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Padaria São Domingos, in Bela Vista, even has a line to buy traditional Italian bread

who lives in Sao Paulo always complains about the difficulty of doing different and good things in the city. But if we stop at every corner of the capital, we will find interesting and charming places to visit.

This time, the stopping point is the traditional neighborhood of Nice viewalso known as bixiga. Not everyone knows, but this typical Italian neighborhood is named after one of its residents from the early 19th century. Due to smallpox scars, he was known as Antônio Bixiga.

And on road Saint Domingos, of this famous neighborhood, which is located the bakery that has the same name of the street. Founded in 1913, the Santo Domingo Bakery maintains the tradition of the time when it was inaugurated. In a small space, the bakery has sausages hanging from the ceiling, cheeses and lots of bread.

Don’t go thinking that you can sit down to try delicious cakes and sandwiches. The bakery does not have space to eat on site and there is also not such an extensive menu, in addition to the typical products. Get ready to face queues, which reach the street, on weekends to buy the famous (and delicious) Italian breadwhich costs $5.

The bakery still offers traditional (and also delicious) breads stuffed with sausage, endive, parmesan and other flavors. Each loaf costs R$16.

It is a worthwhile tour, not only for the undeniable quality of the products, but for making you feel inside the history of the neighborhood and the city of São Paulo. Book a weekend for a tour of the site and take the buns home.

+ Actress Laura Cardoso and presenter Angélica visit the bakery; watch

R. São Domingos, 330 – Bela Vista

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