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The Island of Arousa, a paradise in Galicia ❤️

Welcome to the Island of Arousa or Illa de Arousa!One of the best islands of the Rías Baixas that has become the new fashionable island of Galicia.An undiscovered Galician paradise of which today I am going to tell you all the details.And the thing is that you are going to have plenty of reasons why you are going to have to visit the Island of Arousa this summer.In this article I’m going to tell you how to get there, how to get around, everything you have to see on the Island of Arousaand the best beaches.Thanks to this article you will understand why this island is so special.

The Island of Arousa is barely 7 square kilometers in size and invites you to relax and enjoy.You already know that small and close paradises are my weakness.And this is not just any place.Within those 7 kilometers there is a Natural Park that is a true scenic jewel with paradisiacal beaches.At every step you take you come across a cove.But let’s not anticipate events.I have prepared this guide for you with everything to see on the Island of Arousa, Galicia’s best kept secret.

Guide to enjoy the Island of Arousa.

Where is the Island of Arousa?

The Island of Arousa is located in the Rías Baixas of Galicia, specifically in the Ría of the same name, in front of Villanueva de Arousa and between the towns of Villagarcía de Arousa and Cambados.It is one of the many islands of the Rías Baixas that are worth a visit, but in this case, accessing the Island of Arousa is very simple.This makes a difference and I have good news for you.This island of the Rías Baixas is the only one that is connected to land through a bridge.Do you know what this means?You can forget about boats, permits and other stories that are essential to visit other islands in Galicia such as the Cíes Islands, the Isla de Onsor the Island of Sálvora.

¿ How to go to the Island of Arousa?

It will take just a few minutes by car to reach the Island of Arousaby crossing the bridge that connects this island with the mainland.By the way, did you know that the Arousa Island Bridgeis one of the longest bridges in Spain?At the time it was the longest bridge in Galicia and today it continues to hold the title of one of the longest in Spain.

This bridge allows you to reach the Island of Arousa from different emblematic places in Galicia.For example, O Grove is 33 minutes away by car, Pontevedra less than 40 kilometers or Santiago de Compostela only 60 kilometers away.As you can see, you’ve never been so close to paradise.

In my case, I arrived at Isla de Arousa from Cambados.A town that, by the way, if you don’t know, I recommend you visit with your eyes closed.We loved it!I will tell you more about it below.

What to see on Arousa Island

Until recently, Arousa Island was one of the best kept secrets of Galicia, today it is less and less secret, but it is still one of the most authentic places I visited during my trip through the Rías Baixas.I also have to admit that during the summer it is one of the most touristic places in Galicia, both for its easy accessibility and for being a true paradise.Therefore, if you can visit it in June or September, you will thank me.I was there for a weekend in September and, although there were people, it was nothing like the ones that are set up here in the middle of August.

And why does everyone want to visit the Island of Arousa?The answer is very simple: its beaches are the best.And the fact is that the beaches of the Island of Arousaare some of the best in Galicia.In addition, in the south of the island there is a Natural Park that is a true diamond in the rough for lovers of virgin beaches.But in addition to beaches, the island offers much more.These are the places you must see on Arousa Island.

Punta Cabalo Lighthouse

Do you like lighthouses as much as I do? ?If the answer is yes, you cannot miss on your visit to Arousa Island to see its lighthouse.By the way, if the day you go to the Island of Arousa there is a tremendous wind, I warn you that from the lighthouse you will fly away.And another note, it’s a good place on Arousa Island to watch the sunset from there.

que ver en isla de arousa faro punta cabalo
Punta Cabalo Lighthouse on Arousa Island

Paseo Punta Cabalo Lighthouse

From this lighthouse starts or ends (depending on how you see it) a simple path that reaches the town area.The path runs between cliffs and runs parallel to the coast, which ensures spectacular views of the sea.It is very easy to do with children, even the section near the lighthouse has wooden walkways.This trail is only 1.8 kilometers long and it will take you a little over half an hour to complete it.You can start it from Playa do Nabal, or finish it.As you see it.

senderismo en isla de arousa paseo faro punta cabalo
Wooden walkways on the route to the Punta Cabalo Lighthouse.

Con Do Forno Viewpoint

We’re still talking about views and watch out for one of the best viewpoints to see in Isla de Arousa.If you like high-rise views, you cannot miss going up to the highest point in the municipality.The Mirador or Con Do Fornois located 68 meters above sea level and offers us breathtaking views of the entire island.

que ver en isla de arousa mirador
The the best viewpoint to see on Arousa Island.

You can reach the viewpoint on foot or by car.From a bird’s eye view you’ll have the Arousa Island Bridge, the entire port area, the town houses and my favorite area of ​​the island: theCarreirón Natural Park.In this viewpoint there is a geodesic vertex and a sculpture of Christ.

isla de arousa mirador
Con Do Forno viewpoint in Illa de Arousa.

Isla de Arousa Tourist Office

Well, you might be surprised to find a point of interest on the Island of Arousato visit the Tourist Office, but it’s just that It’s not just any office.The Tourist Office is located in the old Goday factory, a very important canning and salting factory in the area that supplied preserves even to the Royal House.It was in operation until the mid-20th century and has recently been rebuilt, has a permanent exhibition and is the Conservation Interpretation Center.It is located in the center of the town, so it is a good starting point for more information about the island and for visiting the building itself.

que ver en la isla de arousa conserveras
Tourist Office on the Island of Arousa in an old canning factory.

