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Updated August 22, 2018 by Thiago Khoury

I thought of putting an off-topic disclaimer in the title of the post, but there’s nothing more on-topic than this wave of faith and pepper spray taking over the country’s main cities in the last 10 days.

Well, what can a travel blog say about this? I believe that we are in partisan times where people must share knowledge and maintain a concise and pamphleteering posture. Careful, attention: I’m not talking about political partisanship, I’m referring to social, conscious partisanship, which is independent of the “democratic spectacle” of the elections.

We need concrete opinions, preferences in favor of what seems fair to us. May the one who balances on the walls fall soon: we need to take a stand and publicize itbecause those who think otherwise do it wonderfully and have obtained results.

I’m not recruiting new protesters, I’m not declaring war on the system and I don’t believe it’s just on the streets where the war is: there is the #vemprarua movement, but you can collaborate in different ways; #vemprajanela has called on people who cannot attend in person to wear white, use a white pendant on the car antennas, spread a white towel on the window and even change the avatar of their social networks.

The important thing is to show that you share that opinion. speak up. Don’t destroy historic heritage, don’t hurt, don’t stone: respect others, take care of yourself – but be prepared for possible side effects and never demonize a legitimate demonstration for the nonsense that invariant can happen.

Remember: no trip is perfect. Perfect are the results they leave on us.

To speak out against what, who is the enemy? Even if a lot of people manifest themselves for the readjustment in the values ​​of public transport, it is even more incredible to believe that there are people who are opposed to this. Now, we are a country of all and that is part of who we are: we have the right to protest and I refuse to extend the defense that no demonstration happens for 1/5 of a real.

It might look messy, it might look disorganized, but it’s legit.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I protest for the R$0.20 and I don’t apologize for it.

I also protest against PEC 37. I am not protesting against the increase in the dollar, but against the ridiculous appreciation of our currency. I protest for the purchase price, which doesn’t buy anything. I protest for being living in the seventh largest economy in the world and having the same bank account as in 2006. I protest for having access to a credit that allows me to make minimum installments of R$ 4 thousand per month when buying a property. I protest for putting my laptop under the car mat. Protest over laptop price.

I protest for living in a city that will host World Cup games and not earning anything, absolutely nothing with it. I protest for always using the same arguments about beautiful beaches and wonderful food in any discussion with foreigners: what about the rest? I want more than beaches, beans and açaí.

I protest against the statute of the unborn, I protest for paying R$ 7.90 every month to protect my cards from a possible lightning kidnapping that I may suffer.

I protest against those who try to prohibit those who want to marry and cannot. I protest against those who put God in the middle.


take a side

Do you also protest? Know what ails you and start by clearly showing your opinion about it. Speak up at home, contaminate your parents, children and friends with clear and concise opinions.

If you’re a blogger and write about fashion, beauty, travel, food or culture, remember to show your readers that you protest too.

Let’s democratize the protest. Let’s democratize what we think and defend what we believe. We are about to embark on the greatest journey of our lives.

Here you can follow a little about the support of Brazilian tourists and expats around the world

Here you find out a little more about how to help, whether on the streets or at home.

come to street 04

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