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Orlando Eye, Sea Life and Madame Tussauds: will this trend catch on?

Updated November 19, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

A trip to Orlando is never a cheap trip. Well, assuming that those who go to Orlando also go to Orlando parks, because no matter how cheap you are, the value of the tickets doesn’t change.

Orlando with little park is, roughly, 250 dollars a day, which is an estimate of the price of individual tickets, transportation and the minimum food for those who are thrifty. In an Orlando with a lot of parks, the ticket price drops, but on the other hand, the number of days that this money will be spent increases.

If we have the best parks in the world in the same city, limited time to get to know them and strength in the wig to pay for the investment that this requires, could it be one Ferris wheel, an aquarium and a wax museum sustain?


Well, it’s hard to say, but I have my impressions of it.

Orlando Eye, Orlando’s Ferris Wheel

We can start by analyzing what is expected of Orlando: does anyone who has never been to Orlando dream of seeing the Orlando Eye, Orlando’s Ferris wheel? I think anyone who doesn’t know Orlando dreams of visiting Disney, even if it means visiting Universal’s parks as well.

It is quite difficult to make a first-time visitor (a) remember to fit the Ferris wheel into their itinerary and (b) agree to pay for it, regardless of how much it costs. I can imagine my friends saying “ok, I already have all the money I need to visit the parks, now I have to save for shopping”, but I doubt anyone will say “wow, there’s still the Ferris wheel, I almost forget!”.


Would anyone who is bald to go to Orlando want to know something new?

I think the best answer to this question would be a resounding “it depends”. Those who come back often come back because they like the best that the city has to offer, not because of the competition that struggles to stand out among the giants – something new for something new, parks never go more than one season without opening something that appears in the newspapers. It’s quite complicated to make a Ferris wheel compete with new roller coasters, new fireworks, new princesses and outlet expansions and an agenda that, it’s no use, is born small.

Have you ever stopped to think about how unfair the Orlando market is? In a place where Disney’s only competition is Harry Potter, anything else has the air of a pirate attraction – and we’re not talking about those from the Caribbean: as interesting as it is, you’re either at Disney or you’re at Universal, whatever. something else is a consolation prize.


And let’s agree that “as interesting as it is” does not apply to Orlando Eye because she’s not even that interesting.

Do you know why the Ferris wheel in London is interesting? Because as soon as it starts to spin, the Parliament appears huge right in front of us, with one of the most famous rivers in Europe passing at our feet. In Orlando, we come across a wide and huge… Parking lot.

Uhm, but that’s why the Ferris wheel comes with a wax museum and an aquarium, right?

Well, more or less: since when is imitation of people and fish in an aquarium new in Orlando? It’s never been easier to convince a child before: I can already imagine parents tired of so much park saying “why another aquarium if we’re already going to SeaWorld?” or “why Madame Tussauds if Disney invented wax dolls and there they walk and talk?”.


Of course, the Ferris wheel is beautiful, of course the complex was charming with its shops and restaurants, but Disney’s spoiler went there and turned Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, bringing to Orlando yet another mall with dozens of stores and restaurants, the the only one that can compete with the Mall at Millenia in the “wow, what a place is this!”.



These are the stores that hit the “and this one, do you know it?” question:

There has to be a lot of promotion to encourage tourism there: thinking about the value of the base ticket, and disregarding the thousand opportunities that make it drop in price, a tour of the Orlando Eye It costs 25 dollars, but the ticket that also entitles you to the wax museum and the aquarium costs 40.

The problem is that with 40 dollars, me and two children (hypothetical, by the way) could go up together in the Disney Springs balloon that doesn’t even leave anything to be desired (it’s exactly the same, 120 meters from the ground) besides not having glass covering us and having the four parks very close to us.



Looking at the parking lot…:


Looking to the horizon:


You can easily see the Orlando Convention Center, but after that, everything you see is with a certain dose of guesswork, like a little piece of SeaWorld’s roller coasters:


Have you ever ridden on the Orlando Ferris wheel, did you think it was worth it? And for those who have already had the opportunity to ride other giant wheels, such as the one in London and Las Vegas, you can see the differences between them and the Orlando Eye?

I want to know your opinion.

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