Kayaking on the Island of Arousa

If there is a different plan that will still going to want (and a lot) is kayaking in this privileged place.Seeing such a brutal landscape from the sea is a joy.In addition, the Arousa estuary, like all the Rías Baixas, is full of rafts.Renting a kayak will allow you to get closer to them.There are several companies that are in charge of carrying out this activity that I find very interesting, highly recommended also if you go with children.

isla de arousa kayak
Kayaking in Isla de Arousa.

If you like water sports, I would also like to tell you that you can go windsurfing on Arousa Island and snorkel.

Puerto do Xufre

You cannot leave Isla de Arousa without taking a walk through the town centerand especially without strolling along the Paseo Marítimo.A highly recommended place to take it as a reference is the Puerto do Xufre.It is the most important fishing port on the island, right next to it is also the fish market.You can start the walk from here and link it with the walk that leads to the lighthouse.Seems like a whole plan to me.By the way, the Island of Arousa has barely 5,000 inhabitants and most of the houses in the center of the town are chalets, but you will also find traditional houses.


Accommodation on Arousa Island

Carreirón Natural Park

We arrived at Carreirón Natural Park, the jewel in the crown of the Island of Arousa, and this park is spectacular Until I say enough.It has been declared a natural park and is a true wonder of nature.Its 1.3 square kilometers of forest and beaches can only be explored on foot.To do this, you will have to leave the car on the outskirts of the park in areas enabled for it, I will tell you more about it below.Doing the circular route of the parkwithout stops will take you about an hour and a half, but I assure you that it will take much longer.In the face of such beauty, stops are inevitable.


There are not only forests in this park, and the best thing that this southern part of the island hides are its beaches.You go from beach to beach and shoot because it’s my turn.In this case, my recommendation is that, if you want to choose a beach to put your gear and lie down to sunbathe, do not opt ​​for the first one you come across.The first one will always be much more crowded with people who don’t want to walk so much.In this case, I suggest you resist your strength of wanting to lay your Serrano body on the towel and continue walking.In this way you will leave behind the most crowded beaches.And don’t worry, we’ll find a beach for you, but the calmer you are, the better, right?

The best beaches on Isla de Arousaare in the southwest area from the park.Crystal clear waters and white sand like the Caribbean is what is waiting for you here.Of course, feel free to practice nudism or not.oh!And one more thing, generalized for all of Galicia that you probably already know, but my mission is to remind you.Be careful with the temperature of the water because it cuts.You have been warned.

playas del parque natural de carreiron isla de arousa
Carreirón Natural Park Beaches

I assure you that the photos do not do this Eden justice.The best beaches in the Carreirón Natural Parkare Playa Lontreira and Playa As Margaritasand those around Las Margaritas.The largest beaches are A Lameira Beach or Xestelas Beach.This is just an appetizer, there are a lot of other beaches like Playa A Cruz, Espiños or Playa Punta Carreirón.My recommendation is that you do the circular lap and stop at the ones you like best.


Where park the car to visit the Carreirón Natural Park?

que visitar en la isla de arousa playas
The best beaches on Isla de Arousa in the Carreirón Natural Park.

Beaches on the Island of Arousa

Okay, it is now clear that the best beaches on the Island of Arousa are in Carreirón Park, but there are also plenty of other beaches all over the island that are worth a visit.This is the main reason why I recommend that you spend time in this paradise.What other beaches on Arousa Island do you recommend?Well, Camañinas Beach, Bao Beach, Lavanqueira, Gradín Beachor near the lighthouse, Naso Beach and Da Secada.

If the wind blows, I recommend that you choose sheltered coves.Do not be scared if you have to adapt to the conditions of the Galician weather.In addition, it is something that can change in a moment.One of the times that I have been to Arousa Island I remember that suddenly the fog set in in a second that we could not see literally anything.We had to change plans completely.This is Galicia.So don’t forget to check the weather on Isla de Arousa beforehand.

mejores playas de la Isla de Arousa
Virgin beaches on Isla de Arousa.

Areous Islet

If you think the beaches of Isla de Arousalook good, I have great news for you and I’m not done yet.I fell in love with this islet when I saw a tourist propaganda photo of it.More than Galicia it looked like Formentera.It is Islote Arenoso, an atoll that is located in front of Arousa Island.I recommend looking for photos on Instagram under the hashtag Islote Areoso and you’ll see I’m not lying.

You can get to it freely by renting a kayak or through an organized excursion with Amare Turismo.Keep in mind that this is a protected island because it is recommended to take special care of the environment and not leave garbage or take shells or anything from the island.Let’s all take care of this paradise.

In my case I couldn’t visit this islet, but I’m writing it down as one of the reasons why I have to return to this area.

Where eat on Arousa Island.

Next to Salinas beach there are a lot of beach bars to have a drink or a snack.For example, the Chiringuito Lavanqueira or the Chiringuito A do Peri.

If you are going to spend a lot of time in the Natural Park, I recommend that you take a sandwich or a good Galician empanada and water since you will not find anything to buy there directly.If what you want is to eat well and quietly on the Island of Arousain a restaurant, the Restaurante o Novo Tunonear the port or the Restaurante O Triskel{have very good opinions.

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