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Super tip for accommodation in Berlin, Germany

Updated November 22, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I still want to travel right after the World Cup, I talked about it yesterday, click here to read my itinerary. As I’m already doing my hosting research, I’ll share what I find and you can take advantage of the comments to give your suggestions, which are very, very welcome!


Where to stay in Berlin

Cheap hotel tips in Berlin

I really liked the… Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin.

I already realized that the place to stay in Berlin is downtown, or mitte in good old German that I still don’t speak. I can find other more funky places to stay until then, but as the offer at Berlin’s mitte is huge and it seems to be very close to everything, that’s probably where I should stay.

This network adina serviced apartments, or serviced apartments, is huge all over the world, but it seems that in Germany they are a little fancier. I found some very tempting rates, including a smaller apartment with a kitchen and two queen beds for 115 euros/day.

Adina is highly praised in online reviews, has a gym, sauna with ostentatious whirlpool, renovated soundproofed rooms, restaurant with international food and is a 200-meter walk from a train station.

Where to stay in Berlin: Berlin hotel tip

Where to stay in Berlin: Berlin hotel tip

Where to stay in Berlin: Berlin hotel tip

Where to stay in Berlin: Berlin hotel tip

If by mid-July I feel I need to cut my budget, I already have other options in my pocket at lower prices: Flower’s Boardinghouse Mitte, Karlito Apartmenthaus and Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz, in descending order of price, with only the last one being hotel, all others are apart.

I left these three on standby because in one way or another they all have lower rates than Adina, with the exception of the first one which has basically the same price, although the apartments there have two bedrooms, that is, if you come more people with me will probably stay with him.

The second is reasonably cheaper and the third considerably cheaper, and all of them are still extremely well rated on Booking, especially in terms of location.

Next week I’ll come back to tell you what I researched in Munich, but take the opportunity to give your tip on accommodation in Berlin: where did you stay in berlin? How much did you pay? where was it? Don’t hide the gold!

Already know where to stay in Europe?

Many people are insecure before choosing where to stay because they would like to have as much information as possible about a certain place. To help you, these are some of the experiences I had in Europe:

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Already know where to stay in Berlin? I selected the best options in Mitte, the center of Berlin. Another tip I give is Adina, an apart with great value for money.

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