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Online tickets: tour, transfer and tour

Post updated on 01/02/2022

Online tickets: how to buy and hire transfers, tours and tours without leaving home
Make life easier for our readers who are going to travel is one of our biggest goals here in the D&D Worldwide.

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That’s why we partner with companies that offer travel-oriented services. Are many: Travel insurance, car rental, hotel booking, airline tickets, Cell phone chip to talk in 210 countries on EasySim4Uor My Chip chip, travel packages and ticket sales, transfer and tours.

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Today, we are going to teach you how buy tickets, book tours or hire the service transfer in Brazil and abroad without leaving home.


The advantages are numerous.

1 ➤ First, you don’t have to leave your house to buy your ticket or hire the service. Makes life easier and saves time;
two ➤ you can buy several tickets or hire several services at once, saving work;
3 ➤ the voucher is delivered by email. Just print it out. Some places allow you to show the ticket on the cell phone itself, saving paper;
4 ➤ even if your destination is some country in Europe or the United States, for example, you don’t need to know how to speak English because the websites are in Portuguese;
5 ➤ Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal;
6 ➤ you skip the lines to buy tickets and speed up your entry to attractions;
7 ➤ you arrive with everything organized and hired at the destination of your trip.

Online tickets: how to buy and hire transfers, tours and tours - Photo: Pixabay
Online tickets: how to buy and hire transfers, tours and tours – Photo: Pixabay

In addition (and a very important advantage for us), when buying your tickets or hiring your tour through the links displayed in D&D Worldwidewe will receive a small commission, although you do not pay anything extra for this.

So, it doesn’t take long to buy, ok!! haha.

See how much advantage!!!

Where to buy tickets online

We currently have a partnership with a company that sells tickets online all around the world:

1 ➤ Get Your Guide

Online tickets: how to buy and hire transfers, tours and tours without leaving home

how to buy in site from Get Your Guide:

O site Get Your Guide it is very complete. It offers options for tickets /tickets to the main cultural attractions and tours in different parts of the world.

In fact, it is one of websites most complete in online ticket sales.

and buy at site gives Get Your Guide too easy.

After choosing the destination, the available options will appear. Select the attraction and/or tour you wish to purchase:

check the information about the ticket and the experiences of those who have already bought it, select the date and number of tickets:

Add to cart and then fill in the payment data. You can pay via PayPal or debit or credit cards.

Ready! Your voucher will be sent by email. Just present in the desired traction.

Now, just click on the links and buy:

Travel Insurance with 10% discount

Are you going to travel? It doesn’t matter if you stay in Brazil or go abroad. O Travel insuranceis a very important and even mandatory item, in case the trip is to Europe.

Make your quote and choose the insurance company that best suits your profile.

At Promo insuranceD&D player has 10% off: 5% when hiring with the coupon DEDWORLDAWAY 5 + 5% by paying on the ticket. If you prefer, you can still pay up to 12 installments on your credit card.

Opening photo of the post: Pixabay

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4 ➤ Buy skip-the-line tickets for attractions, tours, transfers and other services in Brazil and around the world at GET YOUR GUIDE

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