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the famous private houses • viajerAdicta

Have you heard about the “private houses” in Cuba? I’m one quite typical form of accommodation in Cuba.

Before traveling to this wonderful island, I had only heard about the private houses, but I really didn’t know what it consisted of. I thought they were houses that people rented, like any Airbnb in any part of the world.

but no.

What does this accommodation in Cuba consist of?

These houses can be booked through Airbnb and also through Booking and probably through different platforms, but they are a type of accommodation that I have never seen before.

More than a rented dwelling inside a house, ends up being like a hotel room inside a house. Also, you ask for your passport when you receive it to register.

In many cases I ask you fridge in the room y sell you water and cervezas (at a more expensive price than on the street) as in any hotel. Suelen too offer food (which costs). Whether the food is rich or not, will depend on the season of the person who hosts you.

I’m not saying that you don’t buy what they offer (you can find it in several cases), but I think it’s important to know a little bit about this type of accommodation in Cuba so you don’t fall into misunderstandings.

sayuno in a casa particular in viñales

«Enterate houses» that of enteras do not tieen mucho

Yo hice all reservations of private homes through Airbnb. And in some cases, what came out as “casa entera”, was not really a casa entera. In some cases, there was no independent entrance, but an entrance was shared with several more guests. And the common spaces too.

Ah, and talking about “entertain houses” and common spaces, let me decide that in no place among those who decided to “enter a house” on Airbnb, the space came with kitchen.

raul and orchid house in viñales

An experience that I didn’t like

Another one of the misunderstandings that you had to know better than what it consisted of private houses, was the next.

In my accommodation in Trinidad, the hostess asked me if I wanted to “eat at home”. This was by message, before I set foot on Cuba, so I had no idea how the cuestión worked. Por eso dije que sí: delusionally thinking that the idea was to eat with the family and meet them.

The problem was that what they were offering me was a plate of food of at least 8 CUC. I have to decide that they served me very little, that the food was not rich (I know that it is something subjective, but at the end of the accounts I pay for a service that I did not like) and that for a little price you can get richer and better food served in restaurants in downtown Trinidad.

At the end

Do I recommend private homes? OF COURSE YOU

With this story I do not want to discourage you from staying in a private house. On the contrary, I believe that staying in a private house is one experience you have to live in Cuba! But if it’s good to know before arriving in Cuba, what kind of accommodation are these famous “private houses!”.

The private houses that I liked the most (for the people, more than for the place in itself, they were the Casa de Licet in Havana and the Casa de Orquídea in Viñales.

licet y pepe house
Con Licet, la dueña de la casa particular de la Habana where I have been

Would you like to stay in a private house in Cuba? I wait for you in the comments!

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