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Top 14 Tourist Cities in Minas Gerais: MG Travel Guide

Minas Gerais is a state with many destinations to visit, mainly because of its historic cities from the time of the golden cycle.Setting up a travel itinerary with tourist cities in Minas Geraisis easy, because there are many options.

For those interested in the history of Brazil, enjoy visiting museums and churches and eating a lot Well, Minas Gerais is a great place to spend your holidays.

If you prefer preserved nature, lots of trails and waterfalls for all tastes, Minas can also be the destination of your next trip.

Then check out ourlist of tourist cities in Minas Gerais with tips on what to do in Minas Gerais!

Tourist Cities in Minas Gerais

Ouro Preto

Source: Wikimedia

Formerly called Vila Rica de Ouro Preto, Ouro Preto is a World Heritage city for UNESCO.

It has a historic center with colonial houses and is considered the owner of the greatest Baroque heritage in all of Brazil.

In addition, Ouro Preto was thebirthplace ofInconfidência Mineira– led by Tiradentes –, which was Brazil’s first attempt at independence, as most of the gold in the Minas Gerais region was destined for Portugal.

Among Ouro Preto’s main attractions include:

  • Ouro Preto Historic Center:the architecture of the mansions, churches, monuments and slopes mark the historic centre.Fortunately, the history of Brazil is preserved in this incredible architectural ensemble;
  • Praça Tiradentes:is the main square of the city, the focal point with shops, cafes, restaurants.It was in this square that Tiradentes was executed.
  • Museu da Inconfidência:is located in a beautiful building that served as the seat of government, in Praça Tiradentes.Currently, the museum presents the history of the gold cycle in Minas Gerais, including a section on the Inconfidência Mineira.However, he goes further!It exhibits works by Antônio Francisco Lisboa (Aleijadinho), Francisco Vieira Servas, Francisco Xavier de Brito, Manoel da Costa Ataíde, João Nepomuceno, Armand Julien Pallière, among others.
  • Casa dos Contos:is a museum with documentary exhibitions, cultural displays, furniture and architecture.In the 18th century it was the place for the collection of taxes, with the weighing and smelting of gold.It also served as a prison at the time of the Inconfidência;
  • Our Lady of Pilar Church:is one of the richest churches in Brazil, as it follows the Baroque style and has a lot of gold.The masterpiece of the chancel was made by Francisco Xavier de Brito, the design by Pedro Gomes Chaves Xavier and the panels by Bernardo Pires;
  • São Francisco de Assis Church:is a church in baroque style designed by Antônio Francisco Lisboa (Aleijadinho), one of the most famous artists in Brazil.The São Francisco de Assis Church impresses with its façade and interior.A highlight is the artwork by Mestre Ataíde (Manoel da Costa Ataíde) on the church ceiling;
  • Street Market:the Handicraft Fair is always popular with tourists.

Ouro Preto is a very popular destination among the tourist cities of Minas Gerais and is on the list of the most visited cities in Brazil.

It is worth mentioning the Maria Fumaça train that connects the city to the city of Mariana.

In addition, Ouro Preto’s main events are Carnival, the Film Festival (June) and the Winter Festival (July).


Cidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: MarianaCidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: Mariana
Source: Tripadvisor

Mariana was the first village, first capital, seat of the first bishopric and the first city to be designed in Minas Gerais.

In addition, Mariana was an important gold-producing city and is a cultural and historical heritage of the country.Everything is very photogenic there!

  • Praça Minas Gerais:is where you’ll find the churches of São Francisco and Nossa Senhora do Carmo, the Old Town Hall and Jail and the Pelourinho, used as a place to punish slaves;
  • Cathedral Basilica da Sé(Cathedral Basilica Nossa Senhora da Assunção): in the Baroque style, the construction of the Cathedral of the Sé de Mariana had the participation of Aleijadinho’s father , Manuel Francisco Lisboa, and stands out mainly for its interior: beautiful altarpieces, chancel, canvas by Mestre Ataíde, in addition to the Arp Schnitger organ, which came from Europe in 1752 as a gift from the monarch D. João V;
  • Basilica of São Pedro dos Clérigos:has a great view of the city and its style is eclectic, with a predominance of Minas Gerais baroque;
  • Casa da Câmara e Jail:is a beautiful colonial style building from the end of the 18th century.Its external stone staircase stands out;
  • Archdiocesan Museum of Sacred Art:the museum is located in the Casa Capitular, a mansion dating from 1770 in the Rococo style, and its theme is the sacred art created in Minas Gerais in the golden period of the Minas Gerais baroque.The museum has religious sculptures by Mestre Aleijadinho, Francisco Xavier de Brito, as well as paintings by Manoel da Costa Ataíde, João Nepomuceno Corrêa e Castro, Manoel Ribeiro Rosa;
  • Mina da Passagem:an opportunity to visit tunnels and underground galleries of an old gold mine, considered one of the most important in Brazil.The tour is carried out by means of a mining cart (trolley).Know that there are other mines to visit in colonial cities, so it’s worth researching which one suits your expectations and budget;
  • Maria Fumaça trainto Ouro Preto.
  • Sabará

    Cidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: SabaráCidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: Sabará
    Source: Wikimedia

    Sabará is a town close to Belo Horizonte that enchants tourists for its history and architectural beauties.

