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Tips for visiting the Louvre Museum for the first timeVo na Janela

Visiting the Louvre Museum is a must for anyone visiting Paris. Surely you must have heard this and that friend of yours full of tips has already told you the same, correct? Yes, but visiting one of the most famous museums in the world is only mandatory if this is your type of tourism, because believe me, not everyone likes museums.

What your friend may not have told you is that visiting the Louvre Museum requires a great deal of patience and time. Patience because the lines are huge, but as I’m a good friend, in this post I explain how to enter the Louvre without lines (Click here).

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Tips for visiting the Louvre Museum

But you’ll still need a good dose of patience because even if you don’t go through long lines to get in, inside the crowd maddened by Monalisa can get you out of your mind.

You can prepare for the Chinese girl by sticking your cell phone in your face to take a selfie, getting in front of you when you try to dedicate a few miserable seconds to appreciate a work of art or the shouting that some tourists get up to and make us think we are in anywhere but the Louvre.

After spending practically a day wandering around the Louvre, I have a few tips to share with you.

Get your legs ready, you’re going to walk a lot

Tips for visiting the Louvre Museum

Guys, the Louvre is very big and it’s no joke, we would need at least 3 days to visit the entire museum calmly. So my first tip is to know exactly what you want to see.

The museum’s website has a PDF map, including in Portuguese, with all the attractions of the Louvre (Click here).

the Louvre Museum

I divided my visit into two parts, first the antiquities and then the paintings of the great masters, I saved the Monalisa for the end, as it is the most stressful part.

For me, it is very worthwhile to visit the sectors of Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities. These areas alone would be worth the visit, there are hundreds and hundreds of sculptures, entire parts of Greek temples. You don’t even have to go to Greece to see those perfect statues and entire parts of the Parthenon.

the greek figures

greek figures

Between ancient civilizations and master painters I visited a very empty part of the Louvre, the Richelieu and Sully, which has an incredible collection of works by French artists and the highlight was the visit to Napoleon’s Apartment. Yes, friends, the entire guy’s apartment transported into the Louvre.

Napoleon’s Apartment

Napoleon’s Apartment

Napoleon’s Apartment

Napoleon’s Apartment

Then I crossed the Louvre again towards the wing where the paintings are, and the most awaited – and most crowded – moment is the Italian Painters sector and there we take a bath with Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Tiziano and Caravaggio . Certainly the biggest concentration of masters you will see in your life.

La Liberté guidant le peuple by Eugène Delacroix

Les Sabines by Louise David

What about Monalisa?

It is undeniable that she is the superstar of the place and there are many people who will visit the Louvre Museum just to see the greatest work by Da Vinci and certainly the museum as well. She has a huge room practically all to herself, look at the power of the girl?

look at the crowd

It was painted between 1503 and 1506, measures 77cm x 53cm. Yes, it’s small and many people have already told you that, but the distance it is from the public only makes it seem smaller in size, but giant in magnetism that attracts so many people from all over the world.

Some people are disappointed by her size, I was happy to be in the same environment as a superstar over 500 years old and in top shape and enigmatic smile.

Mona Lisa

If you are looking for where to stay in Paris, here on the blog is a very complete post explaining the best neighborhoods and where to avoid. Look here. But I leave some tips below.

On my first time in Paris I stayed at the Bonséjour Montmartre hotel, which had no less than 4 metro stations close by and was a 15-minute walk from the Gare du Nord. I paid the equivalent of 280 reais daily with breakfast.

On my second time in Paris I stayed at the sensational Hotel Saint-Louis Pigalle. The hotel is also located in Montmartre, right next to the Pigalle metro station. However, what I liked most about this hotel is that the rooms have a home atmosphere.

There are hotels you can’t go wrong with and the Mercure Paris Pigalle Sacre Coeur is certainly one of them. The hotel is located right next to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica and close to the metro station.

The Novotel chain can’t go wrong, they are comfortable hotels with affordable prices. The tip here is Novotel Paris Les Halles, which is close to the Louvre and has modern and very comfortable facilities.

The Hotel Opera Maintenon is a real find, a two-star hotel, but with the comfort of a 4-star hotel at a great price.

Have you ever thought about staying next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris without paying a fortune? The tip is the Hotel Royal Phare, a super charming and comfortable hotel located one block from the Champ de Mars and about 700 meters from the Eiffel Tower.

Another hotel that is a small find in Paris, the Hotel De Suede Saint Germain is small, cozy and located on a very quiet street in Paris.

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