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The Dutch capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but if there is something that stands out about it, its amazing museums, in this list you will find the 5 best museums in Amsterdam that you should visit. Let’s begin!

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Rijksmuseum the National Museum of Amsterdam

Located in the famous «Museumplein» of the city, it is the most important and most famous museum in Amsterdam and is characterized by its incredible exhibitions of art, crafts and paintings. For example, its most important collection is from the golden age of Dutch painting.

museums in Amsterdam

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Van Gogh Museum
museums in Amsterdam

Although one of the most internationally known painters is Van Gogh and right in Amsterdam you will find a museum dedicated to his works.

This museum is also located in the Museumplain. For example, you can visit it after the Rijksmuseum.

Ana Frank House Museum
museums in Amsterdam

One of the most known characters of the Nazi movement of the 2nd. World War, his tragic story was spread all over the world and in the present day what was his home has been converted into a museum in his honor.

Stedelijk Museum
museums in Amsterdam

Also known as the «la tina» museum, here you will find the most important collection of modern and contemporary art in the city of Amsterdam.

Its nickname originates from its unique structure that stands out immediately on the Museumplein, when you get there you will notice it immediately.

Rembrandt House Museum
museums in Amsterdam

Rembrandt is without a doubt another of the most famous painters around the world, his works are exposed internationally. As such, Rembrandt lived in the city of Amsterdam between 1639 and 1658, in the present day what was his home and his studio was converted into a museum, one of the most important and visited in the city.

What more can you see and do in Amsterdam

If you need more detailed information about Amsterdam or Europe, consult these guides that I prepare to help you plan your trip. Just click on the image or the topic you are interested in:

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