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The spectacular Playa de la Arnia in Cantabria

Sharp rocks that emerge from the sea, some views of the most unusual Cantabrian Sea and a small sandy beach located between a cliff top. Welcome to Playa de la Arnia in Cantabria, one of the most popular beaches on the entire Cantabrian coast. I recognize that coming here at any time of the year is one of my great weaknesses. Yes, the surroundings of this playa could not be more showy. Follow me while I discover one of my favorite corners of Secret Cantabria. very beautiful Playa de la Arnia.

View of Playa de la Arnia

La Playa de la Arnía is a very special beach for me, and if you are a follower of the blog, you will know that the area in the area where it is located is my right place in Cantabria. It is in the heart of the Costa Quebrada, one of the most incredible coastal stretches of the Cantabrian. It’s on the ground for the views that this natural landscape offers us, because it’s the best lección al aire libre de una class de geología unique.

In total, it Geological Park of the Quebrada Coast: 20 kilometers from Santander to Cuchía, looking at the area from Arnia to Playa de Valdearenas my favorite. Trails along the edge of the sea are waiting for you, rocky cliffs, virgin and paradisiacal beaches and the intense blue of the Cantabrian Sea. Today I will speak to you in concrete de la Playa de la Arnia.

playa de la arnia liencres
La Costa Quebrada in its pure state

How to get to Playa de la Arnia?

La Playa de la Arnia is located in the municipality of Piélagos. Arriving until it is sent by car. It is only 11 kilometers from Santander and the tray is about 20 minutes away.

If you go from Santader you have to drive up to the town of Soto de la Marina by the A-231. Once you have passed the pueblo, you will find a sign in which you can read “Playa de la Arnía and Playa de Covachos”. You take the fork in the right direction and continue straight along Calle de la Arnía until you reach the Bar el Cazurro. Just beside this bar is where the parking where you can park the coach to drive you to the beach. The parking is free.

If on the contrary you come to the west, if you go to the national side, you have pass the town of Liencres. In exchange, If you arrive on the A-67 highway, the exit, in your case, it will be Santa Cruz de Bezana until you reach the A-231 that takes you to the fork of the Calle de la Arnía and the cartel that I told you before. As always, I recommend you better use the GPS, but I leave you here a map so that you can use it better.

Once the coach parked, the access to the beach is free, it won’t take you more than 3 or 4 minutes. The access road is short and paved, although there is a lot of unevenness.

When I uploaded the stories of this playa to Instagram, a follower asked me about how to get to Playa de la Arnia by public transport. It is clear that the most comfortable car is available, but you can also take the bus from the center of Santander to the town of Mompía or Liencres (numbers S7, S8 or S9). These buses depart directly from the Estación de Autobuses de Santander. To visit Arnia your stop will be the Hospital de Liencres. From this stop it takes about 30 minutes to walk.

Why do I like Playa de la Arnia so much?

Playa de la Arnia is sheltered and quiet, it has about 200 meters of fine and golden sand. What I like the most about this beach is the surroundings. Couldn’t be more captivating. It is surrounded by small rocky islets and a rocky abrasion platform that has been eroded during the years and the seas.

playa de la arnia pielagos
Abrasion platform on Playa de la Arnia

To go in summer to soak up the sun, I might prefer other beaches on the Costa Quebrada like Playa de Valdearenas which is much more extensive. But like the surroundings of La Arnia there is no one. Going down to the beach is not an obligation if you want to enjoy this paradise, I love to enjoy these views all year round. Fíjate if I like this area that always takes my friends here when I come to Santander. I can’t think of a better place, so picturesque and with an unparalleled natural beauty. ¡I never get tired of this playa! Yes, live is a thousand times better than in photo. I am very lucky to have this wonderful villa just 15 minutes away by car from my house!

