because it is a special place.

Symbol of French nationalism, for having resisted foreign invasions (read British invasions), Mont Saint -Michel is a commune that was born around the Abbey of the same name.

Small, stunning and historic, Mont Saint-Michel becomes even more special with the rising tide, a phenomenon that has a day to come.

Check out all the tips about Mont Saint-Michel, check out the episode of the Papo Viagem Podcast.

To find out where to stay in the region without breaking the bank, check out the post where to stay in Mont Saint-Michel.

Other cities in Normandy: Château Gaillard, Jumièges Abbey, Dieppe, Bagnoles-de-l’Orne and Alençon

Roteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Château GaillardRoteiro pela Normandia de 4, 6 ou 8 Dias: Château Gaillard
Château Gaillard.The castle is in ruins, but it looks like something out of a movie.Close to the castle are the small villages of Le Grand Andely and Le Petit Andely.
  • Between Rouen and Honfleur, visitors can discover the historic Jumièges Abbey.Although it dates back to the 7th century, the ruins of the current building date back to the Middle Ages.
  • North of Rouen is the small fishing village of Dieppe.This city was the first in the region to turn to summer tourism, due to its beaches and beautiful cliffs.
  • Bagnoles-de-l’Orne is the only city in Normandy that has thermal springs, so the city has long become a therapeutic resort.
  • Alençon is a city known for its lace, and work with lace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.In addition, Saint Teresa of Lisieux was born in Alençon.
  • 4, 6 or 8-Day Normandy Tour

    The hardest thing about putting together an itinerary through Normandy is balancing the number of days available with the countless cities you want to visit.That’s why we’re going to give you 3 suggestions for itineraries around Normandy, lasting 4, 6 or 8 days.

    With 4 days you can get to know Normandy, but the trip gets tiring.You need to have everything well planned and have a car.

    By the way, you can get to know the region better by car, given the small towns along the way.It’s so easy to be in a car!See tips for rent a car in Normandy!

    For the4-day Normandy itinerary, we recommend the following cities: 1 day in Giverny;1 day in Rouen;1 day in Caen and D-day beaches OR 1 day in Honfleur and Étretat;1 day at Mont Saint-Michel.

    The main thing is to choose the cities you want to visit.For example, in my case, I find Honfleur and Étretat more interesting than Caen and D-Day beaches, because I prefer ancient architecture and natural beauty.

    A visit to D-Day beaches is recommended for anyone interested. by the Second World War (a lot of people!).

    For example, if you are a religious person and want to visit Lisieux, just include it in your trip.In this case, Lisieux can be visited on the way from Le Havre or Honfleur to Caen or Mont Saint-Michel.

    For the6-day Normandy itinerary, we recommend the following cities: 1 day at Giverny;1 day in Rouen;2 day in Honfleur (Étretat, Deauville and Trouville);1 day in Caen and D-day beaches;1 day on Mont Saint-Michel.

    For the 8-day Normandy tour, we recommend the following cities: 1 day in Giverny;1 day in Rouen;1 day in Le Havre (Étretat);2 day in Honfleur (Deauville and Trouville, Lisieux);2 day in Caen (D-day and Bayeux beaches);1 day at Mont Saint-Michel.

    We hope the Normandy itinerary tips have helped you!But remember that these are just suggestions, after all, every traveler has different preferences!See also the Europe Travel Insurancerules!

    Have a nice trip!

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