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Tip to learn English anytime and anywhere; meet Cambly

Until recently, speaking English was considered a plus. Currently, it is a more than necessary item and not just in the work environment. In our case, for example, travel to a country who does not speak our language is always a difficulty. Without English, everything is more complicated. Even in a country that speaks another language, like Thailand, for example, knowing how to communicate in English will save you from any perrengue.

It may seem commonplace to talk about it, but it’s not. Here on the blog we keep receiving comments from readers fearful of taking an international trip due to lack of English and many people justify the lack of time to devote to studying another language. I’ve always put that as a hindrance myself. Therefore, today’s tip is precisely for those who have want to learn English, but can’t find space on the agenda for it. let’s talk about Cambly.


O Cambly offers online private English lessons with teachers born in the United States, Canada and England through your site or Android apps (download here) and iPhone (download here). the classes are live via video calls and 24 hours a day. In other words, now I no longer have that excuse that I don’t have time to go to a school or look for a good teacher. Without a lot of work, you can learn anytime and anywhere.

An item that already makes all the difference is the possibility of having a native teacher. Of course, there are excellent Brazilian English teachers, but having the opportunity to speak with an outsider and with the original accent will further train you for both leisure and business travel. Even more so because the class is more like a chat. There’s not that annoying thing of feeling embarrassed with other students on your side, nor that pressure of having to know the content to take a test. Each one in their own time, without stress and in the greatest naturalness.


By the way, before explaining more about the CamblyI’m going to say something nice right now. They gave a code (ESSEMUNDOANDOSSO) that gives ten minutes of free talk time for you to test and understand exactly how everything works. It’s a great way for you to see how easy it will be to take the class. For that, it’s just enter that link and register or enter our code ESSEMUNDOENOSSO and have access to ten minutes of free classes.


The Cambly website or app is very easy to use. Just register and define exactly the experience you want to have according to your own goal.


The first item is set the class time you want to take (15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes) and for how many days a week (2x, 3x, 5x or even 7x). Then you can even buy class minutes if you want.

The coolest is flexibility that you have to choose the teacher and the moment you want to take the class. It can be that half hour left at the end of the day, choosing the teacher that is available at the moment or always scheduling a specific day with the teacher you liked the most. By the way, there will always be a teacher available to teach the class every day of the week and 24 hours a day.

Cambly - English Course (Photo: Reproduction)


Before defining who will teach you, you can use filters to find a teacher that has to do with you and your goal. You can define, for example, the type of class you want to have (speaking, pronunciation, grammar, business, or exam preparation such as the TOEFL), the class level (whether it’s basic, intermediate or advanced), the teacher’s accent (American, British, Australian or other) and even his personality (kind and patient, fun and outgoing, expert and knowledgeable).

After filtering all that out, it’s just decide if you want to have the class at that time or on a specific day. With this, all available teachers will appear with a photo, profile with professional experience and qualifications, class schedule and presentation video. This video is very important because through it you will get to know a little more about the person, their accent and see if it really has to do with your profile.

Cambly - English Course (Photo: Reproduction)

A cool thing that I was already forgetting to mention. When setting up your profileyou also talk about how the your level of English and what is your objective with the course. In addition, you can choose if you want the teacher to correct your mistakes whenever you make one or if you prefer to receive them all at the end, for example. Furthermore, classes are recorded so you can review and train later.

If your English is basic, some teachers speak portuguese to help at the beginning of the course. The thing is, don’t be ashamed or afraid to speak up. In addition, Cambly offers didactic material to aid in studies.


Cambly is ideal both for those who do not yet have a good level of English and for those who are preparing to language proficiency examsas IELTS and
TOELFwhich are important for those who wish to study abroad.


Cambly is ideal for travelers who are afraid of the English language when are you going to travel abroad. First of all, for being able to talk to a native and then also for having the chance to even find a teacher who is from the country you are going to visit. You can learn English and getting to know the culture of the place making the person much more confident for the trip.

Cambly - English Course (Photo: Pixabay)

In addition, you can focus well on what you will use during the trip. Learn what to say in a restaurant or in a store, for example. For those who intend to live outside Brazil, it is a great opportunity to train the language before traveling and arriving in the country much safer.


I’m going to tell you a little bit about my first class at Cambly. I entered the site, I selected the filters I wanted (English level, conversation and teacher style) and saw all the teachers that were available at that time.

Then I chose a few, watched the video presentation and read some of their profile. I selected the teacher comewhich is from Florida us United States, as my first teacher because I liked her video. At first, I was a little embarrassed, I confess, but the Vena soon asked more about me, my work and my family and I ended up relaxing..

I did half hour of class and flew by. We talked about travel (of course!), I told her about the times I was in the United States, she told me that she has desire to visit Foz do Iguaçu and I said I love Fernando de Noronha. At the time, Vena already searched for photos on Google and was enchanted by the beauty of the beaches. Afterwards, we talked a bit about the political situation in Brazil and the United States and she explained more about Cambly.

I swear the feeling I had was of be talking to a friend. And in the moments when I couldn’t remember a very specific word, I wrote in the online translator that is on the screen. Furthermore, there is space in chat to write for the teacher and also to be corrected.

At the end of class, if you want, they send the class summary and yours errors by email. And everything is saved on video so you can watch it calmly later.

Cambly’s tip is to try to take classes with more than one teacher until you find one that fits your profile. You can then schedule appointments with your preferred teacher in advance.

It’s really good to be able to talk to a native teacher without having anyone on your side to judge you, being able to make mistakes and without being ashamed of it. Good for those who are starting to learn and for those who want to improve the language.


I’ll say it again because it’s always a stimulus. You can do a free trial using our access code ESSEMUNDOENOSSO. it’s just enter the site or not android app or iPhone through these links and register. With it, you can take a 10-minute trial class without paying anything.

Cambly - English Course (Photo: Reproduction)

The most important thing is not to be ashamed of speaking and making mistakes. Being alone and with a native teacher is much easier to learn.

Got any questions about Cambly? Leave it in the comments!

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