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Things to do in Camocim and Barroquinha

Many people believe that Jericoacoara is the last tourist destination on the west coast of Ceará.But Camocim and Bitupitá are two other tourist places that you should visit on a tour of the beaches of Ceará.

For those who do the Rota das Emoções, a tour that includes Jericoacoara, Delta do Parnaíba and Lençóis From Maranhão on the same trip, Camocimand Barroquinha(where Bitupitá and Praia das Curimãs are located) will certainly be on your itinerary.These towns are halfway between Jeri and Piauí.

Among the main tourist attractions in Camocim are Ilha do Amor, Barra dos Remédios, Lagoa de Cangalhas, Lagoa Tatajuba and Mangue Seco Beach (Guriú).Some of these places you can get to know through Jeri tours, but others you can only get to know by staying staying in Camocim.

Check out all the how to get there, where to stay and what to do in Camocim, on the western end of the coast of Ceará.

What to do in Camocim and Barroquinha – West Coast of Ceará

Discover the beaches beyond Jericoacoara: Ilha do Amor, Praia de Maceió, Barra dos Remédios, Praia de Curimãs and Bitupitá

Do you enjoy established destinations or prefer places not yet known?

Camocim is one of those places that is not yet so famous, but worth including in your itinerary through the beaches of Ceará.It’s very close to Jericoacoara.

In addition to the famous destinations, the Route of Emotions includes smaller and less well-known places.It was these super receptive and still unexplored places that we loved to know the most.In addition, they are great options to save money or for those looking for places without so much influence from tourists.

Our itinerary on the Rota das Emoções started in Maranhão, then went to Piauí and finally arrived in Ceará.The gateway to the state for those arriving from Piauí is the municipality of Barroquinha.

Check out the video of this part of the itinerary here
Ceará Far Beyond Jericoacoara – Route of Emotions v=NhU2uXg0TPo

How to Get There

Route of Emotions

  • For those doing the Rota das Emoções through agencies, the itineraries include stops in Chaval, Barroquinha and Camocim, all in the State of Ceará.
  • As the itineraries are numerous, it is necessary to combine the time of stop and if there will be an overnight stay or not in any of these destinations.
  • We suggest at least 1 overnight stay in Camocim.

By Car

  • For those traveling by car, the distance from Fortaleza/CE to Camocim/CE is around 350 km (5h30 trip).
  • From AeroporFrom Jericoacoara, the journey is much shorter, taking 90 km or 1h30.
  • If you are arriving from Piauí, the journey from Parnaíba/PI or Barra Grande/PI to Barroquinha/ EC is also about 90 km (1h20 journey).To Camocim/CE, the total distance is 130 km (2h10 journey).

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
Some points Camocim tourist attractions can only be accessed with 4×4 vehicles

By Bus (without car)

  • Arriving in Camocim by bus it is only possible from Fortaleza or Parnaíba.
  • The bus trip from Fortaleza to Camocim takes between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the company and type of bus.Sep/2019).
  • To get from Jericoacoara to Camocim, there is no public transport (Fretcar will soon launch a line from Jijoca to Camocim).
  • It’s I need to hire a transfer (from R$250.00 for up to 4 people) or arrange a trip from Jeri to Camocim along the beach (from R$450.00 for up to 4 people).
  • If you book a tour, it is important to arrange the length of the tour to your accommodation in Camocim and also check for luggage space.
  • Experience Jeri and Jeri Vip Tur 4×4 there are two companies that operate tours to Camocim and can transfer you there (or do the opposite).
  • You can also search for alternative transport.We have already traveled this route between Camocim and Jeri de pau de arara (in 1995), but nowadays it is likely that there are vans and/or train stations that make this route.
  • It is worth noting the contact telephone number. of the President of the Camocim Taxi Drivers Association, Fabiano Barbosa.The contact number is (88) 9902-9082.
  • For those arriving from Piauí, the trip from Parnaíba/PI to Camocim/CE takes 2h15 and costs R$ 28.00 (ref. set/ 2019).

