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Things to do in Frankfurt, Germany (1 day itinerary)Vou na Janela

Looking for a quick roadmap with what to do in frankfurt in Germany in 1 day? He thought! Frankfurt Am Main is the main financial center in Germany and one of the most important in the world, which earned the city the nickname of Mainhattan, or Manhattan of the Main, in allusion to the River Main that cuts through the city and, of course, New York.

The city is also an important rail and air hub that connects the city to all parts of the world through the airport, where one of Lufthansa’s bases is located. The city’s importance is so great that it receives three daily flights from Brazil. One from Rio de Janeiro operated by Lufthansa and two from São Paulo, one from Lufthansa and the other from Latam.

Because of this, it is quite common for people to pass through Frankfurt while waiting for a connection and sometimes, that wait at the airport can be better used to get to know the city. But beware, if this is your case, as the airport is a little far away, I recommend that you only go out to visit Frankfurt if you have a wait time of more than 6 hours.

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What to do in Frankfurt

Things to do in Frankfurt: Romerplatz

Start your visit at Frankfurt’s main postcard, the square Romerplatz. The square is in the oldest part of the city, surrounded by typical German buildings, the best beer in town and not to mention the traditional sausages.

View of Kaiserdom

View of Kaiserdom

Behind Romerplatz is the oldest church in the city, Kaiserdom, and it’s well worth climbing the more than 300 steps to the top for the best view of Frankfurt. The entrance costs only 2 euros and from up there we can see both the oldest part and the super modern buildings and the Main River running through the city from top to bottom.

Another view of Kaiserdom

Another view of Kaiserdom

After going down to Kaiserdom, it’s worth a walk along the banks of the River Main and if you have a little time to spare, it’s pretty cool river boat ride. There are several tours, the coolest of all goes from Frankfurt to Heidelberg, but this tour lasts all day and would not be interesting for those who are only going to spend one day in the city.

Bank of the River Main

Things to do in Frankfurt: Bank of the River Main

On the bank of the Main we can find several food stalls and a very nice Turkish restaurant that works inside a small boat, the Meral’s Imbiss. You can order takeout and sit on the grass on the riverbank or sit at one of the tables on top of the boat.

turkish restaurant

What to do in Frankfurt: Meral’s Imbiss

Nearby is the Goethe House Museum, dedicated to one of the greatest German thinkers and one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. The house has 4 floors and you can do the tour in 1 hour and a half.

If you have a little time, it is worth seeing the sunset viewpoint that is at the top of the Maintowerone of the tallest buildings in Germany and maybe dine in the terrace restaurant.

The cool thing about this tour is that you can do everything on foot, Frankfurt is a small and flat city. Whether for those who are going to stop by in the middle of a connection, or stay for a little longer, this script will fit like a glove.

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Where to stay in Frankfurt

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