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Revolving Restaurant in Santiago without Spending Horrors

O Revolving Restaurant in Santiago of Chile It is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. It is located on the 18th floor of a very well located building, in the neighborhood of Providencia. It is very close to the Sky Costanera building, the tallest in Latin America.

For those who want to go there by subway, it’s very easy, as the Los Leones Station is just a few meters away. We went walking because we were at Shopping Costanera which was 700 meters away.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 12:30 pm. From it you can have a privileged view of Santiago and the Andes Mountains.

Revolving Restaurant in Santiago de Chile
Revolving Restaurant

When we got there, we were looking for a round building, but we were surprised to see that it wasn’t. We were super curious to know what it was like, as we had never been to a revolving restaurant.

The restaurant took 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete a complete tour. It runs very slowly, it’s almost imperceptible. So don’t worry, you probably won’t feel bad, I didn’t and I have labyrinthitis.

Revolving Restaurant in Santiago: view of the city
Revolving Restaurant

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How to go to the Giratório Restaurant in Santiago without spending a lot of money?

If you really want to know the restaurant and are not willing to spend a lot, a good option is to do like us and go there for lunch.

Many people leave to go to the restaurant at the end of the day, around 7 pm. So it is possible to combine a beautiful sunset with a panoramic view of the city. But this is the most expensive way. You will spend an average of 60,000 pesos for dinner. Débora from the blog Foco no Mundo had dinner there and told her experience here.

Rotating Restaurant in Santiago
Revolving Restaurant in Santiago

And why is there this difference in values? Well, until 4 pm the restaurant serves the “Executive lunch“, which is nothing more than the menu of the day. There are two full course options with starter + main course + dessert + a drink for 15,900 pesos (BRL 96.00).

See in the table below how much our lunch cost at Restaurante Giratório in Santiago:

Item and Quantity Individual Value Total Amount (in pesos)
Executive Lunch (2) 15,900 31,800
Cusqueña beer (2) 3,500 3,500
Castillo Wine Glass (2) 4,200 4,200
Tip 3,950
Total 43,450

values ​​in March 2018

We spent 43,450 pesos for this meal, but I think it was well worth it. We just love it! In Reais this represented approximately R$ 260.00.

Want to know how much we would spend if we had dinner instead of lunch? See the table below.

Item and Quantity Individual Value Total Amount (in pesos)
Mixed ceviche (2) 9,500 19,000
Lommo Steak (1) 13,500 13,500
salmon (1) 12,500 12,500
dessert (2) 4,200 8,400
Cusqueña beer (2) 3,500 7,000
Castillo Wine Glass (2) 4,200 8,400
Tip 6,880
Total 75,680

values ​​in March 2018

We didn’t find exactly on the menu the exact dish of Loin and Salmon that was served to us at the executive lunch. So we consider in the table above only the meat without accompaniments. In our meal, the dish was more complete, as they still had the accompaniments.

A drink is included in the value of the executive lunch. That’s why we doubled the quantities, as it was exactly what we consumed at the restaurant.

Did you notice the difference? At lunch we spent 43,450 (R$ 260.00). If we had had dinner, we would have spent 75,680 (R$ 454.00). Saving R$ 194.00 is really worth it!!! So schedule yourself to do like us, go there at lunch time.

Lunch at the Revolving Restaurant

As I said before, we opted for the “Executive Lunch”, also known as the menu of the day. The restaurant offers two starters, two main course options and two dessert options every day to compose the executive lunch. You can assemble the combination you want.

How much does it cost to go to Restaurante Giratório in Santiago
Executive Lunch Revolving Restaurant

We both chose the mixed seafood ceviche as a starter, which was simply delicious!!! It’s really worth it, both I and Miranda recommend it. If we had to choose the starter again, surely ceviche would be our choice.

Restaurant Rotatorio in Santiago de Chile
Ceviche at the Revolving Restaurant

For main course Miranda chose the sirloin with fries and I chose the salmon with seafood risotto. Both dishes were very tasty, take a look:

how much does it cost to go to Restaurante Giratório
Lunch at the Revolving Restaurant

For dessert we chose seasonal fruits and peach ice cream. I am passionate about sweets and I wanted to try the “dessert tasting”, which cost 7,800 pesos, but I was super satisfied with lunch and couldn’t. But now I have a good reason to go back to the Rotatory, right?

We really enjoyed the food and service at Restaurante Giratório. I’ve seen people saying they didn’t like it, but that’s how everyone has their taste. But if we return to Santiago, we will certainly return to the Giratório.

360º view of Santiago

In addition to enjoying good food, from the Giratório Restaurant in Santiago it is possible to have a 360º view of the city. The restaurant is turning very slowly. It’s almost imperceptible. During your meal you will see the city from different angles.

View of Santigo from the Giratório Restaurant
360º view of Santiago

You will also be able to see the famous Sky Costanera up close, which is really an imposing building. Prepare your camera or cell phone and take lots of pictures.

What is the Revolving Restaurant in Santiago?
View of the Sky Costanera Building in Santiago
Swivel Restaurant in Santiago without Spending Horrors
Revolving Restaurant in Santiago

Do I need to make a reservation for the Giratório Restaurant?

we from let’s go there We went for lunch at the restaurant and didn’t make a reservation, it was super quiet. There was no queue. But if you intend to have dinner at the restaurant, it is important that you make a reservation, as the queue is usually long.

  • At lunch there is no need
  • At dinner it is necessary

If your trip takes place in high season, I suggest you make a reservation, as it is better to be safe than sorry…

Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed our tips about Restaurante Giratório in Santiago. If you’ve been there, tell us about your experience. Just leave a comment below. If you are planning a trip there, include the Giratório Restaurant in your itinerary, we love it!


Site: swivel

Address: Av. Nueva Providencia, 2250 – Floor 16 – Providencia

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday from 12:30 to 0:00

Telephone: +56 2 2232 1827

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