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Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos: Paraty and Trindade

Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos. These not-so-known beaches are one of the unmissable programs to do in Paraty and Trindade.

Paraty is a city that is part of the Costa Verde, which is on the south coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro and also includes destinations such as Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande.

Praia do Sono is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region and, as access is complicated (only by 1h trail or boat), it is still well preserved.

Arriving there, on the beach there are fishermen’s houses creating a very quiet and reserved atmosphere. The location also gives access to the beaches of Antigos, Antiguinhos and Ponta Negra, all wild.

Paraty – Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos

How to get there and the beaches of Paraty located in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras

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After taking the bus from Reunidas Paulista at 10 pm, we arrived in Paraty at 3:40 am. The walk from the bus station to our inn was short, it was a little tense to arrive at that time, but in the end everything went well.

Praia do Sono – How to get there

At around 10 am we were at the bus station again, to catch a bus to Praia do Sono, our first tour option.

Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos: Paraty and Trindade
Paraty bus station

We decided to go there because as it was a Saturday, I think Trindade would be very crowded, and nothing better than choosing Praia do Sono for a day when you barely slept at night, spent the night on the bus and entered your hotel room at 4 am.

Arriving there, a little running because the girl from the inn told us that the bus left at 10 am, the bus that left at 10 am was for Trindade, from Colitur. For Laranjeiras, bus 1040 left only at 10:30 am. In fact it only came out at 10:40, in line with the line number.

It was Saturday, so the buses left relatively full. To Laranjeiras, the journey time is approximately 45 minutes.

Vila do Oratório/Laranjeiras

For those traveling by car, you will have to park your car when you get there in Laranjeiras and choose one of the two options below.


  • Of boat: at the door of the Condomínio de Laranjeiras, the condominium offers a van for free, which crosses the condominium to a pier where you can take the boat to Praia do Sono or directly to the beaches of Antigos and Antiguinhos. The journey starts at R$ 20.00.
  • From trail: at the final stop of the bus, after entering the Condomínio de Laranjeiras, in Vila do Oratório, there is a trail to Praia do Sono. After a small slope, you can see the entrance to the trail, with an indicative sign. The trail is well structured, it has sections with walkways and wooden handrails, but we suffered a little in some sections, as it had rained the day before, some parts were muddy and slippery.
    We went on the trail.

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How is the trail to Praia do Sono?

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
Start of the 1-hour trail from Laranjeiras to Sono beach

On the way, we met a Polish gentleman who was also doing the trail, very nice, I even tried to speak a little English with him but he preferred to speak Portuguese, since his son had married a Brazilian woman, so he had ties to Brazil. He took a picture for us.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
I had barely started the trail when I was already sweaty. Strong heat in Paraty.

In the middle of the trail, we passed a small waterfall, good for a refreshment.

The trail isn’t particularly difficult, except for the slippery parts, but it was damn hot.

Arrival at Praia do Sono

After 1h of trail, we arrived at Praia do Sono. The good thing is that at the end of the trail, there is already a viewpoint with a beautiful view of the beach. It was not our first time on this beach, but this time the day was more beautiful.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
Viewpoint at the end of the trail, with a wonderful view of Praia do Sono. The effort was worth it, and those who come by boat don’t have this view.

Arriving at the beach, we were almost devoured by mosquitoes, so I strongly recommend using repellent.

After a few photos, we stopped at a kiosk at the beginning of the beach for a quick snack. It was already more than 12 o’clock by then. While we were waiting for our hamburgers, we entered the sea, with transparent and relatively calm water, and took some pictures under the almond trees. Nearby there was also a freshwater spout to cool off.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
Delicious shade at Praia do Sono, just watch out for mosquitoes

Walking along Praia do Sono

After lunch, we set off for a walk along Praia do Sono to the opposite end of the trail. From a distance you can already see the trail to Praia dos Antigos. The path is intimidating, an uncovered, steep trail uphill.

Along Praia do Sono, several houses, fishermen weaving their nets on the ground and some tourists. Some of the residents of Praia do Sono offer lunch and overnight to visitors. On the way, we still had contact with a boatman, who offered us a return trip to Laranjeiras for R$ 15.00.

