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SÃO MIGUEL DOS MILAGRES – Alagoas: What to do and Best Beaches

How about traveling to the coast of Alagoas and discovering some of its most reserved and beautiful beaches?São Miguel dos Milagres is a great option on the north coast of Alagoas.Check out what to do, some tips and the main beaches in this paradise located on the state’s Ecological Route.

São Miguel dos Milagres is yet another destination on the Costa dos Corais, with its 120 km between the north coast of Alagoas and the south coast of Pernambuco, more precisely from Paripueira / AL to Tamandaré / PE.This region is full of paradisiacal beaches and natural pools.

The AL-101 road passes through so many delightful places that it has earned the name Ecological Route.

What is the Route of miracles?

Unlike other destinations, São Miguel dos Milagres is one of the most preserved destinations on the coast of Alagoas.

With very rustic places, fishing villages, inns on the sand and practically deserted beachessuch as the famous Praia do Patacho, this region is a pleasant surprise for those who visit it.

Check out what to do in São Miguel dos Milagres, some tips and the main beaches on this stretch of the Alagoas coast.And, most of them can be reached on foot, so you can completely disconnect.

São Miguel dos Milagres: Things to do, Tips and Best Beaches

Get to know the beaches and raft rides to the natural pools of São Miguel dos Milagres, on the Alagoas Ecological Route

Our first trip to São Miguel dos Milagres was in 2017 and we found a lot of peace.The entire village of São Miguel dos Milagres is uniquely peaceful.

They say that on Sundays with the day trips from Maceió, the town gets crowded.But we didn’t see that, just tranquility, even if it was a holiday.

Almost nothing happened on the streets of São Miguel dos Milagres.People sitting in their chairs, at the door of their houses, as in a country town.Children play freely and from the street you can even watch the television on inside the houses.

Three years later, that is, in 2020, we returned to a Milagres with many more tours (and many more people), but still, a place where tranquility reigned.

Next to the structure of restaurants and beach clubs, this is where most people stay.But, just walk a few meters to the right or to the left, for you to find more deserted beaches, as every paradise deserves to have.

As there aren’t many options for services or restaurants outside the inns, it’s important to find a charming inn with a good restaurant, preferably right on the beach.This is because the region is not well served by public transport options.

If you don’t have a car, the tip is to stay in Maragogi, where there are options for vans that run along the beaches.

For car rentals, you must collect (and return) at the airport in Maceió or Recife, depending on where you are arriving in the region.

To reach São Miguel dos Milagres from Maceió, follow the AL-101, along the edge of the city towards the beaches on the north coast.

On the way, you will pass by beaches such as Jatiúca, Cruz das Almas, Ipioca (where the famous Hibiscus Barraca is located), Paripueira (excellent point to go to the natural pools) and Barra de Santo Antônio (where Praia do Carro Quebrado is located).

From Barra de Santo Antônio, you have to travel inland and pass through São Luís do Quitunde and Passo do Camaragibe, and then return to the coast..But really, that doesn’t mean much.It has only a nice square, with few restaurants and quiet nightlife.

Forget charming cafes, ice cream parlors or craft shops.There’s nothing at all.Some of these establishments you will find on AL-101, the road that connects the region’s beaches.

In short, if you like action, Milagres is not your place.

In Porto da Rua, an infallible tip is the Restaurante do Enildo.The restaurant is good value for money (see more details and restaurant tips below).

São Miguel dos Milagres: O que Fazer, Melhores Praias e Passeios na Rota Ecológica
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Following the walk, there is the mouth of the Tatuamunha River and the border with the city of Porto de Pedras (where Praia do Patacho and Praia da Lage are located).It is prettier and quieter than its two neighbors.

Access is more isolated, only by dirt roads, which reduces the arrival of tourist buses.

Milagres do Toque Beach Club

We use the framework of Milagres do Toque Beach Club.The place is very graceful, with a pool, beachfront bungalows and also chairs on the sand strip.

São Miguel dos Milagres: O que Fazer, Melhores Praias e Passeios na Rota Ecológica
The charming bamboo corridor at Milagres do Toque Beach Club

VIP area in the upper area and the swimming pool open to all visitors.The cost of all this is a day-use of BRL 30.00.

For meals, prices are not cheap.The cheapest dish for two people costs R$ 96.00.The Sea Grill Plate costs R$ 228.00.But, there are also options for executive dishes, from R$ 46.00.

For drinks, prices are at the average of beach kiosks, with 600 ml beers from R$12.00 and caipirinhas from R$18.00 (ref.postcard.The beach is close by, about a 30-minute walk from the village of São Miguel dos Milagres.

4 – Praia do Marceneiro and Capela dos Milagres

São Miguel dos Milagres: O que Fazer, Melhores Praias e Passeios na Rota Ecológica
The deserted Praia do Marceneiro and the famous Capela dos Milagres

Following the path through Praia do Riacho , it is possible to reach Praia do Marceneiro.

For those arriving by car, access is via the Corais dos Milagres restaurant, still on Riacho Beach.

Capela dos Milagres is a small church built especially for Destination Weddings, which became famous thanks to the marriage of some celebrities, such as the wedding of Whindersson Nunes and Luisa Sonza (which didn’t work out, but probably didn’t it’s the church’s fault).

A curiosity is that the church floor is all sand, which guarantees the beach atmosphere for the ceremony.

You can even see the chapel from the beach, but it’s a bit far away.But, the Chapel is in a private area, it is not possible to enter without authorization.

The beach is also one of the best places in Milagres to enjoy the sunset.The view of the little church, the beautiful coconut grove and the river, which divides the municipalities of São Miguel dos Milagres and Passo de Camaragibe, guarantee a beautiful sunset scenario.

São Miguel dos Milagres: O que Fazer, Melhores Praias e Passeios na Rota Ecológica
Sunset on the border of Praia do Riacho and Praia do Marceneiro


That’s where we did a photoshoot with Carol Rox Fotografia, who was super sweet with us.

On the day we scheduled the shoot, the weather didn’t help much and she was kind enough to reschedule for the next day.Our intention, in addition to making romantic photos, was also to show the beauties of São Miguel dos Milagres.

Check out some photos from our shoot.

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