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walk through historic center of Paraty is to travel through time. The pé de moleque stones, the old and preserved mansions with their large windows and the churches take us back to the years of the Brazil colony.

Best of all is that the space is open to pedestrians only. Cars don’t go there. Which makes it even more charming. In this post, we will give tips on how to get to know the historic center of Paraty and what to do to enjoy it.



Before giving tips on the historic center of Paraty, it is worth telling a little about the history of the region.

The city was founded in the 17th century. In 1667then came the Villa of Our Lady of Remedies of Parati.

For many years, its sugar cane mills were responsible for the region’s economy. until today the liquor of the city is very famous. In the 18th century, Paraty had more than 150 stills.

for a long time too, the city was important for the gold route in Brazil, since it served as a port to ship to Portugal, in addition to having a road that connected Paraty to Ouro Preto. As the inauguration of Royal Roadwhich connected Rio de Janeiro directly to Ouro Preto, the city lost its function at this stage.

Later, During the 18th and 19th centuries, Paraty was also important for the coffee cycle. However, with new ports and the arrival of a new railroad, the city lost importance and ended up becoming abandoned and decaying.

Paraty (Photo: This World is Ours)

even the 1950sit was only possible get to town by boat. until we the 70’swith the inauguration of Rio-Santosstarted to win great prominence among tourism due to the conservation of the historic center and the natural beauty of the region. Since 1958, the historical complex of Paraty has been listed by IPHAN (Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage)

Currently, its population reaches almost 40 thousand people.


Now that we know more about the city’s history, let’s talk about the main attractions in the historic center of Paraty.


Undoubtedly, the historic center of Paraty is the best region to stay in the city. Staying in a hotel in the center or very close to it is a hand in the wheel, since, for sure, you will go to the center several times, whether to see the historic part, the shops or to eat in a restaurant.

Carpe Diem Hotel Boutique (Photo: Publicity))
Carpe Diem Hotel Boutique (Photo: Publicity))

We stayed at carpe diemwhich is a boutique hotel located on the side of the center, comfortable, well decorated and with super friendly staff. It was great because we went to the center several times, including at night, and we can always walk back without rushing and enjoying the city.


In the historic center of Paraty there are many churches. THE Mother Church is that of Our Lady of Remedies, which has a neoclassical style. There is the Praça da Matriz with some bars and restaurants. But the most famous church is that of Santa Rita. It is one of the city’s postcards and is even more beautiful when seen across the sea. the churches of Our Lady of Sorrows and Rosario and São Benedito are also in the historic center of Paraty.

Historic Center of Paraty (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)


The historic center of Paraty is one of the best places to eat well in the city. There are many restaurants scattered there, among them are the House of Fire (Cel. José Luiz Street, 390), Barn (Rua do Comércio, 58), Pippo (Largo do Rosário, 01), La Dolce Vita (Rua do Comércio, 315), Thai Brazil (Commerce Street, 308 A), Quintal das Letras (Rua do Comercio, 362) and the plantain (Rua Dr. Samuel Costa, 198).

Historic Center of Paraty (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Furthermore, there are many ice cream shop scattered around the historic center of Paraty like the Pistachio (R. Lieutenant Francisco Antonio, 179) and the Miracolo (R. Ten. Francisco Antonio, 216) and the famous candy carts.

Historic Center of Paraty (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Also take the opportunity to experience the caipirinha Jorge Amadomade with the Gabriela cachaça, in the bars scattered around the center. There are many in Praça da Matriz.

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The historic center of Paraty is perfect not only for those who enjoy shoppingbut also for those who like to see craftsmanship and try drinks and typical food of the region.

Be sure to enter the stores with products from decoration, craftsmanship and magnets. There are also many warehouses that sell typical drinks, such as Gabriela cachaça, jellies, peppers, cheeses and pâtés.

It also has some famous brands such as Havaianas and Hering.


But I will say that the coolest thing even in the historic center of Paraty is to walk around aimlessly, taking care not to trip over the pé de moleque stones. Stopping to take pictures of the mansions, all very well preserved, and the windows, enjoying the end of the day with the sun illuminating the streets even more or at night when the lights come on is beautiful.

Paraty (Photo: This World is Ours)

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At certain times of the year, the sea water invades the historic center and it even looks a bit like Venice. Residents usually improvise bridges so that people can walk. It’s even more photogenic. Is too beautiful.


Other must-see attractions in Paraty are the House of Culture (Dona Geralda, 177) and the Puppet Theater at Teatro Espaço (Rua Dona Geralda 42).

Before being the headquarters of the Casa de Cultura, the building served as a warehouse, residence, school and headquarters of the Paratiense Atlético Clube. Currently, with free admission, the Casa de Cultura is the stage for several exhibitions, as well as classes and courses for residents.

OTeatro de Bonecos is made by Contadores de Estórias for over 30 years. At the site has up-to-date information on ticket times and prices.

for those who like it, there is the possibility of taking a two-hour guided tour of the historic center.

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Do you have any questions about the historic center of Paraty? Leave it in the comments!

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