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Tour em Santiago do Chile

Once in Santiago, taking the tour to Cajón del Maipoand Embalse El Yesowas one of the things we most wanted to do in the city.We had visited Santiago before, but we didn’t even know it existed.

So after our trip in the Atacama Desert, we returned to Santiago and booked 4 days to explore the city.In fact, these 4 days were not even enough to spend, as there are many day trips to do from Santiago, such as to the ski resorts, to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, to the wineries and, finally, to Cajón del Maipo.

Our only certainty was that on this new trip to Chile, we didn’t want to leave this place out.Therefore, even before traveling, we consulted some tour agencies to schedule our tour to the Cajón del Maipo in advance.Here are some details on how the tour works.

Cajón del Maipo and Embalse El Yeso: Unmissable Tour in Santiago de Chile

Tips on how to get to Cajon del Maipo, best time, which agency to hire and what to do in Embalse El Yeso

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Cajón del Maipo is the name of a region, bathed by the River Maipoand surrounded by the mountains of the Andes, which is pure charm .Due to its mountainous climate and natural beauty, the region has become a center for sports activities and for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Santiago.

The scenery at Cajón del Maipo is cinematic, even before to arrive at our final destination.The canyon formed by the Maipo River and surrounded by mountains is impressive.The winding road winds through this valley, passing delightful corners, such as the friendly and cozy San José del Maipo, the main tourist hub.

In San José del Maipoactivities such as trekking, sport fishing, rafting, zip-lining and mountaineering are possible.Due to lack of time, we ended up not getting to know these attractions and only passed through the city, as our final destination was Embalse El Yeso.

Cajón del Maipo e Embalse El Yeso: Tour Imperdível em Santiago do Chile no inverno
The place yields amazing photos;in winter the mountains are whiter and the contrast with the lake is more intense

1 – Cajon del Maipo: tour or on your own

Our first The question was whether we would be able to go on our own or would it be better to hire an agency.

We had not even planned to rent a car in Santiago, as our intention on this part of the trip was precisely to relax driving.

But if the economy was good, renting a car to go there could be an option.As we don’t have much experience driving in the snow, it would also be a complicating factor.

In the end, to reduce stress and travel with peace of mind, we decided to hand our day over to an agency.

Friends of the blog Coisos on the Go went on their own in a rental car, it’s worth checking out their tips.

Cajon del Maipo: Embalse el Yeso Fechado

Embalse el Yeso is the beautiful dam located in the Cajón del Maipo and the main point of interest for a tour of the region.

Attention: After a few months closed due to a landslide that fatally hit two Brazilian children on the Embalse el Yeso, the Embalse el Yeso was finally reopened in January 2020.

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