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Tips for TRAVELING to THAILAND: guide for newbies

Are you planning a trip to Thailand soon?Well, welcome to the most appropriate place in the world.We have prepared this super complete guide for you with the besttips for traveling to Thailand.We are going to tell you about the necessary documentation to enter, how to move around the country, the best time to travel to Thailand and much more.A super complete guide with all the recommendationsfororganizing a free trip to Thailand.Shall we start?

The best tips for traveling to Thailand by Travel Magnets

Requirements to travel to Thailand

If you are a Spanish citizenyou do not need any specific visato travel to Thailand, but it is essential to have a valid passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months.

With the COVID issue, I recommend that you check the entry requirements for Thailandon official websites before traveling.If you are traveling from Spain and you are vaccinated, you need a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR 72 hours before the flight, fill out the Thailand Pass form, reserve a hotel night for the day of arrival within the hotels that you have established in the country.Once at the hotel you will have to take a PCR test upon arrival and wait at the hotel for the results, which usually take a few hours.Once you test negative you are free to travel around Thailand.And, most important of all, it is now mandatory to travel to Thailand with medical insurance that covers at least 50,000 euros of expenses in case you get COVID.

Travel insurance to travel to Thailand

You have already read it.With the new opening of borders, travel insurance to Thailand is mandatory.In the event of any unforeseen event or any extra expense, you know that the insurance will respond and best of all, you will not have to advance any money .For less than 2 euros a day, I think you have very little to lose and a lot to gain.

For a trip to Thailand, I recommend Iati Segurosinsurance, the best travel insurance.We always travel insured by them and they have always responded wonderfully.In this case, I specifically recommend the Iati Backpacker or Iati Estrella policy.Both have excellent medical assistance coverage and also includes COVID coverage.And, best of all, at a really competitive price for the very good conditions that the insurance has.In addition, you have a 5%discount if you contract it from this link.You don’t want to miss out, do you?

Cheap Flights to Thailand

It’s pretty easy to find cheap flights to Thailand, especially to Bangkok.We booked the flight a month in advance with the Emirates company, stopping at Dubaiand it cost us 600 euros.Cheap, right?Well, if you take it earlier, it is likely to be around 500 euros.As always,we recommend that you search forcheap flights to Thailand onSkyscanner, our favorite flight search engine.

consejos para viajar a Tailandia las mejores playas
Koh Phi Phi, one of the best beaches in Thailand.

Book the hotels for you trip to Thailand

Thailand is a very, very, very touristy country (sometimes too much) and the hotel infrastructure is perfectly adapted to tourism.If you opt for this very practical option, you have to take it reserved in advance from here.

  • Download the Grab appwhich is equivalent to our Uber .In fact, Uber doesn’t exist in Thailand, but Grab is his first cousin.You can download it and request a taxi directly with the airport Wi-Fi.
  • By the way, Bangkok also has the Don Mueang Airport, which is more used for internal flights.To get there, we recommend the same Grab or taxi.

    There are other public transport options, but for the price of taxis in Bangkok, in our opinion, they are not worth much.Especially if you are carrying luggage.

    Vaccines required to travel to Thailand

    Apart from the COVID vaccine, no there are compulsory vaccinations to travel to Thailand, and therefore they will not require the vaccination record when entering the country.But I would not go on a trip to Thailand without the following recommended vaccinations.These are the vaccinations that I had before traveling to Thailand:

    • Hepatitis A.
    • Typhoid Fever.
    • Tetanus.
    • Yellow fever.

    I also carried malaria pills, but I didn’t take them.Other recommended vaccines are rabies or hepatitis B.


    It is best that go to the traveler’s vaccination centerin your area at least two or three months before traveling to Thailand.They are the ones who will best guide you.

    consejos para viajar a Tailandia mejores templos

    Sim card to travel to Thailand

    If you’re an internet junkie or just like to stay connected to look for information during your trip, you can buy a very cheap Sim cardfor the duration of your circuit for Thailand.You buy it in advance and they send it directly to your house the next day.More comfortable impossible.Also, I have a 5% discount for you.

    How to move around Thailand?

    To move around Thailand you can do it with domestic planes , train or bus.

    • If you are going to travel by trainI recommend that you search and book on the website For example, it is very typical to make the night journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train, especially if you like to live authentic experiences.
    • If you are going to take flights internal , as was our case, I recommend you look for options in skycanner.The typical low cost airlines in Thailand that you will normally fly with are Air Asia and Nok Air.We flew with both and everything was great.There are also other airlines such as Thai Lion Air or Vietjet Air.
    • If you are going to travel by busbecause your budget is tight, I recommend that you also take a look at can also buy bus tickets directly at the bus station a little in advance.
    • If you are thinking of driving a car in ThailandI advise you to try NOT driving it in Bangkok .The traffic in this big city is chaos, but in other quieter places like Chiang Mai I know of people who have driven a rental car and have returned safely.🙂
    consejos para viajar a Tailandia itinerario
    Ayutthaya, one of the best excursions to do from Bangkok.

