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Sights of Gramado and Canela – COMPLETE LIST!

Here I will list all the tourist attractions in Gramado and Canela that you need to include in your travel itinerary!

In my travel planning to this region I was lost to understand how many and what are the Sights of Gramado and Canela. Mainly to evaluate what would be worth knowing or not. So I decided to make this list for you.

Here is a summary of everything there. If you want to plan the itinerary and understand more in depth how tourism works in these two cities, I recommend reading below:

What to do in Gramado and Canela – 3 and 4-day itineraries

Sights of Gramado – Priority 1

These are attractions that I consider unmissable on a first trip to Gramado and Canela! Of course, talking about priority changes according to taste, whether you have children or not, etc. Let’s think that these are the most popular attractionslet’s say so.

Covered Street – Center

covered street

A covered street with a green roof and several “foot on the sidewalk” restaurants. In commemorative seasons, it is all decorated. An unmissable attraction and in the heart of downtown.

Hard Rock Café Gramado – Downtown

Famous American bar and restaurant that has special drinks, good food, decoration all in Rock n’ Roll style with objects from famous artists.

Avenida Borges de Medeiros – Downtown

The main avenue in the city center, where you can find sweets, clothes, souvenirs, coffee shops and all the buzz. The hottest part of Avenida Borges de Medeiros is in front of Rua Coberta.

Gramado tourist attractions
Avenida Borges de Medeiros – photo Lu

Church of Saint Peter – Center

The church is right in front of Rua Coberta in a beautiful and very busy square. The Matriz de São Pedro is all made of stones and has a very interesting architecture, worth a visit!

Gramado tourist attractions

Palace of Festivals – Center

The Palácio dos Festivais, or Cinema Museum, is located in the same square as the Igreja Matriz de São Pedro and hosts the Gramado Film Festival every year in August.

lawn sights
Palace of Festivals – photo Lu

black lake

A beautiful park with pedal boats, walking trails, a cafeteria and a delightful atmosphere.

lawn sights
Black Lake – photo Lu

lawn crystals

Crystal shop and factory, the tour includes an experience of watching the production of pieces.

crystal shop
Photo disclosure

Le Jardin – Laundry

A huge garden filled with different flowers, many colors and lavender. There is also a shop selling lavender products.

Gramado tourist attractions
Le Jardin – photo Lu

Kingdom of Chocolate Snail

Chocolate shop with a fun adventure through the world of cocoa, especially for children. You will walk through interactive areas until you reach a delicious coffee shop.

Buy your Chocolate Kingdom tickets online at this link

chocolates in the mountain region
Kingdom of Chocolate Caracol – photo Lu

Dreamland Wax Museum

Animation guaranteed for the kids with perfect life-size sculptures of celebrities.

Gramado tourist attractions
Photo disclosure – official Dreamland website.

Mini World – Center

A whole world at your feet! They are perfect replicas of cities and countries around the world, one of the tourist spots in Gramado where I had the most fun.

Gramado tourist attractions
Mini Mundo – photo Lu

Enchanted World – Center

Much like the mini-world. It is a theme park with miniatures, however the focus here is to talk about Gramado and the mountain region, not the whole world.

Mundo de Chocolate Lugano – Downtown – the best all the tourist spots in Gramado <3

This attraction is a must for kids and chocolate lovers. It has giant chocolate sculptures, an Eiffel Tower bigger than us for example. Not to mention that Lugano chocolates are the best

Gramado tourist attractions
This tower is right at the entrance to Mundo do Chocolate <3 Foto Lu

Snowland – the second best of Gramado’s tourist spots <3

A must-see park for anyone traveling with children. It is a snowy complex where you can ski and have a lot of fun on Snow Mountain. It also has ice skating, coffee shop and souvenir shops.

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Gramado Sights – Priority 2

If you have time, these tourist spots in Gramado are very interesting. But no more of the ones mentioned so far (except for Cinnamon, which we’ll talk about later).

Santa’s Village

This is one of the tourist attractions in Gramado that I recommend visiting only during Christmas Luz. I think it makes more sense, however you can visit it all year round and take the kids to chat with the good old man.

Gramado tourist attractions
Santa Claus Village – Publicity photo – Official Site

Bier Park – the best of all tourist attractions in Gramado in terms of gastronomy

This attraction is new and has EVERYTHING! I put it as priority 2 because not everyone likes beer. Now, if you’re on the brewing team, it’s a must. There are two types of tours with explanations and tastings.

Online Ticket for Bier Park + Chopp Pilsen

Online Ticket to Bier Park + Full Tasting

Gramado tourist attractions
Bier Park – publicity photo

Praça das Etnias & Casa do Colono

A square with stores selling products imported from different countries. It represents the miscegenation of the people that developed in the region as a result of European migrations. And in it is Casa do Colono, a grandma’s house with a wood oven, fresh bread and great stories!

