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The most beautiful pueblos of the Algarve ???? You’ll want to visit them all!

I know that the majority of people who travel to the south of Portugal go mainly to get to know the beaches. But if you’re there, take the opportunity to get to know some pueblos in the Algarve. Most of them are beautiful and it’s really worth getting to know them.

In this publication, I want to recommend some of the people who liked me the most and others who, in general, are the favorites of the travellers.

In fact, it is not called “pueblos”, but “freguesias”, which is the name that receives the divisions of los municipios in Portugal.

By chance, the best way to go around the pueblos del Algarve is renting a car. Click here to see my tips for traveling to the Algarve.

By chance, in this post you will find accommodation recommendations for each pueblo. By chance, a double room with a good score on Booking starts at approx. 80€.

(Close from my travel: June 2017)


The Mayor Charm of Aljezur is Su tranquility and peace. The pueblo is divided by a river: on one side is the historic part (with stone streets and white facades) and on the other side is the “new pueblo”.

Near Aljezur, they are Most Desiertas and Salvajes Playas from Algarve; soil hay mar, rocks and nature.

What to do in Aljezur?

  • Castillo de Aljezur: free entry
  • Ruinas del Castillo de Arrifana: free entry
  • Aljezur Municipal Museum
  • Casa Museo Painter José Cercas
  • Antonian Museum
  • Church of Mercy of Alejzur

To enter the Municipal Museum, the Casa Museo Pintor José Cercas, the Antoniano Museum and the Church of Misericórdia, you can buy the same ticket, which costs €2. These places are open from Mars to Saturday from 9am/10am to 5pm and open between 1pm and 2pm. El Museo Pintor José Cercas opens from 9:30am to 6pm and opens between 1pm and 2:30pm.

Where to sleep in Aljezur?


Sagres is another of the most peaceful pueblos of the Algarve. And your biggest charm is there “surfer” identity that you have

Vila do Bispo and Salema

From Sagres, Vila do Bispo (8km from Sagres) take the road to Salema (17km from Sagres). If you want to take the bus to los dos pueblos, first you have to go to the uno, return to Sagres and take the bus again. Going to Vila do Bispo takes 20min and costs €2.20 and going to Salema takes 30min and costs €2.55.

What to do in Sagres?

Where to sleep in Sagres?


My Lagos enchants me, but if you go in high season (July and August), the cant of tourists can still be enchanted. Equally, whatever the season when you go, you can’t miss Lagos, because it’s the entrance gate to Praia Dona Ana and Ponta da Piedade.

What to do in Lagos?

  • Stroll through the historic center
  • Boat ride through the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade
  • Walk along the seafront and the Marina of Lagos
  • Haz Kayak
  • Visit the Forte da Ponta Bandeira and its viewpoint at the top. (Admission costs €5. Open from March to Sunday from 10am to 5:30pm and open from 12:30pm to 2pm).
  • Look at the Church of San Antonio
  • Enter the Slave Market; was the first slave market in Europe (Entry costs 3€)
  • Visit the Governors Castle murals
  • sight dolphins

Where to sleep in Lagos?


In fact, Portimao is not a pueblo, but a city. Sincerely, I believe that it is only worth going if you are in the past.

How to get to Portimao?

  • From Lagos by bus: it takes 30 minutes and costs 4€
  • From Faro by bus: it takes about 2 hours and costs €5.70

What to do in Portimao?

To get to know Portimao, you can take a free tour.

When in Portimão, there are many excursions to the caves of Benagil from this city, and it’s something I recommend you do on your trip to the Algarve.

These are some options:

Where to sleep in Portimao?


Alvor is one traditional fishermen’s pueblito. It’s beautiful, with white houses and streets of piedra. Being there at the pierdas las dunas de la Reserva Natural de la Ría de Alvor.

Where to sleep in Alvor?


It is a beautiful pueblito in the Algarve, which is becoming more and more touristy. Your main charm is sus white casitas with cliffs. And walk to the Boneca Grotto along the wooden path.

From Carvoeiro, you can also take a boat ride to discover the Benagil caves.

Where to sleep in Carvoeiro?


Albufeira is a place you can love or hate.

Before you go, you have to know that it’s a place with a lot movement and bull. So, if what you want is fiestaAlbufeira is the best place in the Algarve for you.

But Albufeira is only bars and nightlife, but it also has a beautiful Casco Antiguo.

Ojo: in summer the alojamiento suele agotarse. So if you plan to stay in Albuferia, you need to book in advance.

What to do in Albufeira?

Where to sleep in Albufeira?


Faro is the capital of the Algarve and could seem like the perfect place for vacations. But if you want my honest opinion, I don’t recommend leaving it there.

There are much more beautiful pueblos around the area and less disordered.

What to do in Faro?

Where to sleep in Faro?


If you want to stay close to the airport and you want a more traditional town than Faro, Olhao is perfect! Fall 10km from Faro and 15km from the airport and the port is the access port to the Ría da Formosa Natural Park.

From Olhao, you can take a boat tour of this natural park.

Where to sleep in Olhao?


Tavira is a symbolic town in the Algarve. It is an ancient pueblito, with steep streets and, at the same time, with a touch of elegance.

What to do in Tavira?

  • Stroll along Rua da Libertade
  • Rest in the Public Garden
  • Visit the Churches of Misericordia and Carmo
  • Go up to the castle walls
  • Cross the Roman bridge
  • There is a tour in tuk tuk through the pueblo.

Where to sleep in Tavira?

These are the pueblos with the most charm of the Algarve!

Who do you want to know? I wait for you in the comments!

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