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Tips for sharing expenses traveling with friends

Updated November 23, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I can’t always do it, but the truth is that I love traveling with friends, the easiest way to turn a little program into a program!

If you don’t know very well how to deal with finances traveling in a group, read these tips to share expenses traveling with friends and learn to make one simple thing occupy the least part of the day, so you have time to invest in what you really went there to do: have fun.

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Use a small joint expense box

As joint expenses will always appear along the way, my tip is to use the box technique: each one deposits their share of a combined amount and throughout the trip this money can be used to pay for small things that will be enjoyed by everyone, such as tickets by public transport, a dessert in the middle of the afternoon, a bottle of mineral water… It’s just not worth using the box technique to pay restaurant bills because it usually doesn’t survive a dinner.

Count the crazy run data

This is the technique I use the most: write the name of everyone in the group on a paper or cell phone and write down each one’s expenses throughout the trip, without worrying too much about the amounts disbursed, so, at the end of each day, you they can take a look at what he spent less and ask him to start spending more the next day.

The objective of the race is to end in a tie: let’s say I pay the dinner bill, something like 150 reais. Behold, on the way to the hotel we stopped at the supermarket and friend number two pays the total bill for the room supplies, plus 80 reais. At the end of the day I’ll be at 150, friend two at 80 and friend three nothing, so on the second day friend three starts paying for lunch and friend two pays for the beers on the beach.

At the end of the second day we will be practically tied, but if at the end of the trip there is no tie, just see who spent more and make the others pay the difference directly to him. There are apps that help you do this: Splitwise and Tricount for all cell phones.

Everyone pays their own

This is the most traditional and applies to all situations: everyone pays what they asked for, simple as that. That way, those who ate shrimp and those who ate salad will bear the choices without fear of being happy. Of course, it can complicate the final bill when one item is shared and another is not, but it’s not rude: it’s fair and a lot of people expect it.

Know how to say no

Even if the bills are split, it’s worth keeping thrift: at the height of drunkenness people tend to get rich, even if after a hangover reality hits hard like a shot of tequila. If you don’t agree with sharing the most expensive champagne on the menu, or the shrimp that weighs a pound each, let us know what you think about little extravagances.

And most importantly: know what you are traveling with

Nobody advertises their next trip in the classifieds looking for ideal companions: either you have them or you travel alone – believe me, it’s less work and less headache. Travel with those who have the same aspirations and the same budget, so you usually don’t need any of these tips and invest your time in what really matters.

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