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The best time to travel there

if you can choose when to go to Trindadeon the south coast of Rio de Janeiro and close to paratyit’s good to be aware of a few things: like the weather, the time of year, weekends, holidays and the high summer season.

As I will say below, it is good to pay attention to the travel period because of the crowding of the beaches and the village. Trindade is no longer that stronghold hippie with peace and deserted beaches all year round. The village was discovered by tourism and can get quite crowded depending on the season.


I said above that it is worth paying attention to the time of year because of the increase in tourism in the village, which at first made the place lose some of its charm, but on the other hand the structure has improved a lot in recent years, with much more trade, in addition to good inns (see discounted options).

But to help you choose when to go to Trindade, let’s start by talking about the weather there.


In the chart below, you will find the average temperatures, that is, the minimum and maximum throughout the year, in addition to the accumulated rainfall month by month.

When to go to Trindade, RJ - Climatology chart (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

As you can see, like neighboring Paraty, the climate here is marked by hot and rainy summers and dry winters with slightly lower temperaturesespecially at night.


To enjoy the charm of Trindade, it is worth avoid the holidays, vacations and even the weekends of the hottest months, when the village gets crowded and loses much of its charm. As it rains little from autumn to spring, the best time to travel there is from may to september.

Praia do Meio in May - Trindade, RJ - Climatology chart (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)
Praia do Meio on a Saturday in May

Apart from the polar air masses that can bring lower temperatures, you can go to the beach even in winter. In addition to the village being more empty, this period from May to September is usually plenty of sunyou hosting prices are lower (with the exception of holidays and public holidays) and Trinity is emptier than in the high summer season. Just pay attention to the sea, which can have bigger waves in the winter period.

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I said a few times above that I would avoid holidays, weekends and especially summer vacations when deciding when to go to Trindade. But why? We went in May, already in autumn, but it was sunny and very hot. We ended up going, due to lack of information, on a Saturday and found the village very crowded.

We went in search of the charm and tranquility that so many people told us about, but it was not quite what we found on the more central beaches. At Praia do Meioone of the most famous, the sand was full of plastic chairs (so far so good) and each group used those dreaded little boxes bluetootha big mess of musical genres.

That is, instead of the trail of the ocean waves, we had to listen to the music of several different neighbors.

Another point that disappointed us was the Cachadaço Natural Pool. In the middle of May, but on a hot Saturday, she it was very full. Even after doing the whole trail to get there, I couldn’t stay. We left.

Cachadaço Natural Pool in Trindade, RJ - Climatology chart (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)
Cachadaço Natural Pool full on Saturday in autumn

So that’s why this alert is worth it. Trinidad is still beautiful, but try to avoid the crowds by going on a weekdayespecially outside the summer holidays.

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The hotel structure in Trindade has improved a lot in recent years and today there are very cute inns in the center of the village (see discounted options, including vacation homes). But we prefer to stay in Paraty and we took just one day to do the round trip. If you also want to stay there, it’s worth finding an inn or hotel near the Historic Center (see options in Paraty with discounts).

Historic Center of Paraty (Photo: This World Is Ours)

For those who are also going to combine Trindade with Party, I suggest taking a look at post we already published about the best time to visit the historic city, as you can combine it with famous events there, such as the FLIP.

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Do you have any other questions about when to go to Trindade? Leave your comment!

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