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Travel souvenirs that decorate my house

What I like to do most in life is travel (I think I could tell haha), and I confess that I already miss catching a plane and seeing new places. As I can’t handle the quarantine (obviously), I keep trying to “travel” in other ways at home and one of them is to admire objects that and / or travel souvenirs that decorate my house. So I decided to show you a little bit of everything I have around here to kill the longing.

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Travel souvenirs as decoration items

Ready to see my travel-themed decor items? I love each one of them and will tell you where I bought it or who I got it from and what it means to me. Check out the items below and where to find them at my house 🙂


I try to keep a lot of cute travel things in my room, after all, traveling is what I like to do most in life, so having these objects in my sight makes me happy, a lot! So let’s go, I’ll show you all the travel memories I have in my room.

beside the bed

On the little table beside my bed, I have a piggy bank. It is more symbolic, more decoration. Every now and then I deposit a little money there, but not much. I think it’s beautiful and it’s the color I love the most, light pink, kind of old pink, you know?! I bought it at Imaginarium, but it’s been a while. I even looked to see if he still had it on the site to leave the link here, but I couldn’t find any more for sale. Sorry!

piggy bank my room
imaginary piggy bank

Ah, I could not fail to mention the lamp that was cheap, I brought when I was in London, on my honeymoon trip. I bought it in a very popular store along with this comic in the photo below. Both cost the trifle of 1 pound (each), can you believe it? I swear, swear! I will never forget these 2 finds!!!!


My bedroom closet has glass shelves and to decorate them nothing like making use of some travel-themed decor items. That’s why I have a tiny Eiffel Tower and two mini paintings that are portrait frames.

I bought this comic book duo in Buenos Aires, but I never had the courage to take the pictures that already came in them, so I left it as it was, and every time I look I remember the first time I was in the city of los hermanos.

There are also these very cute lanterns that I brought from Morocco.

morocco lantern
Oh, how I miss you!

It was something I wanted so much more so much that when I brought it I didn’t even know where to put it. Since I had bought the ticket to Morocco, I had already decided to bring a symbolic object (not expensive, of course) that I could leave at home to always remind me of the happiness I felt in being able to fulfill the dream of being able to go there. It was something that until then was only in the plan of impossible dreams, you know?! But it happened and it was so maraaaaa! On this trip, I found myself with tears in my eyes many, many times. The culture, the women, the simplicity, everything enchanted me, so I will never forget…

Living room

In the furniture in the living room where my television is, I have two small shelves filled with travel books and conversation guides. On the side, I also have my wine rack in which I usually keep those bottles I bring on a trip. I even bought this item on a trip too, the beautiful and charming Tiradentes.

I thought he was just beautiful and I did everything I could to bring him home. I confess that it took a bit of work because I didn’t have a car, but in the end it all worked out. Oh, how I miss you, Tiradentes! I want to go back as soon as possible. And you already know, tell me in the comments. 🙂

One of my favorite travel decor items in my house is a comic I brought from Bichinho. I bought it directly from the artist when I had the opportunity to visit her. I was enchanted by these comics made out of old vinyls. Beautiful, extraordinary work @alexterrabichinho. It’s so pretty and it matches my living room decor.


You can’t get to know the kitchen of my house and not realize that I LOVE to travel. My fridge is full of magnets that I bring with me whenever I travel. I confess that I only buy magnets that I think are extremely beautiful and therefore, I don’t have magnets from all the places I’ve been. If I find one that I really like, I buy it, and I let it go. Even so, I already have a decent amount. I love them all!

I cannot fail to mention the cups I brought from travel. Ah, this one from Cuba I got from a very special friend… I still don’t know this destination. Who knows one day?! I really want!!!! Another item found in the kitchen is a painting I brought back from Africa. There are three elephants with a beautiful frame and I love looking at them and remembering this trip that marked my life, in which I got to know Johannesburg, Hoedspruit (I went on a safari), Franschooek and Cape Town.


The office is a place where you can also find objects that remind me of previous trips. The main one is an amazing photo frame that is a world map and has several magnets in the shape of an airplane to attach to it. I got this birthday board (you can see that my family knows me well and knows what I like haha). It was bought in kalunga.

my world map
This is my world map

Want something more vintage? so see this one which I found and enjoyed a lot too.

In addition, on my office shelf, there is a globe that represents the world, of course, and inspires me to know more and more new places that I haven’t had the opportunity or even the courage to visit. There is also a decorative object from Paris that I love very much and an Eiffel Tower message box that I got as a gift from a dear friend in 2019.

So I hope you enjoyed my travel memories (literally, I opened my house lol) and I’m waiting for you to leave in the comments what you think of them. Always good to look at these objects and remember these wonderful moments, right? And you, what do you have at home? Tell me everything, don’t hide anything from me.

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