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Tourism content creator and quarantine inspiration

Quarantine tourism content creator is an inspirational post for you.

The content creator had to turn around in a thousand to remain interesting and creative during a pandemic!

Today I’m going to talk about a subject that we almost don’t talk about here, the backstage of a blog and a content creator.

It’s no secret that tourism has been one of the factors most affected by the pandemic, but what about the tourism content creator?

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The tourism content creator and the changes needed

Want to get an idea of ​​how tourism content producers felt?

We jumped on the wave and made plans…

Imagine the following scene: it’s January, you jumped a wave and placed orders, order number 3 was: “I want to travel to such a place this year!”.

You cheered, prepared, and then the end of February arrived, March and BOOM! pandemic, quarantine, everyone at home!

What did you do with that trip? BOOM too!

You canceled, postponed, you didn’t even want to know about travel anymore, you focused on saving your finances, your health, buying masks and alcohol gel, discussed politics, trip?! What is trip??!!

Yeah, the fact that you took travel out of your plan this year that’s more or less what happened with the content producer and his plans as well.

The changes of direction in Aos Viajantes and in my life

I’ve been creating posts and content for the various social networks of Aos Viajantes for 6 years, and I always start the year full of plans, full of projects and expectations.

content-creator-changing-the-tariff Tourism content creator and quarantine inspiration

We don’t wake up one day and think: “Oh, today I’m going to write by air ticket, I felt like it”.

It’s not like this!

Anyone who makes content for the internet seriously needs a lot planning, a lot of strategy and a lot of basis in everything you’re talking about.

That plan had to be completely re-done there by mid-March, April or whenever every content producer had the head for it!

Why was everything going on, and while some sell food, others think about how to save the digital business, how to save tourism and everything else.

In the end, they are all jobs and each one is experiencing their pain of changing careers or not. To take care of your health, while not allowing your boat to sink.

Well, here at Aos Viajantes I felt the interest in the content decrease, it’s clear and obvious right. But I tried to bring what is actually interesting to the moment.

And there were several posts: A guide on how to cancel tickets, how we can help each other right now, tips and more home office tips on instagram, and inspirations to travel without leaving home, whether through books or movies and series.

I unfolded, as well as a lot of content producer out there, who had the source of content decreasing, and/or interest.

Think of all the websites, TV channels and everything that just stopped production.

Globo reprising a soap opera, because of course, they couldn’t produce new content. And look, Globo is a gigantic company! The content producer, most of the time, is made by one person, or two.

I had to cancel trips too, and they were all content that I would bring here to the blog.

I’m here to help you plan your trips, in every way

With that, I ended up daring and changing the editorial line a little.

On instagram mainly, I started showing my ways of planning things, my makeup, the backstage of Aos Viajantes and even recipes.

I started talking about something that is a passion for me, which are movies and series!

And the cool thing was realizing that all this has a lot to do with travel too! I’ve always been inspired by destinations to travel by watching movies.

I read and I like to read because this habit is a trip, and all these issues of being planned, thinking about the future, studying economics, are totally related to traveling more.

And I’m not just talking about digital nomads here, I’m talking about of having a life and planning in such a way that you can travel!

I already wrote a post here about making dream trips, so you know? It’s all about! Not the trip that instagram seems to show, full of filters, I’m talking about the real trip!

I found out along the way that I’m here to talk about travel planning and how you can go wherever you want as long as you want!

I’m here to inspire you, to help you plan and also to deliver you an amazing script!

While we can’t travel, I’m inspiring you! And helping you think of ways to have physical and financial health to get through this crisis.

I became a content creator professionally, now what?!

During this whole period I reinvented myself, and today I work much more with content production, including for other profiles and other media.

I discovered another profession in myself and that helped me a lot during this period.

This is not going to change the way with Aos Viajantes, in fact, it has only changed for the better, because with a short time, I end up being much more organized!

How Aos Viajantes started and the challenges of content production in quarantine on youtube

I was called by dear Cris and Panda from the Coxinha Nerd channel, to talk a little about how Aos Viajantes started!

It’s a 10-minute chat I had with Panda, and then Cris will interview Nathalia Kreuser, to talk about the same subject.

The first 5 minutes of video are with me.

A video for everyone who wants to produce content on the internet or who is curious to understand how this (not so glamorous) world works.

Feel free to follow me on instagram, because I’m telling more details there too!

Plan your trip with Aos Viajantes

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