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Step by step to buy your tickets

That traveling is a delight, everyone agrees. But planning a trip is not an easy task. It all starts when buy the ticket. This requires a certain amount of patience, especially when we realize that the ticket we want so much is very expensive. But is it possible to save?

The good news is that it does. That’s where the MaxMiles, a site that we have known for some time and that makes this stage of buying an airline ticket easier. I confess that when they appeared, about 4 years ago, I didn’t understand very well how the whole process worked. But after several friends started buying tickets with them (much cheaper, by the way), I decided to do more research and understood why it’s so worth it. And we are happy that they contacted us asking to explain here how the company’s service works.

In fact, MaxMilhas connects people who want to travel saving money with those who have miles to sell. In other words, you save by buying airline tickets with miles even without having them. The process is very simple: just enter the website and search for the ticket. The platform will always indicate the lowest value. If it’s the airline, it already directs your purchase. If you go to the MaxMilhas website, you can make the purchase by credit card or bank transfer. After you pay, they email you the locator and that’s it.

For those who want to sell miles, MaxMilhas is also a great option to earn extra money and not let them expire and you lose everything you’ve accumulated.


To put an end to the doubts once and for all, let’s take a step by step:

1. just enter the MaxMilhas website and search for the ticket to the destination you want, whether in Brazil or abroad. Several options from the main airlines will appear.

two. Among the offers listed, they show the most advantageous for you. If the lowest value is from the airline itself, you will be directed to their website. If it’s for miles, the entire process takes place within the platform and you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

In the example we simulated, of a flight between São Paulo and Maceió, you can see that the first option you save 44% with MaxMilhas about the price of the ticket on the airline’s website. The second time option is a ticket sold directly on the company’s website. That is, the most economical option is always listed.

3. If you choose the option sold by MaxMilhas, you are directed to a page where there is a summary of the purchase and even the savings on the original ticket price are indicated.

How to buy tickets with Maxmilhas (Photo: Reproduction)

4. On the next screen, the offerers will appear, that is, the people who are selling the miles so you can buy that ticket. From your choice, MaxMilhas takes care of 100% of the issuance process. Payment can be made by deposit, bank transfer or credit card.

How to buy tickets with Maxmilhas (Photo: Reproduction)

5. After that, you already receive the locator by email, sent by MaxMilhas. With it, it is possible to check-in and choose seats directly on the airline’s website. If you need to reschedule or cancel your ticket, just contact them through the service channels.

How to buy tickets with Maxmilhas


Do I need to have miles to buy the ticket?
No, MaxMilhas issues the ticket with the miles of people registered on the site.

How is the ticket issued?
The MaxMilhas team is responsible for issuing the ticket after the miles seller passes on their registration data. MaxMilhas will be responsible and notify the customer about the progress of the purchase and the sending of the locator by email and SMS.

What fees should I pay?
When issuing your ticket, you pay the boarding tax, which is the same when the purchase is made by the airline. MaxMilhas charges a service fee, which is already calculated along with the ticket price.

Can I rebook or cancel my ticket?
In these cases, to verify the possibility of rescheduling or cancellation, the customer must contact MaxMilhas directly and inform the flight locator. For any changes to issued tickets, there are costs.

It’s trustable?
The company has a great reputation in the Complain here, a site used by customers to make complaints about companies. In addition, 24-hour telephone service provides security and support at the time of purchase.

Have more doubts? You can find other questions and answers on site.

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A fan of chicken with okra and a good beer from Minas Gerais, he currently lives in São Paulo. He has a degree in Radio and TV, a postgraduate degree in Journalism and has been working with Digital Content for over 16 years. He has worked for companies such as SBT and Jovem Pan FM. Passionate about travel, he founded Esse Mundo É Nosso and travels around Brazil and the world all year round, always looking for tips to share.

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