The Polish gentleman had managed to arrive and he told me that he had chosen to return by boat. Two friends from Recife, who had taken the bus from Paraty with us and who had arrived at Sono beach, also considered going to Antigos, but they had already booked a boat to take them to all the beaches for R$ 100.00.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
In the distance, at the top of the hill, an unexciting trail to the beaches of Antigos and Antiguinhos

Trail to Praia dos Antigos

After all, arriving at the end of Praia do Sono, we find the Rio do Sono, 1.3 km long, which flows into the sea, with clean and refreshing water, and a sign indicating the beginning of the trail to Praia dos Antigos. At this point, we met two other friends, this time foreigners, who were our companions on the trail up the hill.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
The river and the sign indicating the beginning of the trail to Praia dos Antigos. At least it’s signposted, you can’t go wrong.

The worst thing was not the ascent itself, which was quite steep (at some points I had to climb practically on all fours, but I’m also kind of bad on the trail), but the scorching heat that it was at 2pm, when we were climbing.

The trail to Praia dos Antigos is completely uncovered, so there is no shade. The best thing, however, is that the climb is very short, in 10 minutes we were at the top. Afterwards, everything gets easier, a stretch with shadows and then a smooth descent.

As soon as we arrived at Praia dos Antigos, we came across a truly paradisiacal scene. A pool of natural water, which formed a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and the mountains that form a bay on the beach. Vegetation also provides inviting shade.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
Arriving at Praia dos Antigos
Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
A water mirror at Praia dos Antigos

Praia dos Antigos, along with Antiguinhos, entered the list of the best beaches in Brazil, by Guia Quatro Rodas in 2009.

After the initial enchantment, which resulted in some beautiful photos, the fascination with the scenery waned. The fact that the sun hid behind the mountains and several clouds contributed, and the weather that was now fully sunny, closed completely, full of dark clouds.

My conclusion is that it is indeed a beautiful beach, but not one of the best in Brazil. The best thing is its isolation aspect, since besides us, our foreign friends and 3 or 4 other people, there was no one else. The friends would still leave for Ponta Negra, a beach that is even beyond Antiguinhos.

Trail to Antiguinhos Beach

Our next destination was Antiguinhos beach. We had a little trouble finding the entrance to the trail. It is at the end of the beach, turning left. Good thing a guy on the beach helped us find her.

The walk from Antigos to Antiguinhos is very short and at a fork, we follow the bed of a freshwater course, arriving at the beach. The other way leads to Ponta Negra beach (another 1 hour walk), where the girls would go to spend the night there, probably at a resident’s house.

Paraty and Trindade - Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
Antiguinhos beach, already cloudy

In Antiguinhos, we find our friends from Recife.

Return by boat to Laranjeiras

We went back on the boat with them to Laranjeiras, for R$ 25.00 each. I think if we haggled a little, the boatman would close for R$20.00, but at the time I was so tired that I accepted any price.

Cleber and I still took a few pictures, the weather was very cloudy and ugly, and then we left for Laranjeiras.

Arriving there, we still waited a while for the van that took us to the entrance of the condominium and we crossed the luxury condominium inside it, full of beautiful houses. Luckily, we managed to catch the 1040 bus back to Paraty right away.

After a day of sleeping less than 4 hours and doing two hikes, all I wanted was some sleep. And as there was no sleep at Sono beach, I collapsed at the inn as soon as we arrived, for a restful rest.

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Title: Trindade/Paraty Beaches
Directed by: Trindade/RJ
Produced by: Fabio Pastorello
Itinerary: Laranjeiras Condominium, Praia do Sono, Praia dos Antigos and Antiguinhos
Cast: Fábio Pastorello and Cleber Alcântara
Photography: Fabio Pastorello
The best: practically virgin beaches and access trails in good condition; round trip option by boat
The worst: the trail from Sleep to Antigos is pretty steep; beaches lose some of their charm with cloudy weather, which is not difficult in the region
Duration: 4 to 6 hours
Year: 2013
Country Brazil

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