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Things to do in Denver Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Updated November 21, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I decided to make a “what to do in Denver” separated by neighborhoods, because different from geographic delimitations, the neighborhoods of Denver are very easy to be recognized by the architecture and the type of attraction they offer: if you are looking for art, restaurant, bar, brewery… that all the others will be very close.

With a little willingness (and good shoes), most of these neighborhoods can be explored on foot, but for some it’s better to ask for an Uber so you can invest your travel time in the tour itself.

Let me just say that I don’t have the slightest intention of exhausting the subject here: these aren’t all Denver neighborhoods, they’re just the ones I’ve known and closest to downtown.

Denver neighborhood by neighborhood

What to do in Denver

Assuming that you will be staying in the central region, Lower Downtown, downtown and capitol hill/Golden Triangle are very close and with the least bit of trailblazing instinct you will end up passing them all. five points also, although I only drove around there by car because I only went and came back from happy hours.

River North and lower highlands You can also get there on foot, especially if you’re staying closer to Union Station. I would just let cherry creek and City Park in charge of Uber.

Lower Downtown, or Slime

I wanted to use an expression other than “how cute”, but that’s what Lower Downtownor “Lodo”, is: prepare to want to stay there for the rest of the trip, because Lodo is the lower part of 16th Street, on the outskirts of Union Station, therefore, the most charming part of downtown Denver.

Disregard the voice that seems to come out of the nose and see how my walk there was:

  • Main Lower Downtown streets to walk around: 16th Street, Blake Street, Wazee Street, Market Street and Larimer Street
  • Things to do in Lower Downtown: Union Station, Rockmount Ranch, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Larimer Square, Coors Field and Museum of Contemporary Art

Before changing the subtitle, it is worth mentioning that between Lower Downtown and Highlands there is a belt that concentrates three public parks side by side: Crescent Park, Confluence Park and Commons Park. You may or may not envision this geographic “limbo” as part of the Lower Downtown, but this is the area of ​​family attractions you’ll likely only experience if you’re in Denver with kids.

In any case, it is in this park belt between the Lower Downtown and the Highlands that the Children’s Museum of Denver, Elitch Gardens and the Downtown Aquarium are located.

Downtown Denver

Still taking 16th Street as a reference, Downtown Denver starts at about the height of Larimer Street (which, in turn, more or less ends in Lower Downtown) and goes all the way to Broadway, where Civic Center Park begins. In other words, we can say that Lower Downtown is the lower part of 16th Street and Downtown is the upper part of 16th Street, that is, the surroundings of the Denver Pavilions mall.

  • Downtown Denver’s Main Streets for Walking: 16th Street and 14th Street
  • Things to do in Downtown Denver: Denver Pavilions, Denver Performing Arts Complex and Colorado Convention Center

Capitol Hill/Golden Triangle

capitol hill this is the part just as 16th Street comes to an end and Civic Center Park begins. The name probably comes from the Colorado Capitol at the other end of the park – all very photogenic, by the way. The Museum District, anchored by the Denver Art Museum, is known as Golden Triangle.

If your trip takes place between May and October, my advice is to hang out there on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is when there’s always something special going on at Civic Center Park, like food trucks and performances by musicians and graffiti artists.

Notice the story of the Kirkland Museum that appears at the end of this Stories:

  • Main streets of Capitol Hill/Golden Triangle to walk around: 13th Street and N Broadway for being the heart of the Golden Triangle, but we usually arrive through Civic Center Park and from there walk to the chosen museum
  • Things to do in Capitol Hill/Golden Triangle: Civic Center Park with Colorado State Capitol, History Colorado Center, Kirkland Museum, Molly Brown House Museum, Denver Art Museum and Clyfford Still Museum

River North, or Rhino

I started out in love with Lower Downtown, but I just got to know River North, or Rino, who quickly turned into a leaf: oh, this is a nice little place! On a sunny day, there is no cell phone that can handle it, the passage of time is calculated in “selfie per minute”. Rino is the district for graffiti, Central Market, side-by-side breweries and nightclubs as soon as it gets dark. Imagine Miami’s Wynwood, but less hot in the summer (and cooler in the winter).

