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TOP 6 tips from Pablo Neruda’s house museum

With a privileged view of the port and the bay of ValparaisoLa Sebastiana, named after the poet Pablo Neruda’s house in the coastal region of Chileis one of the most visited attractions in the city.

The five-story house is a museum full of curiosities about the poet’s life, work and inventions.

In fact, the house is fun for that very reason! Neruda considered himself a builder and found it beautiful to see what was being born.

Their homes were never static. They always renewed themselves with objects that he sought patiently, or that arrived unexpectedly. He was a collector and art lover.

Visiting your home is escaping a little bit of reality to enter a playful and different world. I left there wanting to be Pablo Neruda!

Check out why La Sebastiana is worth visiting, how it works the ride, how much and how to get.

La Sebastiana, Valparaíso: how to get there, prices, how to visit and tips

  1. prices
  2. How to get
  3. why visit
  4. Duration, languages ​​and rules
  5. how is the visit
  6. Photos
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
Outside area of ​​the museum
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
Mural on Museum Street with Neruda’s Phrase

La Sebastiana: prices and opening hours

Operation: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm (until 7 pm in January and February)

Ticket: 7,000 Chilean pesos (about R$40 in Aug/2019), but the ticket office only accepts pesos

Address: 692 Ferrari Street, Valparaiso – Chile

Tel: +56-32-225 6606 | [email protected]

How to get to La Sebastiana Museum

We stayed close to Avenida Ecuador, from where several collective taxisincluding one for La Sebastiana.

The avenue is close to the center and is known for the concentration of bars. The collective costs 300 pesos (about R$2 Feb/2019). From this point you can also walk, passing through Avenida Germany, which is one of the attractions of the city.

If you’re in Plaza Sotomayor, Valparaíso’s main square, close to the port, it’s worth taking an Uber, which arrives in 10 minutes.

It is possible to take a bus near the square, but he goes around a lot. If you still prefer this option, just ask there.

If you are thinking of renting a car, it is worth comparing the prices of different rental companies there through this link on Rentcars. It is possible to pay in installments and pay only upon withdrawal.

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La Sebastiana House Museum: why visit?

The house was named after its builder, Sebastián Collado, who died before finishing it. It was found closed by a friend of the poet.

Shortly before, he asked her to find a place where he could write in peace and made a series of demands, but fell in love with the place right away.

The view is incredible, and the location allows for isolation, in a privileged point of Valparaíso, on Cerro Bellavista.

Are 3 floors full of relics such as old maps, paintings and sculptures by artists from all over the world – or by unknown artists, as well as original furniture and objects by Pablo Neruda and his beloved Matilde Urrutia.

Its peculiar architecture draws attention.

La Sebastiana opened in September 1961 with a memorable party, when the poet recited a poem he wrote in honor of the place. In the museum there is a handwritten copy of the poem (it also appears in the book Plenos Poderes).

The house was invaded after the 1973 military coup, restored in 1991 and opened to the public as a museum in 1992.

Since then it has become an important cultural Center to the surrounding population.

La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
The 5 floors seen from the outside
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
View from the terrace on the ground floor
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
A fun stool!

La Sebastiana tour: duration, languages ​​and rules

Groups visiting La Sebastiana from Santiago generally only know the outsidethe ground floor terrace overlooking the sea, cafe and shop.

To take the audio guided tour, you will need at least 45 minutes. At the box office, monitors hand over headphones with information in six languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

On each floor and each room in the house there are numbers indicated on the walls or objects. Just press the number indicated on the device, and then the “play” button to hear the information.

Photography is not allowed inside Casa La Sebastiana.

It is not necessary Reserve, but the visit is subject to availability and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Just in case, try to go in the morning.

How the visit to La Sebastiana works

Some aspects are common to all three of Pablo Neruda’s houses: a large table always waiting for guests and colored glasses, as he thought water tasted better in red or green glasses.

The bar and its many bottles… it was there that Neruda invented the drink “Gran Coquetelón” that he made in costume and as if in a ritual. His parties were always lively.

It is not possible to photograph inside the house, but some objects are clear in the memory. Like the life-size carved wooden horse that came from a Paris carousel.

It was strategically placed in the circular room to make it look like it’s still running. Or the armchair he called “Cloud”… in fact, he loved to name things.

The visit goes through the original entrance of the house, where there is an incredible panel inspired by an old map of Patagonia that belonged to Neruda.

The work was done by her friend, the sculptor and muralist María Martner, who found the house. She lived with her husband, Francisco Velasquez, on the first two floors, where the museum’s shop, reception, cafe and ticket office are today.

The visit continues until Pubat dining rooms and beO bedroomand finally, on the 5th floor, the office by Pablo Neruda. It was the place where the poet wrote, and from where he liked to observe the houses and hills of Valparaíso.

All rooms have an incredible view of the bay, which is extraordinary with the large windows and the circular shape inspired by boats. The views from the rooms of the house give the feeling of being on a giant boat sailing in the Pacific.

The visit is pleasant, quick and has a scenic effect full of life, colors and relics of Pablo Neruda.

La Sebastiana: +photos of Neruda’s house

La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
Mural by María Martner inspired by the Patagonia map
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
Part of the view of the office where Neruda was writing
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
House entrance
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
House map – click to view full size
La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda's house-museum in Valparaíso
La Sebastiana Museum store

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La Sebastiana House Museum
  • 692 Ferrari Street, Valparaiso – Chile
  • +56-32-225 6606 | [email protected]
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm (until 7 pm in January and February)
  • Ticket: 7,000 Chilean pesos (about R$40 in Aug/2019), but the ticket office only accepts pesos

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La Sebastiana: Neruda’s house-museum in Valparaíso

by Camila Coubelle

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