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The Palace of Peterhof, the “cutre” summer house of Russia

Visit the Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg

It really is impossible to get the idea of ​​how life would be Russia in these gleaming palaces. Al visit the Palace of Peterhof palpas the inequality that existed with the pueblo, and the lujo and the collapse in the old man who lived in the zares. Imagine what your day to day full of lights would be like! Igualito que el nuestro?

For more inri, not les enough with a solo palace. during it winter el zar lived in what is now the Hermitagethe Palace of Invierno, and during el verano iban all summering to Peterhofthe tumbarse a la bartola in esos gardens tan spectacular that tienen ya disconnect from your ajetreada life in the “cutre” casita de verano del zar is it true?

You are welcome, today we will speak Palace of Peterhof and the Palace of Verano del zar which has impressive gardens at the same level as the Palace of Versailles. is one essential visit in Saint Petersburg!

How to get to the Palace of Peterhorf?

El Palacio de Peterhof is to the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, about 30 kilometers. There are different ways to get there:

  • in boat. It is there that we decided to elect ourselves. Because? They recommended it to us that It’s a “beautiful” way to get to the palace. During the day, you can enjoy the views of Saint Petersburg from the river and the boat, right at the gates of the gardens of the palace. The price is higher than in public transport, but if it is direct, it is worth it and you have to detour.

The price of the boat is 750 rubles one way, and 1300 rubles si coges ya ida y vuelta, and students 900 rubles one way and vuelta. The boat is built on the edge of the Nevá river, very close to the Hermitage, and it is sold at the hour at the point. There duration of the trayecto is about 40 minutes and the last tour boat is at the 5th of the afternoon, at least at the time when we went to us, in September.

By the way, the boat option it is not viable in winter, basically because the river is frozen. If you go in winter, you won’t want to resort to public transport.

  • en bus: tienes que llegar a la metro station “Avtovo” and from there you can use the bus 200, 210 or the minibuses 224, 300, 424. This option it’s very much cheaper that the boat is also more tedious.


How much does it cost to visit the Palace of Peterhof?

The visit to the Peterhof Palace is mainly divided into two, on the one hand visit to the Gran Palacio y por otro la visit to los jardines. Once you are there, it is evident that I recommend you to enter them, there would be more!

  • the price of it entrance to los jardines is 700 rubles for adults, 350 rubles for students.
  • There entrance to the palace is 600 rubles for adults and 300 rubles for students.

*Prices updated as of September 2016.


By the way, if you have an expired student card or something that happens, I’ll let you know that I did it 🙂 .

Can I buy the entrance with a view?

If you want, you can buy the entrance to the palace with antelación en su Web pagebut the truth is that the web page seemed to us a tremendous jaleo mainly because there is part in English, another part in Russian, at the end all mixed and it is a little lío.

We decided to go there without previous entry and we didn’t meet colas. Of course, we went in September, and it is hard to notice that the high season makes it hard to bloom a little.


Palace hours. Important: the palace opens the moons!

He palace hours are from 10.30 am to 7 pm from mars to sunday. It is very important that you have in mind that the palace cierra los moons So I organize every day in San Petersburgo so I can’t go there and find it closed. We have also read some pages that open the last jueves of each month, but we can confirm it, but the flies have it in the account 😉 .

He Parque Inferior y las Fuentes Open daily from 9 am to 8 pmy las fuentes function from 10th of morning to 6th of afternoon, the weekends until 7 pm

He upper park is free (but no tiene na´de na´) and opens from the 9th of the morning to the 8th of the afternoon.


Our experience in the Palace of Peterhorf

The day we visited the Palace of Peterhof we had a tremendous solazo (by the way, of the few days we saw the sun in Russia) so the day promised and we didn’t cheat. We couldn’t have more suerte to go by boat. The boat is totally closed when traveling with Lorenzo is always more 😉 . The boat leaves you next to the beach of Peterhof ya pocos meters ya tienes la entrance to los jardines del palacio.


Once inside, you can enjoy the view that the palace has from the gardens. Y what decir of the fuentes en las que se ve que escatiman en oro is it true? After taking a few photos around the gardens and having a good mouse walking around them, right at the entrance to the Grand Palace.

Al as well as in him Palace of Catalina in Pushkinin this also had to put the “patucos” of rigor to not damage the suelo, and account with free wardrobe service. If you want an audio guide in English, you pay separately.


Lo malo que tiene el palacio es que in your interior it is not possible to remove photos. It’s a shame because then I could document them in the more detailed post 🙁 but mainly what you find inside are salons and more salons full of lujo.

There is also an area of ​​the palace that gives access to the superior gardens. This is if you have free entry but the beautiful gardens are on the bottom that’s where the fuentes are. For you to have an idea, all the photos that appear in this post are from the inferior gardens.


Un curious date of the Palace of Peterhof that’s what during the Second World War it was occupied by the Germans and completely destroyed therefore I have to be practically reconstructed in its entirety. There are images in the interior of cómo quedó el palacio tras los bombos. Fortunately, they were able to save part of the heritage thanks to the Russians plundering it days before it was taken over by the Germans.

And now the big question of the millón: Which one is better in the Palacio de Catalina or the Palacio de Peterhof?

Just a little reader wrote me to ask me which of the most famous palaces in the outskirts of San Petersburgo was most recommendable. Due to lack of time, he didn’t have the necessary days to visit them, so he asked me if he had any preferences.

Yo the truth is that I recommend visiting los dos palacios. The two are essential. Sure you need a day for each palace, as long as you arrive, love, and visit practically the day. If you have an organized tour or by taxi, it is impossible for you to see them from the palaces in a day, so if you are in this texture of having to choose some of them from the palaces you might I fell in love with the Palace of Peterhof.

Because? Mainly because the gardens of the palace are more spectacular than the gardens of the Palace of Catalina, and the exterior of the Peterhof Palace is also very impressive. The interior, on the other hand, surprised me more Palace of Catalina and its famous Ámbar room, but together, if I have to choose one of the two I love Peterhof.


How long were we in the Palace of Peterhof?

And finally, a useful data to have in mind so that organics welcome the visit. Nosotros We spent approximately one to three hours visiting the Palace of Peterhof between the interior of the Grand Palace and the gardens. In addition, you have to know what it takes to go and come back. At the end of the middle of the day there are more waves.

And this has been nuestra visit to the Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg. Have you been there? Do you recommend it? How much do you like the Palace of Peterhof or the Palace of Catalina? Do you have any doubts about traveling to Russia and Saint Petersburg? Let’s go ahead, don’t cut yourself!


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