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Replica of the Statue of Liberty almost twice as big as Christ the Redeemer is an attraction in Santa Catarina

In the middle of BR 101, the havanone of the largest department store chains in the south of Brazil, surprises anyone who passes through the highway near the city of Barra Velha/SC. In the distance you can see a gigantic replica of the Statue of Libertysymbol of the company, inaugurated in celebration of its 25 years.

At 57 meters high, with an elevator and viewpoint, it is the largest statue in Brazil and took eight months to complete. The height is equivalent to a seven-story building, with an estimated weight of 200 tons.

To get an idea of ​​the size of the replica, which is 57 meters with the pedestal, Christ the Redeemer measures 38 meters also with the pedestal. The original Statue of Liberty in New York measures 93 meters with the pedestal.

In addition to being a new tourist spot in Santa Catarina, the Havana stop offers the comforts of a major road stop, with restrooms, dining, shopping and leisure options. Another curiosity is that the facades of the stores, including this one in Barra Velha, are already inspired by the columns of the White House, seat of the American government in Washington.

Statue of Liberty from the Havan Parade (Photo: This World Is Ours)

Parada Havan (Photo: This World Is Ours)

Where it is

Havana stop
Highway Br 101, 1019
Barra Velha/SC

* Thank you Tábata and Gilmar Tomé for the tip of this post, for the report and sending the photos of the attraction

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