    In addition, Sabará has become a great destination for ecotourismfor climbing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking.

    Among the main attractions of Sabará, the following stand out:

    • Solar do Padre Correia:is a building dating from 1773 that belonged to the rich and influential Father José Correia da Silva .Currently, it is the seat of the Municipality of Sabará;
    • Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Ó(or Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Ó): this chapel has Chinese influence and follows the Portuguese National style.Although small, its interior is rich and surprising;
    • Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo:is a church from 1763 by Mestre Tiago Moreira, which also had Aleijadinho’s participation.It follows the rococo style, with a beautiful façade, interior art and elements rich in gold;
    • Our Lady of the Conception Church:a large church with a beautiful altar that looks simple from the outside , but surprising when visited;
    • Teatro Municipal – Casa da Ópera:the Municipal Theater of Sabará is influenced by English theaters and was built before 1771. Pedro II and is the 2nd oldest theater in the country still in operation;
    • Gold Museum:was the Former House of Intendence and Foundry.It currently presents an exhibition on the mining period of the 18th century.


    Cidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: CongonhasCidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: Congonhas
    Basilica of Senhor Bom Jesus de Matosinhos.The churchyard of the basilica has a set of twelve soapstone prophets sculpted by Aleijadinho, which is one of the most complete in Western Christian iconography.The interior of the basilica is ornate, with many paintings and gold details.The complex forms one of the greatest monuments of colonial baroque art;
  • Parque da Cachoeira: great place to relax, it has hundreds of species of trees, birds and other animals, in addition to water sources with waterfalls and natural pools;
  • Romaria:served as accommodation for the faithful who went to Congonhas, from 7 to 14 September, for the celebrations of the Jubilee of Senhor Bom Jesus.It currently has museums.
  • Tiradentes

    Cidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: TiradentesCidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: Tiradentes
    Source: Wikimedia

    Tiradentes is a tourist city in Minas Gerais that must be visited for its history, gastronomy, handicrafts, culture, ecotourism.

    Among Tiradentes’ main attractions, the following stand out:

    • Largo das Forras:is the city’s main square with many inns in Tiradentes, as well as restaurants, handicraft shops, churches and the town hall house, etc.
    • Chafariz de São José:is a masonry construction that was built to supply the village with drinking water, wash clothes and serve as drinking fountains for the horses;
    • St. in 1710 and has 482 kg of gold with works of Baroque decoration.Highlight for the ancient organ that came from Portugal and is used on weekends and at events;
    • Casa do Padre Toledo:is a museum that features the participation of Father Toledo, a one of the biggest financiers of the inconfidentes against the Portuguese crown.It is located in a beautiful house.
    • Serra São José:a tour for those who enjoy nature, waterfalls and taking pictures;
    • Maria Fumaça:train route from Tiradentes to São João del Rei overlooking the mountains;

    The main events in Tiradentes are Carnival, Semana Santa, Semana da Inconfidência (April) , Jubilee of the Holy Trinity (May or June), Festival of Culture and Gastronomy (August), the Film Festival (January) and BikeFest (June), with motorcyclists from all over the country.

    In fact, Tiradentes is one of the main tourist cities in Minas Gerais, so find out where to stay in Tiradentesin the best inns!

    São João del Rei

    Cidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: São João del ReiCidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: São João del Rei
    Source: Wikimedia

    São João del Rei is a city that maintains its colonial tradition, including the language of bells.

    The bells are always broadcasting messages like missas, fires, funerals, parties in honor of the saints, religious events, through varied sounds and timbre.

    Among the main attractions of São João del Rei, the following stand out:

    • Igreja São Francisco de Assis:is a church with Baroque and Rococo styles, with a beautiful chancel and stone and woodwork.The historic center of Diamantina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its Portuguese colonial style.For this reason, it is included in this list of tourist cities in Minas Gerais.

