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the beautiful capital of Espírito Santo

What to do in Vitória – the capital of Espírito Santo
Did you know that Is Victoria an island? Well, we didn’t know… This and other information we got when we visited the capital of Espírito Santo on April 22, 2015.

According to information from the Government of Espírito Santo, Vitória is formed by 33 islands and a continental portion., totaling 93.38 square kilometers. And to connect the archipelago to the mainland, the city has seven bridges, the most famous of which is the Third Bridge (read more about it below).

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Victory: a bit of history

After the Portuguese Vasco Fernandes Cutinho and his entourage arrived at old village to take possession of the lands donated by the King of Portugal, Dom João II, faced several indigenous and foreign attacks. To ensure safety, they bypassed the island and reached Santo Antonio.

Despite this, the battles continued and, after winning a very difficult fight against the Goitacazes, the Portuguese called the place Vitória Island. The city is also known as Ilha do Mel, for its natural beauty.

But do you know why Espírito Santo are known as capixabas? Because, in the indigenous language, capixaba means roça and there were several of them scattered among the urban areas of the island. Hence, those who were born in these lands also gained this name.

The city of Vitória became the capital of Espírito Santo in 1550, which until then was Vila Velha. It is one of the three oldest capitals in Brazil, after Recife and Salvador.

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During our trip to Vitória, we had the opportunity to visit some tourist spots. There is much more to discover, but as we were also in Vila Velha on the same day, we did a city ​​tour more reduced.

Among the places we know are (the links in red are the locations that we will detail in other posts):

– Historic Center – what to do in Vitória

We did not enter the monuments, as I said, due to lack of time, but it was possible to appreciate the external architecture of the Anchieta Palace (current seat of the State Government).

We also saw from the outside the Metropolitan Cathedral (it was closed for renovation), some churchesO Convent of San Francisco it’s the Carlos Gomes Theater.

Map of the Historic Center of Vitória (available on the sign in front of Palácio Anchieta)

Anchieta Palace

O Anchieta Palace it is the most important of these monuments, as it was built, according to historical data, on top of the ruins built by the Jesuits in the first years of the city’s foundation.

It is in front of the Port of Vitória (it has a wonderful view of the place) and has been the seat of government since the 18th century, one of the oldest government headquarters in Brazil.

Anchieta Palace - Anchieta Palace - What to do in Vitória: capital of Espírito Santo
Anchieta Palace – Anchieta Palace – What to do in Vitória: capital of Espírito Santo
Anchieta Palace - Anchieta Palace - What to do in Vitória: capital of Espírito Santo
Anchieta Palace – Anchieta Palace – What to do in Vitória: capital of Espírito Santo

Place sheltered the College of the Jesuits

In 1551, the year the Jesuits settled in the state, the place housed the Jesuit College, which was founded by the brothers Father Afonso Brás (founder of the Jesuit work in Espírito Santo) and Simão Gonçalves. It has also been a literacy school and a center for the study of philosophy and theology.

The architectural complex, where the Palace is part, still housed the church of São Thiago. It is said that during the renovations, several bodies were found buried in the place.

It is also in the Palace that the symbolic tomb of Father José de Anchieta (buried in the then high altar, in 1597) is located.

At the time, Anchieta walked about 100 kilometers from the village of Rerigitiba (today the city of Anchieta) to the village of Nossa Senhora da Vitória, currently Vitória.

There’s even an annual walk called Anchieta’s Footstepswhich recalls this path. See more details about the tour “Os Passos de Anchieta” in this post.

It works: Wednesday to Saturday – from 10 am to 5 pm | Sunday – 10 am to 3 pm
Address: Praça João Clímaco, s/n, Cidade Alta – Centro – Vitória.

Telephone: +55 27 3636-1210
Value: free

Port of Vitória - What to do in Vitória
Port of Vitória – view from the Anchieta Palace
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Metropolitan Cathedral

THE Metropolitan Cathedral it was closed for renovation when we visited Vitória, but even so, its neo-gothic architecture is impressive. Is very beautiful.

According to historical data, the cathedral took 50 years to build – it was inaugurated in the 70s – and is set in the same place as the old Nossa Senhora da Vitória church.

Address: Praça Dom Luiz Scortegagna, s/n – Center – Vitória

Telephone: +55 27 3223-6711

Vitória Metropolitan Cathedral - Porto de Vitória - What to do in Vitória
Vitória Metropolitan Cathedral – Porto de Vitória – What to do in Vitória

Carlos Gomes Theater

Opened in 1927, the Carlos Gomes Theater It is another important monument in Vitória, hosting several cultural performances.

We learn that the theater is on top of a landed area over the sea. And that in the same place, until 1924, was the Melpômene Theater, the first and only theater in the city, which was destroyed in a fire that same year.

Address: Praça Costa Pereira – downtown, from 8 am to 5 pm

Telephone: +55 27 3132-8396

Carlos Gomes Theater - what to do in Vitória - Espírito Santo
Carlos Gomes Theater – what to do in Vitória – Espírito Santo

Our Lady of Monte do Carmo Convent

Another place that we know – from the outside, unfortunately – was the Our Lady of Monte do Carmo Convent.

Founded in 1682 by the Carmelites, the convent was one of three architectural examples built on this site – Convent, Church and Chapel of the Third Order (this was demolished in 1913).

In 1910, the convent underwent an extensive renovation.

Address: Rua Coronel Monjardim – downtown – Vitória

Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo Convent - what to do in Vitória - Espírito Santo
Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo Convent – ​​what to do in Vitória – Espírito Santo

San Francisco Convent

O San Francisco Convent it was the first Franciscan convent in the southern region of colonial Brazil, being built at the end of the 16th century by the son of Vasco Coutinho (owner of the lands that gave rise to the state), Vasco Fernandes Coutinho Filho.

The building, listed by the State Council of Culture in 1984, has already housed several activities such as school, infirmary, orphanage and even radio.

Address: Rua Abilio dos Santos, 47 – downtown – Vitória.

Convent of San Francisco - Vitória - Espírito Santo
Convent of São Francisco – what to do in Vitória – Espírito Santo

– Third Bridge – things to do in Victoria

The Third Bridge – whose official name is Deputy Darcy Castello de Mendonça – is the largest in the state and one of the largest in Brazil, with 3.3 kilometers in length.

It was opened in 1989 and is the main link between the capital and the city of Vila Velha. We passed over it twice on this day tour!

The bridge got its name because it was the third to be built in the capital. The first was made in 1928, called Florentino Avidos (known as Cinco Pontes). The second, built in 1979, is the Second Bridge, but with the official name of Ponte do Príncipe.

Third Bridge of Vitória - What to do in Vitória
Third Bridge of Vitória – What to do in Vitória

– Camburi and Ilha do Frade beaches – things to do in Victoria

In addition to the historical and cultural monuments, we also had some time to spend time at Camburi beach and Ilha do Frade.

THE Camburi beach it is six kilometers long and is the only one on the continent, comprising the neighborhoods Jardim Cambui, Mapa da Praia and Jardim da Penha.

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