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The Puente de La Barra or Wavy Bridge of Punta del Este

The famous Punta del Este wavy bridgeat the Uruguayis actually called Puente Leonel VieraOr just Puente de La Barra for the most intimate. Many people who visit the city make a point of coming to this fun engineering work. And it’s really cool.

The first bridge was built in 1965 at the mouth of Maldonado stream designed by Leonel Viera, which gives the structure its name. Today there are two bridges, the second built in the year 2000 with the same characteristics as the first.


The famous work is just 8 km from the Punta del Este Peninsula and can be easily visited if you have a car. Respecting, of course, the speed limit, it is worth taking a little acceleration to cross the bridge and feel butterflies in your stomach with the ups and downs of the three swells.

Below we share some stories that we did for the account of @essemundoenosso on Instagram to show you how cool this wavy bridge in Punta del Este is.

The bridge had to be doubled due to the high traffic between Punta and the resort town of La Barra, which is a delight and worth at least stopping by, especially on hot days, to enjoy the beach.

Wave Bridge in Punta del Este, Uruguay (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)


If you are in the Peninsula, region of the Mansa and Brava beaches, just head towards La Barra along Rambla Lorenzo Battle Pacheco. As I said above, it’s less than 8km to the bridge. If you don’t have a car, you can ask a taxi driver or app to make the crossing.


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