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Tips for traveling on the crucero: beginner crucerista’s guide

You can get the vacations! What is your destination this year? Are you going by crucero? If it’s your first time in a crucero and you walk with a bunch of doubts in the pierdas de ojo this post. I’ll tell you all of them advice for traveling on the cross that you have to have in your account so that you can have the best vacations in your life.

Tips for traveling on a crucero for the first time on a crucero

What documentation do I need before boarding?

To travel en crucero it is essential to have your passport in force. Also, you have to check-in online in advance.

Refilling the crucero check-in is very easy. You have the reservation number, your personal data (well, I hope you leave it 🙂) and the flight information, both for departure and departure.

Don’t be scared if you ask for the credit card number during check-in. When you get on the boat they will give you a personal and non-transferable card that serves to identify you, enter and exit the cabin. This card is also linked to your credit card. All the purchases you make on the boat are loaded directly onto the card and, when you arrive at the cruise ship, on the last day, you will pay your bills (like a good Lannister).

At check-in time, you have to select which time your boarding will be. Los cruceros are very large and, between crew and passengers, there are thousands of people. Tienes que tener en cuenta que, obligatorily, You have to be on the boat at least 90 minutes before departurebut I recommend that you go with a lot more antelación.

tips for traveling on crucero

Do you need medical insurance to travel en crucero?

Yes. To travel en crucero you need medical insurance and the crucero will not cover this type of expense. We always travel with insurance and your cruise option. In addition, for being a lector of Imanes de Viaje tienes un 5% discount if you hire directly from this link.

How is the day to day at the crucero?

In summary accounts: a marvel.

The onboard staff will treat you like a king. You will be in glory. Anything you need, you don’t have to ask for it.

All the days by night you leave in the cabin and the plan with all the activities that you have available on the boat for the next day. In this way you can organize day by day you plan on board.

Furthermore, as you can imagine, It’s all about: swimming pool, mojitos, spa, live music, performances, excursions, etc.. How hard is life aboard a crucero!

tips for traveling on crucero

Do you have to buy the drinks?

In our package, we had all non-alcoholic beverages included, but of course, once you’re there you feel like having some good mojitos, cañas and whatever else you have. So, we buy directly on the boat, the complete package of drinksincluding alcoholic beverages

If you believe that you are not going to get much of the party from the “all-inclusive” beverage package, You can also pay depending on what you want on the march.

One of the best advice to travel on the crucero that I can give you es que you are aware of the possibilities of packages of drinks that suelen tener las navieras. Suelen offers very good offers with a lot of anticipation. Even 2×1.

tips for traveling on crucero

How is the theme of the food and the scenes?

The breakfasts, foods and scenes are buffet-style, es decir, “come until you come back”. There are several restaurants on the boat, some are even open 24 hours a day. You can go to eat, have lunch, have dinner and re-enact as often as you want.

The best crucero food is the scenes. Son in a very elegant dining room where you have your table and your assigned scene shift. If you don’t want to eat in this dining room, you can also use the other free buffet restaurants, but the dining scene is brutal. So that you go mentally, las scenes en el crucero son casi level “bodorrio”.

Also, el crucero counts with other paid restaurants, lots of international food. The first day on board, I recommend that you check all the restaurants that were “included”. If a day you want to make a different plan, it can be a good option.


Our experience is that with the scene of the molón eater we were delightedwe didn’t go to any other paying restaurant.

tips for traveling on crucero

Mari, what do I put myself in the gala scene?

In all the cruceros there is always, at least, a scene in honor of the captain, the gala scene. This day you have to put a little more gapete than normal.

It depends on the company where you can meet with people who are dressed as if they were weddings or people who are very normal.

My infallible recommendation for girls is to go with a single dress and for boys, a dress shirt with a shirt. Anyway, it all depends on the “chic” that sea la naviera en la que vayas. surely They will inform you beforehand if the label is casual or elegant.

How do I organize excursions?

I recommend that you take the excursions that are booked from home. From the company itself, excursions are offered which, of course, are usually quite expensive. But of course, the stop time is so short that it’s worth it.

Un consejo that doy es que search on the internet if there is any other company that organizes excursions to cruceros. Lo malo es que si, by some chance, the bus is delayed, the solo boat waits for the tour bus hired directly from the boat company.

another option, you are hiring the excursions directly in the port of la que disembarques. This option is not recommended as much as I if suelen forms enough glues and el time en tierra es oro.

Also, you can forget about the option to take the free tour. We have opted for this option to visit Cinque Terre since La Spezia and we haven’t had any problems. the only one that You have to have a well of care not to sleep in los laurales and control the time. Remember, the boat does not wait.

tips for traveling on crucero

How are the tuition fees?

In the cruceros, as a general rule, you have to pay a bribe. Depending on the crucero company, They can be pre-paid, optional or you can also hand them over to the person you deem appropriate.

In order not to get in the way of this rather furry topic, I recommend that you clear your doubts by consulting it directly with the shipping company. They will inform you if tuition fees are included or how payment is made.

Is there internet on the boat?

Oh la la! The question of the millón for internet addicts like yo. La answer is sí, but I pay, of course. Now with the bye bye roaming will be easier than never sending a whatsapp to you mother from the boat, I feel that only pillarás internet when you are in the puerto or casi llegando.

During the navigation, I recommend that you deactivate the data of the mobile by chance you lose your mind and your mobile company has you in August. Yo, for example, during the crucero, always had the mobile in airplane mode.

The option to buy internet on the boat is not cheap, but sometimes it is necessary. I buy wifi for 4 days for about 28 euros. It didn’t work very fast, but in case of need it’s a good option.

tips for traveling on crucero

Will you notice that the boat moves?

No, for nothing. By the way, it doesn’t seem like you’re on a boat. The crucero is like a floating city, it does not change at all.

The only thing that you don’t know is when the engines fire up to restart the navigation. If at that moment you are in the cabin if you can notice a slight movement, but during the crossing in the creo you notice nothing bad.

And until here I have reached all of them advice for traveling on the crucero I recommend you, dear newbie crucerist. Of course, the jito con los cruceros that are addictive. Once you empiezas con uno repeat. Warning falls.

If you have any questions but don’t leave a comment at the end of the post and I will answer you, I will be delighted as soon as possible.

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