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Travel luggage. What’s the best travel bag? What can I take?

Choosing the best travel luggage is important for the success of trip. After all, she will be your faithful companion for several days. A bad suitcase can cause a lot of headaches.

I decided to write this post to share a little bit of what I learned along my travels.

Tips for the best travel luggage

1. How big is your on-board luggage?

With the change of pricing rules in Brazil, airlines can now charge for checked baggage. Therefore, in order not to pay the fare, it is necessary to travel with a carry-on bag.

What is the size of in-flight luggage?

ABEAR (Associação Brasileira das Empresas Aéreas), in partnership with Brazilian airlines, set in 2019 the standard size for checked hand luggage on international flights, taking into account the international criteria of IATA.

See the patterns:

  • suitcase: 55cm high x 35cm wide x 25cm deep. Maximum weight of 10kg.
  • personal item (bag, backpack, tote bag): 45 cm high X 35 cm wide X 20 cm deep
See the size allowed. Graph: G1

I emphasize that on-board baggage that is not within the standard must be checked in, with payment of a fee.

2. The suitcase must be proportionate

My number one rule is: bring a suitcase that I can carry.

Carry a suitcase proportionate to your strengths. I learned this by traveling alone.

Remember: you can’t rely on people for help. In certain countries no one will offer to lend a hand!

3. Suitcase suitable for the type of trip

Second, the best travel luggage is the one suitable for the type of itinerary. Wheeled suitcase for a trail or camping trip? A big suitcase for a train trip across Europe? No no and no…

When choosing the suitcase, think about how the trip will be.

On my trip to Italy, for example, where we would travel to several cities by train, a friend went with a giant suitcase and a carry-on bag. Result: a lot of tiredness with the stairs in the stations (as there are stairs in that country!) and going up and down by train. At the end of two weeks, no one could bear to look at the suitcase (let alone carry lol).

See more:

4. Bag according to the type of flight

travel luggage choose best 1024x664 - Travel luggage.  What's the best travel bag?  What can I take?
With which handbag I should go? photo: pixabay

This tip is kind of linked to the previous one. I only made this item because it is important to note that airlines have a luggage weight limit. This limit varies if the segment is international or domestic.

Also the baggage limit changes if the flight is with a company low cost Ryanair or Easy Jet type. Excess can make that cheap ticket very expensive.

Therefore, it is important to check the luggage weight limit and how many bags can be checked on the flight.

5. Suitcase with wheels

Wheels: the traveller’s best friend if you’re not a backpacker.

The most common options are 2 or 4 wheels. 4-wheel suitcase is very comfortable, but 2-wheel is good enough. What you can’t do is carry unnecessary weight, right?

6. Sturdy travel luggage

travel luggage suitcase 1024x682 - Travel luggage.  What's the best travel bag?  What can I take?
Suitcase best suited for you. photo: pixabay

Buy good quality travel luggage. Sometimes cheap is expensive. The material can vary according to personal taste: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible.

Particularly, I don’t like hard suitcases, because they are already heavy. The hard case (also known as the “box type”) can break with blows, so if you choose to buy it, buy a good brand and with a guarantee.

The flexible, because it is made of fabric, is usually the lightest of all. It is important that the fabric is waterproof, if it rains it can get all its contents wet.

My preference is the semi-rigid travel bag for a longer trip (more than 7 days) and the flexible bag for a short trip.

7. Bag that stands out from the crowd

Everyone has a tendency to buy black or navy blue suitcase. You know how it is… dirty less.

Well, that’s not my case! My bags are always very different. The current ones are a pink polka-dot brown and a very flashy purple.

Reason? Being able to easily identify my travel luggage and no one taking it by mistake.

You know the agony of the conveyor belt passing and a lot of bags arriving? Do you see several similar ones and are in doubt? Well… I don’t suffer from it! haha

However, you don’t have to follow my example. If you put some ribbons, stickers or luggage tags, it helps to identify more easily.

You can also invest in a suitcase cover that, in addition to differentiating travel luggage, is extra protection against theft.

8. What can you pack in your on-board luggage?

Finally, I always think it’s important to remember what we can and cannot put in our on-board luggage, as it also influences our choice when traveling.

I emphasize that, apart from the rules below, all your valuables – such as notebook, ipad, cell phone, camera, jewelry, money – must be washed in your hand luggage. Do not ship!!!

what to pack - Travel luggage.  What's the best travel bag?  What can I take?

national flight hand luggage

  • prohibited: sharp objects, flammable products and items considered dangerous. Therefore, you cannot nail scissors, metal file and pocket knife, for example.
  • allowed: food and liquids, no size limit.

international flight hand luggage

  • prohibited: sharp objects, flammable products and items considered dangerous. Therefore, nail scissors, metal file and pocketknife are prohibited. Also prohibited liquids above 100ml.
  • allowed: liquids (shampoo, toothpaste, aerosol) in packages up to 100ml, placed inside a transparent zip lock bag. Liquids purchased at the duty-free shop or on the aircraft, as long as they are sealed in the packaging with the purchase receipt, are outside the 100ml limit.

On the ANAC website there is a complete list of items that may or may not be transported as carry-on or checked baggage.

Polliana from the blog Across the Universe made a super post listing what to pack in your hand luggage that is worth checking out.

Conclusion: choose your travel luggage

I hope that with the tips above you can organize your trip and pack your travel luggage for a smooth ride! Leave your comments!

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