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará

Car Rental

If you need to rent a car, we recommend Rentcars services.The portal searches among different car rental companies and presents the best prices for you to choose from.

Payment is made online by Rentcars or directly at the car rental company.

For rentals abroad, you you have the option to save the IOF value by paying in reais directly with Rentcars.

Aluguel de CarrosAluguel de Carros

What to do in Barroquinha – Ceará

If you want to skip the beaches in the State of Ceará, a good tip is to include the beaches of Barroquinha in your itinerary.

Praia do Pontal das Almas

In Barroquinha is Praia do Pontal das Almas, the last beach on the coast of Ceará.The beach is located on the border between Ceará and the State of Piuaí and the place where five rivers flow: the Rio Timonha, the Rio Ubatuba, the Rio Chapada, the Rio Carapinas and the Rio Camelo.

One curiosity is that the name of the beach involves a mystery.As the website Turismo Ceará tells us, the name would be derived from a lady from the region who died and was buried, but would have appeared to a place and asked for her body to be taken to Pontal.

I have already been to this beach on a trip we took in 1995. From Bitupitá, we took a long walk to reach Pontal and the mouth of the five rivers.Arriving there was exciting.

On our last trip along the Rota das Emoções, we ended up not including either Bitupitá or Pontal das Almas in our itinerary.


On this same trip in 1995, we spent the night in Bitupitá, my traveling companion Alexandra and I.The result is a very quiet beach, which is quite busy during Carnival.

You can follow images and events on the Bitupitá – CE instagram profile.

Praia de Curimãs

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do CearáO que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
The beautiful structure of the Brilho do Mar Restaurant on Curimãs Beach (Barroquinha)

On our route through the Rota das Emoções, we visit Praia de Curimãs, also part of the municipality of Barroquinhas.

Vila de Curimãs is an authentic fishing community, with almost no tourist presence, except for an inn and a newly opened restaurant, Restaurante Brilho do Mar.

We visited Pousada Mandala in Curimãs and met its owner, a foreigner who has lived in Jeri and moved to Curimãs looking for the Jeri way of life of yesteryear.

Next to the inn is the Brilho do Mar Restaurant, also a venture by a foreigner whofell in love with the region, François.The restaurant was opened recently but is already very charming, with ample space with a privileged view of the beach and the sea.It was there that we watched the sunset and delicious dishes such as Shrimp in Pineapple (R$ 78.00 for 2 people).

The beach is extensive and, of course, easy to find boats and fishermen working near the sea.But it is also possible to find other figures from the region, such as the kitesurf instructor Dadá, who would travel from Curimãs to Bitupitá at the mercy of the winds.He tells us that he feels a bit like a superhero, traveling these routes across the sea.

Access is only via the beach or by dirt road, so it is recommended to go with a 4×4 vehicle.

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do CearáO que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
Sunset on Curimãs Beach, in Barroquinhas

Camocim – Where to Stay

From there, we set off for our overnight stay in Camocim.

Camocim is a larger city, with over 60,000 inhabitants, but it still to walk along the shore and find fishermen arriving from boats and transporting fish from the sea.⠀⠀⠀

One of the big surprises in Camocim was our accommodation, the cinematic Pousada Village Sonhos.This style of pool is the same as the famous Essenza Hotel, in Jericoacoara.

But while the daily rate at Essenza is well over R$ 1,000.00 / day, at Village Sonhos the value is much more accessible.Even for those not staying in one of the three rooms with a private pool, the other rooms have a balcony and access to the pool, in an environment designed for leisure.

The breakfast is also delicious, served in the pool area.Be sure to try the couscous with cheese, a specialty of the inn.

The Pousada Village Sonhos is located on Barreiras Beach, about 3km from the Camocim Handicraft and Tourism Centre.The place is located in a less populated area and a bit far away if you travel without a car, but by car or taxi it takes less than 10 minutes to get to the center.

