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Travel bag: how to choose the best option – Vou na JanelaVou na Janela

Many people ask me how to choose the perfect suitcase, what suitcase to buy or what type of suitcase to take on a particular trip. Choosing the right suitcase is one more guarantee of a good trip. In it you will take your clothes, valuables and whatever you are going to buy during your trip.

I’ve always taken medium or large suitcases, but for some time now, I’ve been enjoying traveling with just the carry-on suitcase size P. I’ve also explained it in a post here, good reasons to travel with just the carry-on suitcase, check . The advantages are many, I don’t need to ship, I don’t need to wait for the return of the bag at the final destination, there is no risk of loss and other advantages.

I use a Teck ABS Stilo model from Sestini, ideal size to take in the cabin, but there are several other bags that serve this purpose very well. This type of suitcase is so good that if you pack the clothes correctly, they arrive without wrinkling, ready to be used.

How to choose a suitcase

Backpacks are a good alternative, smaller ones of 30 or 40 liters can be combined with a carry-on bag. Or you can opt for larger backpacks, the so-called “camel backpack” of 50 liters and above.

Good backpacks for trips of up to 15 days

Bags are also a good alternative, some can easily become a wheeled suitcase because they have a built-in trolley. Because they are more malleable, they end up being better accommodated in the luggage compartment of planes and that pair of socks you forgot on the hotel bed will always fit.

If you are going to opt for a suitcase, choose the ones with a hard and waterproof case. The lighter the better, not forgetting good resistance. Make sure it has good internal dividers and if it doesn’t, you can buy organizers like the ones I bought at Sestini.

Organizers are handy

Organizers are handy

It’s nice that the suitcase is expandable to ensure you can accommodate those purchases you made during your trip. Also choose a suitcase with wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees, it makes our life at airports much easier. Also choose a matte and porous suitcase, those shiny suitcases are totally scratched on the first trip, if the suitcase is checked.

Forget the shiny bags

Forget the shiny bags

Choose a suitcase with a built-in padlock, preferably the TSA type of international standard that the airport police can open without having to break it open.

for all pockets

for all pockets

And the size?

It will depend on your travel style and duration. For trips of up to 10 days, the combination backpack and carry-on suitcase size P is valid. For trips of 10 to 15 days, the suitcase size M is the most suitable. But if your trip is long, then you’ll have to take a large suitcase, unless you’re like me, who practices detachment and travels only with a carry-on suitcase and a small backpack where the camera, notebook and other things go. minors.

my perfect suitcase

Adding all the features above, my perfect bag has to have these features below:

For me, a perfect suitcase has to have these differentials

For me, a perfect suitcase has to have these differentials

I’m sure that after this post the task of choosing a travel bag became much easier, isn’t it? Oh, it also doesn’t hurt to remember that all the values ​​I put above were consulted in November 2015 and I only indicated products that I know and that are really good, this post doesn’t have jabá!

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