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Pubs in London you need to know – Touristing with Lu

How many pubs in London do you need to visit to experience a bit of English beer culture? ALL possible, that would be the best answer.

Now, the most sensible answer would be to know at least 4 pubs in London. Yes, at least 4 to be able to feel the atmosphere, taste the “pub food” and immerse yourself in this important place for English culture.

****Post updated in January 2019

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It is traditional and typical of the English to stop by a pub at the end of the day. And office hours in London end around 5pm, a good time to witness the buzz in the pubs.

All establishments have several delicious beers, many of them are ales english. They are dark beers (a little reddish) and fermented but without as much gas as our traditional pilsen beer, hopscotch.

All pubs in London are relaxed and very safe. They serve wines, spirits and soft drinks. Many serve meals and I HIGHLY recommend trying several of them, pub food is all good. But let’s go to the magical list of pubs in London that you need to know.

The Round House – Covent Garden

A well located pub (in the heart of Covent Garden) and with good Fullers beers (London Pride is one of them). Live games on TV, nice and typical atmosphere. The food is good but eating here would not be a priority. Leave this pub to drink and chat, we’ve tasted tastier dishes in other pubs 🙂

Anyway, if hunger strikes and you’re here, you can order with peace of mind, the food is good, it’s just not excellent. This pub in London has a second floor that is special for dining, more spacious and comfortable.

It is on a corner and is circular. Hence the name The Round.
pubs in london
London Pride beer <3
pubs in london
Meat pie – traditional English dish.

The Lamb and Flag – Covent Garden

Traditional pub, dating from 1772 and with a very similar atmosphere.. “traditional” lol. You travel back in time because the place is all decorated with period objects, I would say it’s a must stop.

It is quite small and is always full, which makes it difficult to eat in it. But as this pub in London is in a hidden little street with little traffic, you can enjoy a pint on the sidewalk in front of the pub. You will notice many English people in their daily post office pub routines here.

pubs in london
Old books at The Lamb & Flag
pubs in london
Photo disclosure.

The White Swan – Covent Garden

This pub is directly opposite The Round House in Covent Garden, part of the Nicholson’s beer chain. In my humble amateur brewer’s opinion, Nicholson’s is the best style beer. ale that I tried in the UK.

This is one of those pubs in London that have two floors, the first for sip and the second with a restaurant. His food is great and he has a dessert that you he must taste: Apple Crumble.

A warm apple pie, topped with an oat flour that is served with white syrup. To eat PRAYING!! It’s worth putting it on your schedule, especially since it’s right there in the center of everything.

pubs in london
The White Swan
pubs in london
Fish n Chips – super Londoner!!!
pubs in london
This is the Apple Crumbe of the gods.

The Sussex – Leicester Square

The location of this pub is also excellent, close to all the theaters. It’s a little way in front of the MMs chocolate shop. Many different beers available, the menu is also excellent in both variety and quality. taste a beer ale called Trumans Swift, is very good.

pubs in london
The Sussex counter

The Brewemaster – Leicester Square

This pub has a very quiet and modern atmosphere, it escapes a little from the traditional decorated as in the old days. Here you can enjoy bigger tables, dim lights and free wi-fi 🙂 🙂 It has a more diverse menu with options for starters and even some dishes to share. It is worth checking.

pubs in london
One of the trendiest pubs in London

The Lyric – Piccadilly

This one is for those who are a football fan and can’t bear to spend the trip without seeing a specific game (in the case of my husband lol). It is very common for pubs to show games on TV. But lots of Rugby games and little football.

In Lyric you have both options; a room for rugby and on the second floor, a special room for soccer games. And surprisingly, the food there was excellent, traditional dishes and very tasty. Usually pubs that are very sports focused don’t have good food, here it wasn’t like that.

pubs in london
Chili con carne – I love it!! It’s also very London.
pubs in london
Bangers n Mash (sausages with mashed potatoes and special sauce). That was TOO GOOD!
pubs in london
Lots of local beers.

The Princess Louise – Hoborn

This is one of the most traditional pubs in London. Good beers, menu with fish and chips and ale pie, PROVEM ALE PIE please. Princess Louise has more private areas, you are in a closed room facing the bar (see photo), I found it very interesting. Take advantage of the visit to the British Museum to plan your stop here, they are super close.

pubs in london
Our private room.
pubs in london
Pub facade.

St Stephens Tavern -Westminster

This pub is worth a visit for the view from the window, both during the day and at night, it is opposite Big Ben. While you have a beer or a traditional fish and chips, take a peek at Big Ben through the window.

pubs in london
A pint every stop at some London pub lol.
pubs in london
This view <3

The Red Lion – Westminster

Best ale pie I’ve had in London!! The menu is the same as in other Fullers pubs but.. I tried a pie at Borrow Boy and it didn’t even come close to this one.

It was delicious, meat tender and with a sauce to get you off the ground. The pub itself is quite nice and traditional, the location chosen was a medieval tavern dating from 1531 and more recently one of Winston Churchill’s favorite pubs.

pubs in london
Pub facade.
pubs in london
Amazing ale pie!!

The Barrow Boy and Banker – close to Tower Bridge & Borough Market

Excellent for relaxing after a tiring day of sightseeing. Even more perfect to wait for sunset and see the illuminated Tower Bridge. The pub is steps away from a bridge before Tower Bridge.

It is also part of the Fullers beer chain and is very cool, located in a historic building that was the first headquarters of the national bank of Westminster, you can still see objects from the period there. The food is excellent and the beer is even better.

Do I need travel insurance for London?

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pubs in london
Barrow Boy
pubs in london
More pints lol..
pubs in london
This is the view, photo is terrible but live is super beautiful!!

I think that’s it! This is my magical list of pubs in London that I highly recommend visiting. The city has hundreds of other pubs, let the mood take you. Did you look and feel like going in? Goes into! Ask for a pint and see if you want to stay longer, it can be at the counter.

Many times we went into pubs just to escape the cold. And clearly we had a beer. If you’ve seen a VERY cool pub that’s not on this list, let us know in the comments.

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