Read my post about Rino: River North: Graffiti and Craft Beer in Rino.

  • River North’s main streets to walk around: Walnut Street, Chestnut Street and Larimer Street
  • Things to do in River North: Denver Central Market and The Source, The Alley graffiti alley, and any of the neighborhood’s 20+ breweries – plus Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver’s first (and probably only) urban winery

Cherry Creek North

I really liked Cherry Creek North because it was the first completely different neighborhood from the others I saw in Denver. Cherry Creek North is a shopping district with 16 blocks of local and international stores, with seven out of ten stores being independent brands, which is why the neighborhood is so famous in the country – it is the largest center for independent stores in the United States. , there are more than 160 brands.

Read my post on Cherry Creek North: Things to do in Cherry Creek North, Denver

Walking towards the Cherry Creek Mall through Fillmore Plaza

Cherry Creek, which is anchored by a huge mall of the same name as the district, has a super JW Marriott and approximately 50 bars and restaurants, so it’s a foodie destination too.

  • Cherry Creek North’s main streets to walk around: 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, and 3rd Avenue, plus the blocks that intersect them between University Boulevard and Steele Street
  • Things to do in Cherry Creek North: wow, difficult… Well, in addition to the mall, my suggestion is that you explore the shops and restaurants that seem most interesting, this site is a great start to your search.

City Park

Although Washington Park, which I don’t know, is very popular with locals, the most famous park in Denver is City Park. I didn’t know it for lack of time, but I would have known it even without interest in the “family attractions”: City Park is a destination in itself, where you can find Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, two lakes, a boathouse with car rental pedal boats and some free festivals throughout the year, probably the two biggest being the jazz and the Farmers Market.

Things to do in Denver: Denver Museum of Nature and Science, City Park

View of City Park from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Visit Denver Photo by Evan Semón)

  • Things to do in Denver City Park: In addition to the park itself, Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature and Science

five points

Despite five points being very close to the upper part of 16th Street, I didn’t walk around there during the day because during the IPW I had so many appointments there, at night, that when I organized my script I thought those parties and happy hours would be enough – well, they weren’t. Five Points is known as the “Harlem of the West”, mainly for the jazz that attracted Billie Holiday, Miles Davies and other famous musicians in the country. Ah, Five Points is full of coffeehouses and is another hub of craft breweries.

  • Five Points’ main streets to walk around: the intersection of five lanes (which is the origin of the neighborhood’s name), mainly Welton Street – and the first blocks that cut it between 25th Street and 28th Street
  • Things to do in Five Points: Admire the neighborhood’s architecture (like the home of the Black American West Museum), the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance cultural center, and several of the breweries there, like Spangalang Brewery

Lower Highlands, or Lohi

Please avenge my (lack of) intelligence and dedicate at least one happy hour afternoon to highlands, a very southern neighborhood that is divided into three: Highlands Square, Tennyson Street and Lower Highland. I went to discover Highlands at the end of the trip and I only had time to get to know lower highlandsor Lohi, which is just the kind of place I like – it’s a mix of Victorian houses with very innovative restaurants and bars, in fact, I’ll come back later to show you what little I know about them.

Lower Highlands Denver

Looking at Downtown Denver from Avanti in Lower Highlands

  • Main Highlands Streets for Walking: Tennyson Street, West32nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard
  • Things to do in Highlands: Highlands is a neighborhood of local shops, new restaurants, family pubs… You can start your search here

Other blog tips for planning your trip:

Already know where to stay in Denver? To do everything on foot, the tip is to stay on the outskirts of 16th Street or Union Station. I stayed at the Hilton Denver City Center and highly recommend it!

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