Walking down the paved road that leads to the beach, the izquierda is located there platform of abrasión de la that hablaba te before. Yes, this entire area is full of sharp cliffs. Just face it if you find uno de los icons of this beach, it’s about rocky islets of los Urros de Liencres. This area can also be accessed from Playa de la Arnia if the sea is very low.

playa de la arnia santander
Howls of Liencres

You cannot deny me that the rocks call for infinite attention. And if you es al atardecer you have a magic that completely catches you. I couldn’t help it, I love it.

The typical postcard image of this beach can be found directly from the parking lot or even from the beach road to the beach. But if you want a different view, I’ll tell you a secret. I propose you walk along the cycling path that goes along the Costa Quebrada It starts from around the Arnía car park and continues until the next beach, Playa de Portío. Taking the path of this marked path, you can deviate from the right by the “prao” and then you can see the Urros de Liencres from another perspective. If you liked the panoramic view from the beach to Playa de la Arnía, this is another view at the bottom of the beach.

View of the Urros from Liencres
A different view of the area

What to do in the surroundings of Playa de la Arnia

As you commented before, this playa forms part of the impressive route along the Costa Quebrada that you can do directly in the coach, stopping at the playas and walking a well through the surrounding areas and their cliffs, directly on the bike, even walking. These are some of the planes that I propose to you in the surroundings:

Covachos Beach

This beach is very close to Playa de la Arnia, just 10 minutes walking or 5 minutes by car if you are a little vague. It is another one of them Most Painted Playas del Mar Cantabrico. The access to this beach is a little more complicated, but I have some cuerdas para ayudarte. That’s right, la playa can not be more isolated ni can be more virgin. Es más, allí no tienes ni coverage. By the way, don’t be surprised if you see people practicing nudism.

If the sea is low, this beach is even more beautiful. ¡Qué ya es decir! You can arrive by walking up to the islote de enfrente, la Isla de Castro.

playa de covachos
Playa de Covachos next to Playa de la Arnia

Route along the Quebrada Coast

Another of the best planes you can do in the surroundings of La Arnia is a route along the Costa Quebrada, the most beautiful and photogenic coast in all of Cantabria. I recommend you to continue walking along the cliffs and stop at Portio, Cerrias, Somocuevas and el Madero beach. The latter is not known and the cliffs that are as top as those of its own Playa de la Arnia. You can even reach Playa de Valdearenas, another of my favorite beaches near Santander. Lo said, this route can be done in any season of the year. Es más, I recommend you better during the high season. You are a true marvel.

Portio beach
View of Playa de Portio from Playa de Cerrias


Accommodation near Playa de la Arnia

If you are coming from vacaciones a la tierruca and searches accommodation near Playa de la Arnia I propose you there Casa Chalet Playa de Arnia, ideal if you are several. It is 250 meters from the beach, has 4 bedrooms, space for 8 people, private pool and even admits pets.

If you are looking for something more from you to people, I recommend you La Venta del Marnext to Playa de Portio and 20 minutes walking from Playa de la Arnia.

Where to eat near Playa de la Arnia or have a beer?

If what you really like is a good beer, which is better than with views to Playa de la Arnía and los Urros de Liencres. I recommend you an essential in the area: el Restaurante el Cazurro. I love it especially to see the sunset from here. There is an area inside the restaurant with views directly to the Urros de Liencres. Decir that is one of the best atardeceres del Cantábrico es quedarse corto. If you want to eat or dinner, here is also a great option. Tiene good quality from platos to good price. Just for the views it’s worth it.

El Cazurro Restaurant
El Cazurro Restaurant on Playa de la Arnia

Another alternative option that springs a montón and is also very close to the Arnía es el La Viga Restaurant. It is located on the road that goes from the national to the playa, with large spaces and gardens. It’s also perfect to have a drink after the beach.

playa de la arnia travel magnets
Imanes de Viaje says goodbye from the paradisiacal Playa de la Arnia

Do you like this playa as much as I do? I hope to hear from this small window so much that I like this zone and this playa. If you have been wanting to continue reading I recommend you these written articles too with much love for a santanderina:

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More information about the zone on the website Costa Quebrada Geological Park and the official website of Cantabria tourism.

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