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Shaw and Logan Circle in Washington D.C.

Updated November 21, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I’ve been trying to define the two trendy neighborhoods of Washington DC for the fool that I am: walking through them you’ll notice that Shaw and logan circle are geographically neighboring and culturally very similar.

That’s why I leave the tip from now on: you don’t need to delimit them, just open them – walk through Shaw and logan circle without worrying if you are here or there because that will only make you fragment your script unnecessarily.

Shaw and Logan Circle in Washington D.C.

logan circle is the neighborhood that starts from a roundabout next to the 14th Streetits main street, and Shaw is the neighborhood that grew up on the outskirts of U Streetone of the most famous streets in the city, mainly in the blocks between 9th Street and 18th Street.

How 14th Street leaves logan circle and a few blocks later it crosses U Street, it is inevitable to leave one neighborhood and arrive in another as they blend together along the way:

Shaw it is historically the black neighborhood of Washington DC because it was there that the fight against segregation began, on the streets where Martin Luther King and Malcolm X fought. logan circle it was once an aristocrat with its imposing Victorian homes, but little aristocracy survived the ill-fated 1920s.

Today Shaw It is known for its graffiti, clubs, ethnic restaurants, old black music theaters, local shops where the customer influences the entire production process… logan circle it has the newest bars, it’s where the most popular happy hours take place, but not necessarily the most traditional ones.

Want a better combination than going up to U and down to 14?

Things to do in Shaw and Logan Circle

I started my walk through Shaw when I left the Convention Center and walked up 7th Street towards T Street.

I stopped by the first (1) Compass Coffee in Washington DC which is a great place to have what many people consider to be the best coffee in town – and with beans harvested in Brazil it’s all our thing.

Arriving on T Street, I passed the iconic (2) Howard Theater and the statue of (3) Duke Ellingtonboth within a short block before turning left onto Florida Avenue – which is the beginning of U Street, by the way.

The iconic Howard Theater…

…and the statue of Duke Ellington next to him

As soon as you start walking along Florida Avenue, the beginning of U Street, take some time to get to know the first block of 8th Street, which is a charm and turned the brain of the moment when Shaw: in addition to several local fashion brands, be sure to stop by the market (4) Glen’s Garden with tables and breweries on the sidewalk.

Continue along Florida Avenue to pass the stores where you assemble practically all the products you buy there, such as perfumes from (5) Le Labo and sneakers from (6) Bonobos. Also be sure to visit the beautiful Australian cosmetics store (7) Aesop, even if you don’t buy anything like me:

Glen’s Garden on 8th Street…

… and on the other sidewalk another Compass Coffee

Continuing along Florida Avenue we pass by Le Labo…

… a perfumery where you assemble your fragrance and it is produced there, live (look at the laboratory behind the leather armchair!)

This is Glen showing me the main fragrance bases

This is the super minimalist Aesop cosmetics store

The girl realized how much I liked the store and ended up putting together a sample kit for me!

It has the same “alchemist” footprint as Le Labo

Once Florida turns U Street you can start walking along it until 14th Street crosses. There are so many amazing restaurants and bars that we feel compelled to go further and further.

Of course, the first blocks perpendicular to U Street are full of graffiti walls and incredible places to be discovered, but before 14th Street, only 8th Street has this modern feel with steel and glass buildings that look like they were recently opened – and really were.

After it, the next blocks are much more historic and much more gastronomic: wall with painted brick wall, graffiti and many Asian, Italian and Ethiopian restaurants.

U Street with its brick walls and the Coke brand painted on top

The famous Ben’s Chili Bowl that rocks at dawn: the most democratic end of Shaw’s nightclubs

Street art along the alleys perpendicular to U Street

So, before turning onto 14th Street and starting down towards logan circle the advice is to prepare your eyes for being caught along the way, but don’t let the (8) Ben’s Chili Bowl go unnoticed, nor the equally famous (9) Lincoln Theater which is literally next door.

Okay, this is 14th Street – different from how it usually is, it’s worth saying: I got everything empty because it was an apocalyptic fourth minutes before rain like that:

This is (10) Barcelona Tapas, the most charming and most sought after bar in the 14th. When I went the house was opening and the tables inside were still empty. Tip from my friend Mari Campos:

I drank a Bloody Mary for a fool: I asked the bartender to serve me what he knew how to do best, but he prepared precisely the only drink that I find unbearable. I was so embarrassed that I ended up playing my petulance and drank to the end.

Two other places worth visiting, especially if you’re a man in your thirties or dating one: this (11) J. Crew flagship store exclusively for men, which has casual fashion at good prices and items that we usually don’t find. at other addresses. On the other hand, (12) Le Diplomate is a charming, but huge, little French restaurant on the corner of Q Street.

A great option there, by the way the onion soup is delicious. You can ask without fear.

As I said, there is a lot to do there, but these were the places I needed to share with you as soon as possible: you can use them to guide yourself, but don’t limit yourself to them!

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