      Among the main attractions in Diamantina, the following stand out:

      • Parque Estadual do Biribiri:is located in Serra do Espinhaço and has several cultural and archaeological attractions, since the park was a mining site.Visit waterfalls (Cachoeira dos Cristais, Cachoeira da Sentinela), Caminho dos Escravos, Vila de Biribiri and much more;
      • House of Juscelino Kubitschek:the simple house where the president of Brazil lived in its childhood was transformed into a museum with objects, a library and photographs;
      • Casa da Glória:is the icon of the city of Diamantina, made up of two houses from different periods with a footbridge connecting them;
      • Mercado Velho de Diamantina:also called Mercado Municipal dos Tropeiros, as it was a point of sale of goods brought by drovers from 1835, when it was built.It currently houses the David Ribeiro Cultural Center and the traditional handicraft, food, drink and fruit and vegetable fair held on Saturdays.

      Belo Horizonte

      Cidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: Belo HorizonteCidades turísticas de Minas Gerais: Belo Horizonte
      Source: Wikimedia

      Another city that should be on the list of tourist cities in Minas Gerais is Belo Horizonte.

      The capital of Minas Gerais has good restaurants, bars, hotels, as well as hosting various events such as fairs and shows.

      Among the main attractions are Mangabeiras Park, Praça da Liberdade, Pampulha Complex, Central Market, Savassi, Mineirão Stadium, Handicraft Fair, National Park, etc.

      Also check out where to stay in Belo Horizontein the best neighborhoods!


      Inhotim.Source: Flickr by MTur

      Brumadinho is located less than 60 km from the capital of Minas Gerais, making it easy to visit as a tour from BH.

      Without a doubt, the main highlight in Brumadinho is the Museum of Contemporary Art Inhotim.

      Inhotim’s fame is due to the excellent galleries of visual artists and various works integrated into the gardens.A unique and enormous museum!

      We already know that just one day will not be enough.For this reason, many tourists stay in Brumadinho in rural inns and enjoy a quiet weekend.

      If you have more time, you can include trails in Serra da Calçada to enjoy great views of the region and visit the village of Piedade do Paraopeba, with its old churches and bucolic atmosphere.

      Also know where to stay in Brumadinhoin the best location!

      Monte Verde

      View from the Round Rock.Also because there are excellent inns in Monte Verdefor couples, both in the central area and in the countryside.

      In addition to relaxing in the great inns, there are several attractions in Monte Verde, from restaurants and shops (good cachaças and liqueurs) in the center to trails and viewpoints in Serra da Mantiqueira.

      Those who enjoy nature should enjoy the trails, such as:

      • Parque Oschin: It’s a private property with lots of trees, flowers and animals, also accepting pets.Oschin Park is ideal for those looking for light trails, especially families with children and pets;
      • Pico Selado: it is one of the highest points in Monte Verde, being a long and tiring trail, precisely because it is of medium difficulty.It is worth hiring a guide and safely enjoying the beautiful views, as there is no signage on the trail;
      • Pedra Redonda: the trail to Pedra Redonda overlooks preserved hills and is more accessible than the Sealed Peak.Currently, it is more worthwhile to visit the place with travel agencies (researching very well beforehand), including other places in the itinerary.This is because entry is only allowed with a guide, even though the trail is easy;
      • Pedra Partida: the trail to Pedra Partida is better with a guide, as it is of medium level the difficult one;
      • Plateau Trail: the Plateau Trail is another option, but a little easier, taking about 40 minutes each way.Again, a guide may be required to enter, which is quite expensive.


      Source: Marcos Lamas, Wikimedia

      The village of Conceição do Ibitipoca is an example of the benefits of ecotourism in Minas Gerais.Parque Estadual do Ibitipocaattracts visitors from all over Brazil, as it is beautiful and well-structured.

      Without a doubt, it is one of the perfect tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit!

      The village of Conceição do Ibitipoca is located in Serra da Mantiqueira and lives off the ecotourism promoted by the Park.

      There you will find comfort, excellent food and nightlife options, while maintaining the authenticity of the interior of Minas Gerais.

      The Ibitipoca State Park is only 3 km away from the village and was founded in 1973. The rock formations are surprising, but the biggest highlight is the waterfalls and streams, with very dark waters.

      The views of the Serra da Mantiqueira region also deserve many photos and hours of contemplation.

      One of the most relevant information is that the Ibitipoca State Park accepts a maximum of 1,000 people per day.In addition, admission is free, but with an economic ticket, between R$20 and R$25 per person.

      The first thing to do is go to the Visitors Center, where you can pick up the map with information for the visit.

      The trails are well structured, with wide paths and good signage.There are three trails that visitors can choose from: Water Circuit;Window of Heaven;Pico do Pião.

      The Water Circuit is the lightest trail with many important attractions in the Park. It is 5 km long and can be done by people of all ages.

      The most commented trail is Janela do Céu, named after the most famous waterfall in the Park.With medium to high difficulty, the trail lasts approximately 6 hours, being a circuit.