Click here for prices and availability

Stay tuned

Today, many articles on the internet are impersonal.The authors did not actually make the trip and work with content inspired by other sites rather than their own experiences.

Would you get travel tips from someone who hasn’t taken this trip?

Give credit to authorial work.All Viagens Cine articles are based on real experiences and on places we actually visit.The photos and videos are ours.

What to do in Camocim – Ceará

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do CearáO que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
Camocim city seen from above, on the other side of the river you can see the Ilha do Amor

Barra dos Remédios

The next day, we set out to see the main tourist attractions in Camocim.

The first was Barra dos Remédios.Therefore, consult local options at your accommodation.

Barra dos Remédios is a completely deserted beach, formed by dunes and lagoons, and also by the Rio dos Remédios meeting the sea.The scenery is a privilege, but only accessible by buggy or 4×4 vehicle.

Enchanted Lagoon of Cangalhas

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do CearáO que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
View from the top of Lagoa de Cangalhas

This was another must-see on our route through the Route of Emotions.We found a totally deserted lagoon, similar to the Jericoacoara lagoons.

Only those with the advantage that the lagoon is totally deserted.It’s even more beautiful than the ones in Jeri (which were very crowded because of the rains).

We all left this place delighted.There is a simple support structure and a place to go zip lining (it wasn’t working).

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do CearáO que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
Enjoying a hammock at Lagoa Encantada de Cangalhas

Praia de Maceió⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Our lunch in Camocim was at Praia do Maceió, at Barraca Pôr do Sol.

The restaurant is right on the beach and has a neat decor, full of colorful and Instagrammable accessories.The house drinks are impeccable.

The beach is quite long, but it is very windy.Great for those who practice kitesurfing, but a bit uncomfortable for those who want to relax.⠀⠀⠀

Centre for Handicrafts and Tourism in Camocim

Beira Mar Avenue in Camocim is another unmissable spot to walk and enjoy the movement of fishermen.

The number of boats is enormous and it is not uncommon to find fishermen bringing in their catch of the day.

There, it’s worth stopping at the Camocim Handicraft Center and checking out some of the local art.

But our real objective was to cross the Coreaú River and continue on to Jericoacoara.The crossing can be done in simple boats or by ferries, which also transport vehicles (R$ 25.00).

Ilha do Amor – Postcard from Camocim

O que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do CearáO que fazer em Camocim e Barroquinha - Litoral Oeste do Ceará
Camocim sign with the Ilha do Amor in the background

On the other side is the Ilha do Amor, which is a Super quiet place and sought after especially on weekends.The people of Camocim cross the river and enjoy the paradisiacal structure of the place.

Despite the name of the place, it is not an island.But the name is because of the boat crossing to reach the “island”.

Surrounded by dunes, which can be seen on the other side of the river, Ilha do Amor is one of the postcards of Camocim is our last destination for this article.

Tatajuba and Guriú

Praia de Mangue Seco, in Camocim, where you can take amazing pictures on the swings

Still in Camocim, you can visit Lagoa de Tatajuba and Praia de Mangue Seco, in Guriú.To find out more about these incredible places, read our article about the buggy ride along the west coast of Jericoacoara.

Those who do the Rota das Emoções have the option of taking the entire route along the beach, a off-road circuit (Try Jeri and the Jeri Vip Tur 4×4), and make stops at the numerous lagoons, beaches and dunes along the way.It is for sure an unforgettable experience and the perfect conclusion to our amazing day in Camocim.

Follow more tips and photos of Camocim on the Instagram profile @camociminesquecivel.

Tip Extra: Restaurante Porto 10

For lunch and/or dinner in the center of Camocim, we recommend Restaurante Ponto 10. Gastronomy by chef Enio Marcondes and wonderful service.

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Note:Viagens Cinematográficas was invited to visit the Rota das Emoções by Sebrae (the three states were involved), together with Prisma Consultoria, within the Investe Turismo program of the Ministry of Tourism.Accommodation at Pousada Village Sonhos was a courtesy.

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