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Passport or ID? What document do I need to travel?Vou na Janela

This is the first post in a series dedicated to beginners, here I will address issues for those who are going to make their first international trip. The first issue is: what document do I need to travel?

We Brazilians can enter some South American countries only with our General Registration, or RG: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela. Which is a hand in the wheel for those who are going to travel and do not have a passport or have an expired document.

If you intend to enter any of these countries with your ID, be careful, as your document must be less than 10 years old and you must be identified by the photo. In 10 years, people change, if the immigration officer thinks you are not the same person in the photo, there is no use crying, you will go home.

Another important detail: the CNH (National Driver’s License), OAB, Work Card do not work. I’ve seen people having to turn around at the airport check-in counter.

The only document that allows you to enter anywhere, as long as it is valid, is your passport. To have yours is nothing out of this world. On the Federal Police website, everything is well explained.

It basically works like this: you gather the necessary documentation and you no longer need to take a photo. On the PF website you issue the Union Collection Guide, GRU in the amount of R$156.00. After paying the GRU, you can schedule an appointment to be seen at a PF unit closest to you. On the appointed date, just show up and apply for your Passport.

The broadcast time varies in some places, here in São Paulo, I know it hasn’t taken long. When I went to renew mine, in September 2012, it only took a week to have the document in hand.

Even in countries that allow entry with the ID, I recommend that you spend a little bit and have your passport. Because? So that you are not limited to traveling only through South America, in addition, having stamps in your passport makes it easier for you to enter countries with stricter control of entry and issuance of visas.

The validity of the document is 5 years and you need to keep to this period. Some countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months in order to enter.

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