Rio Grande do Sul settler's house
Casa do Colono – publicity photo

Bereal Ice Bar

An ice bar located on Avenida Borges de Medeiros. I think it’s cool but it can be dispensed with, Gramado has pretty cool restaurants that deserve more your din din. And you can visit an ice cream bar on the tour you take in Canela at the Mundo Gelado do Capital attraction.

Prawer Chocolate Factory

A fine chocolate shop that opens its doors for you to discover the factory. I find it interesting but I still prefer the Chocolate Kingdom and the Chocolate World, I find tours more interesting 🙂

Fabulous Beer Factory

Visit the factory of the first themed beer in Brazil. It’s a fun tour and it’s all funny, I would also say it’s a must for drink lovers.

fountain of love

A fountain that legend has it, will bring eternal love to couples who put locks there. It is very centralized, in front of Rua Coberta.

Harley Motor Show Gastrobar

A themed diner with motorcycles and various Harley Davidson objects.

Hollywood Dream Cars

Dream Cars is a very interesting car museum, with old cars and a lot of information about this means of transport that fascinates some people so much.

Olivas de Gramado Park

Park with restaurant and an incredible view of the city. I would say unmissable only if you want to see the region from above as it is not so centralized.

crooked street

A street with an incredible zigzag! As the street is uphill, it is fun to take a picture at the bottom of it.

Valley of the Dinosaurs

A park with full-size dinosaur replicas. Children love it!

Gramado Zoo

Those who love animals and don’t miss a tour of the Zoo, can’t leave it out. And you can buy tickets to the zoo and win a visit to a typical gaucho ranch – see here.

Canela tourist attractions

stone cathedral

I think this Stone Cathedral is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Gramado and Canela. She is truly beautiful, inside and out! Be sure to spend a few minutes feeling the peace and serenity that this place brings. On some nights it is all lit up and looks amazing.

Gramado tourist attractions
Cinnamon Stone Cathedral – photo Lu

Caracol State Park

A beautiful space in the midst of mountains and overlooking the Cascata do Caracol. You can reach the Cascata viewpoint by walking, you can take the Caracol cable car and see it further down or even buy a helicopter ride to go around it.

cinnamon snail waterfall
Cascade do Caracol seen from the viewpoint that you reach by walking – photo Lu

Steam World

An attraction that starts fun at the entrance, with a locomotive stuck upside down on the ground. This is a museum that tells the whole history of trains, very interactive.

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Gramado tourist attractions
Mundo a Vapor – publicity photo

Alpen Park

An amusement park with roller coasters, zip lines and other adventures. Recommended for those who like this type of tour and/or travel with older children.

Buy your Alpen Park ticket online at this link

Gramado tourist attractions
Alpen Park – publicity photo.

Captain’s Frozen World

A place with ice sculptures, Ice Bar and a very lively ride for children. I wouldn’t say it’s a must if you’re without the little ones, maybe the Ice Bar boreal be more interesting in this case.

Online ticket only for the Frozen World

Online ticket to the Ice Bar inside the Frozen World (NOT THE BOREAL)

Gramado tourist attractions
Frozen World Facade – photo Lu
Gramado tourist attractions
Ice bar do Mundo Frozen – photo Lu

Florybal Magic Land

A playground with theaters and areas where children let their imaginations run wild. Very fun for older children. The theme is magic, magic and imagination. And you can skate on a chocolate rink.

Buy tickets online for Terra Mágica Florybal at this link

Online ticket for skating on chocolate rink inside Florybal

Little Caracol Castle

An old immigrant house that has a mini museum and a coffee shop with the best Apple Strudel ever. Some say it’s not the best but here’s the opinion of four people to convince you: me, my mother, my sister-in-law and my niece. We all think it’s wonderful.

apple strudel on lawn

Well folks, these are all (or practically all) of the tourist attractions in Gramado and Canela. List which ones you want to visit and see if the 5 museums passport is worth it for you. It includes admission to 5 attractions for a lower price.

Passport 5 museums

Another important point is that you organize your travel itinerary thinking about how to distribute the attractions and how to get around. In the text below (the same one I indicated at the beginning of this list) I suggest a 4-day itinerary using the Bus Tour and including a tour of Serra Gaúcha to enjoy the region of the vineyards.

What to do in Gramado and Canela – 3 and 4-day itineraries

Take a look at it, especially to check out the wide variety of day trips from Gramado that you can include in your trip. And any questions just call me. And here are some more texts that might interest you:

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