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Travel Guide to Venice in Infographics

In this Travel Guide to Venice (infographic) you will find everything you need to know to organize your visit to this city: estimate per day, which places you should visit, what to pay for fees, how much is the transport and much more. Let’s start!!

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Venecia is another de las joyas de Italy, the famous city of los canales, de las gondolas, where the streets are hechas de agua. Sure you will never forget this place!

During your visit try to visit at least the 10 places mentioned, you will really be impressed, you can see how the whole city is filled with canals, where there are no coaches, where the art is part of each structure.

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More information about the Travel Guide to Venice

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travel guide to venice

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travel guide to venice

travel guide to venice

travel guide to venice

travel guide to venice

travel guide to venice

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