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Tourist train between Rio and Minas is practically ready; meet

planned to start operate in 2018O tourist train that connects Rio to MG it’s practically ready. The locomotives were restored and the wagons underwent repairs to take tourists along the more than 160km of tracks that connect the two states.

the NGO train friendsthe main responsible for the project, informed the Rio diary that has already complied with the regulations and standards imposed by the ANTT (National Land Transport Agency), in addition to the safety protocols to start operating the train.

Tourist train between Rio and Minas (Press Release / Amigos do Trem)

But since 2018, the entity claims to have difficulties with bureaucratic obstacles with the Central Atlantic Railroada concessionaire that must carry out the maintenance and renovation of a section of the route.

The tourist train between Rio and Minas has, in addition to the NGO Amigos do Trem, the support of city halls and the private sector in the region, in addition to the Centro Atlântica concessionaire and federal government agencies.


Interstate rail travel must travel eight cities: Três Rios and Sapucaia, in RJ, and Leopoldina, Recreio, Volta Grande, Além Paraíba, Chiador and Cataguases, in Minas. The trains have a capacity of around 850 passengers per day.

In Brazil there are currently more than 30 tourist trains in operation. Some of the most famous are those of Bento Gonçalves (RS), from Tiradentes – Sao Joao del Rei (MG) and Curitiba – Morretes (PR).

Minas Gerais also has one of the few active routes for the regular transport of passengers on rails, the Belo Horizonte – Vitória linewhich is operated by Rio Doce Valley.

+ Maria Fumaça in Bento Gonçalves

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