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Tea Houses in Dublin, Ireland

Updated November 22, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I never knew Ireland was famous for its teas. I’m on the team of those who don’t drink, so I don’t understand how so many people like this infusion of plants, flowers and roots, even more so in Dublin, where tea usually comes with milk.

In fact, what bothers me the most is the fact that I drink hot water, I really don’t like it. Today I drink, and I drink a lot by the way, iced lemon tea, but hot, not even Juvenal.

Well, that’s it, some people love tea, but I don’t. Nor dead.

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 02

Today we are going to visit two tea houses that are very close, on the same block

Tea Houses in Dublin

English drinks tea traditionally, it’s not a program that you do in public, it’s something that happens, it’s part of the routine. The traditional five o’clock tea happens whenever it has to happen, regardless of what’s going on outside.

The Irish enjoy socializing this moment, and one cup leads to another in the company of friends or distinguished strangers. This is how tea houses emerged and became popular in Ireland, such as the Accents and the Oolong Flower Power:

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 03

First I passed the Accents, which is smaller and more charming. She doesn’t have a million flavors available, she only has the fifteen in this middle column

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 05

To accompany the teas, the pastries counter receives several new ones throughout the day.

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 09

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 10

in the basement of Accents customers are invited to skewer the city they came from

I enjoyed getting to know the place, but I still wasn’t 100% convinced to take the risk. That’s when I read on a wall: You can’t trust a man who only has a cup of tea and doesn’t dare to try it.

Uhm… They really like tea, there are people willing to pay 5 euros for one. Other than that I should try it, people expect the blogger to try it.

I feel it’s my turn:

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 12

The prices of Oolong Flower Power

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 14

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 15

There are more than 300 types of different teas

Dublin - Accents and Oolong Flower Power 16

the space of Oolong it’s very different, a much more formal air

It’s my turn to leave. It was interesting to know, give the tip, publish the post… But I leave the test for those who enjoy hot water with me only in thermal bags on the lumbar and for a maximum of 30 minutes, no more than that!

Accents and Oolong Flower Power

23 Stephen Street Lower and 2 Stephen Street Lower, respectively

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