      The main highlight of the Janela do Céu Trail is theJanela do Céu waterfall, with its 20 meters high.At its top, the color of the water contrasts with the green at the bottom of the Serra and with the forest, creating a stunning setting.

      There are also several caves on this trail, such as the grandiose cave of Bromeliads.

      Less visited than the previous trails is the Pico do Pião Trail, whose highlight is Pico do Pião, at 1,762 meters above sea level.There are also several caves on this trail.


      Source: Tripadvisor

      Capitóliois one of the cities in Minas Gerais that has stood out in terms of tourism in recent years, largely because of its proximity to Lake Furnas and Serra da Canastra.

      Lake Furnas is one of the largest lakes in the world. buildings in the world, built due to the Furnas Hydroelectric Power Plant.

      There you will find breathtaking landscapes, with waters that vary from green to blue tones, always surrounded by walls of yellowish rocks over 20 meters high. .There are waterfalls in many of these canyons, as well as in the vicinity of Capitólio.

      The main attractions revolve around the boat, schooner and chalana trips, always with stops to swim in the icy, clear waters of the Lake.

      After seeing Lake Furnas up close, whether by boat or even swimming, an unmissable attraction is to climb Morro do Chapéu, almost 1,300 meters high.At the peak of Morro do Chapéu, you have a privileged view of the region, especially Lake Furnas.

      Another trip is to visit Serra da Canastra, one of Brazil’s national parks that best blends adventure and nature, in addition to the rich rural culture of Minas Gerais.

      Also find out where to stay in Capitólioin the best location and with suggestions for hotels, inns and houses for rent!

      Serra do Cipó

      Waterfall Grande.Source: Wikimedia

      The Serra do Cipó is a district adjacent to the National Park of the same name in the municipality of Santa do Riacho, just 100 km from Belo Horizonte.

      The highlight of the tourism in Serra do Cipó is to enjoy the waterfalls with large water wells, several trails and a lot of preserved nature, both within the National Park and in its surroundings.

      The main tourist attractions in Serra do Cipó are:

      • Cachoeira Serra Morena: These are two waterfalls that are great for swimming.The Serra Morena Waterfall 2 has the highest and most exuberant waterfall, but the Serra Morena Waterfall is also beautiful and forms a good swimming hole;
      • Bandeirinhas Canyon: it is a from the attractions of the National Park, a walk of at least 22 km (round trip), but which can be done by bicycle.There are even bicycles for rent at the entrance to the park.In addition to the trail itself, the Cânion das Bandeirinhas is very beautiful and you can swim in the river;
      • Farofa waterfall: it is worth accessing it by bike (at the entrance to the park).Cachoeira da Farofa has an excellent swimming hole, as well as a huge waterfall;
      • Cachoeira Grande: the waterfall is really big, with structure and short and easy trails, ideal for families to spend the day.

      Check out our tips on the best inns in Serra do Cipó!

      São Tomé das Letras

      Source: TripAdvisor

      Located at an altitude of 1400 meters, on an area of ​​quartzite rock, São Tomé das Letrasgained fame due to its legends, natural beauty and ecotourism.

      In 1991, the miniseries “Filhos do Sol” was launched by Rede Manchete, making Brazil aware of the tale of the connection between Gruta do Carimbado and Machu. Picchu.

      There are legends that say that the Incas of Machu Picchu disappeared along this path, ending up in Brazil, specifically in what is now São Tomé das Letras.

      In addition, the city is known as a of the seven energy points of the Earth.Its altitude gives it incredible viewpoints, such as the viewpoint at Casa da Pirâmide.

      In addition, there are several waterfalls and caves, such as: Cachoeira da Lua, Cachoeira Antares, Cachoeira Véu da Noiva, Cachoeira Eubiose and Cachoeira from Vale das Borboletas.

      Among the caves, the best known is the Gruta do Carimbado.But there are many others in the city, such as: Gruta de São Thomé, Gruta do Labirinto and Gruta de Sobradinho.

      Many visitors come to São Tomé das Letras for motorcycle trails, as the city has dirt roads in in good condition with breathtaking landscapes.

      The center is also worth visiting, with cobblestone streets, old houses and the Igreja Matriz.This church was built in the 18th century after a slave found an image of São Tomé in a grotto, along with a letter, which a man dressed in white gave him.

      The then slave, João Antão, delivered the letter and the image to his “boss”, who, impressed by the facts, gave João Antão freedom and started the construction of the Igreja Matriz.

      As you can see, the history of São Tomé das Letras is full of of surprising facts, as well as its natural beauty.

      This is our list of the top cities to visit in Minas Gerais.Which cities in Minas were missing?Now also read our article on rent a car in Belo Horizonteon a budget!

      Have a nice trip!

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