    ? When to travel to Thailand?

    Thailand has a tropical climate, humid and with high temperatures all year round.To give you an idea, the temperature is around 25-30 degrees all year round, a little less if we talk about the north of the country.

    Any time is good to travel to Thailand, but you can receive a visit from your colleague the monsoon.

    The monsoon should not be a problem when planning your trip to Thailand, but if you are going to spend a few days on vacation in Thailand and want to spend them on the beach Nobody likes a downpour on the beach, right?If you live on the beach, I do recommend that you choose your area to relax on the beaches of Thailand trying to avoid the monsoon.

    Still, the monsoon in Thailand is unpredictableand it does not mean that it will be raining all day.Usually there are heavy rains late in the day and little else.The sun always comes out again, baby squid.

    The monsoon does not affect the whole country equally.

    • The west coast of Thailand receives the monsoon from July to September.
    • The east coast of Thailand receives the monsoon from September to November.

    Following this line,the best time to travel to Thailand is from November to June, but I insist, any time is good .We were in February and every day we had a great time.We would almost have been grateful for a cloud one day and a short downpour to cool off.

    One of the best tips for traveling to Thailand that I can give you if you decide to go in July or August is that you choose the area of east coast beach.

    consejos para viajar a Tailandia
    Typical Thai boats.

    Travel itineraries around Thailand

    Depending on the season you go, as well as the days available, you can make one itinerary or another.Perfect if it is your first time in the country.I recommend that you read our post about everything to see in Thailand in 15 days.

    If you are going to be in Thailand for longer, I recommend adding Koh Lipe, Pai, Sukhothai, or a natural park such as Khao Sok National Park or Erawan Park.

    Which beaches in Thailand to choose?

    If you are thinking about which beaches in Thailand to choose, I recommend that you choose one area or another in function of the monsoon.

    Of all the islands of Thailand and beaches these are the ones that I recommend:

    • On the east coastI recommend Koh Samui, Koh Phanganfor the Full Moon Party and Koh Tao, the latter especially if you like diving.
    • On the west coastI recommend Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Koh Lipe.
    consejos para viajar a Tailandiaconsejos para viajar a Tailandia

    Is it Thaiday a cheap country?

    Thailand is a cheaper country than Spain, but don’t think that it’s the cheapest in the world either.The official currency is the bath and when we were there the exchange rate was not the best in the world.

    The current exchange rate from the bath to the euro is 1 euro= 36 baths.

    You can withdraw money at any ATM, although they charge a commission of 220 bathsper transaction.So when you withdraw money try to withdraw high amounts so you don’t have to be withdrawing money every two times three.You can also pay by credit card at hotels and restaurants.

    Thai food

    Pad thai will be your best friend, but you have to try other typical Thai dishes such as tom kha kai, massaman curry, som tum(spicy green papaya salad) or khao niao Mamuang which is a kind of very tasty rice with mango.

    platos tipicos de Tailandia
    Pad Thai, one of the most typical dishes of Thailand.

    And no I recommend you try the durian.It’s disgusting!So you can see that I am not exaggerating, it is forbidden to travel with a durian on public transport due to the stench they give off.

    Is Thailand a safe country?

    Thailand is a 100% safe country.Although the country is a dictatorship, they treat the tourist in palmitas.Of course, you have to be especially careful with scams in Thailandsince that is indeed the order of the day.

    Other tips for traveling to Thailand

    We leave you, as a summary, other tips for traveling to Thailandthat you will surely also find useful:

    • The time difference between Thailand and Spain is 5 more hoursin summer and 6 more hours in winter time.
    • To solve the issue of plugs you I recommend that you bring this universal adapter.
    • The religion in Thailand is mainly Buddhist.It is important to emphasize that you must respect the monks.There are several rules of respect, one of which caught my attention the most is that women cannot touch monks and vice versa.
    • To enter a temple you have to dress appropriately: you have to take off your shoes and keep your shoulders and knees covered, whether you are a man or a woman.For girls, it is very practical to always carry a scarf at hand.
    • As a curiosity, I would like to tell you that we were very struck by the daily official anthem being played in public places at 8 in the morning and at 6 p.m. .People stood up with their hands up.We recommend that, if you can, try to see it at some point.
    consejos para viajar a Tailandia
    We say goodbye to the best tips for traveling to Thailand on your own.

    And with this we say goodbye to this compiled guide of tips for traveling to Thailand.

    If you need more tips for traveling to Thailandor have Some of you already know that you can ask us whatever you want in the comments of this post.

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