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Travel Tips: Amazing Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk was one of our favorite Russian cities on the Trans-Siberian route.In this text, we’ve gathered tips on what to know, what to eat and where to stay.

Often ignored in travelers’ itinerary, the city of Krasnoyarsk is the capital of the krai of the same name.

The krais are one of Russia’s many political divisions, roughly equivalent to the states in Brazil.The Krasnoyarsk krai is the largest krai in the country.

If you’re still a little lost trying to organize your trip to Russia, read our texts.We spent almost 3 months in the country and we explained everything very well:

Krasnoyarsk – Russia

Right away, the mountains that
compose the horizon of the city’s visual drew attention, as landscapes
with relief had not been very common on our trip here.Since the
entry into Russia, the terrain was quite flat.

One of these mountain ranges is
the Stolby Natural Sanctuary, the high point of our journey through Krasnoyarsk, and
we’ll talk more about it in this post.

krasnoyarsk russia

While strolling through the city center we noticed another aspect different from the many other Russian cities we have visited so far: a certain hipster vibe in the air.

Through the streets, you can see many modern barbershops, vans and kombis selling coffee, craft breweries, hamburgers, international food restaurants, more tidy bars and other establishments that are not very common in the country outside the Moscow axis. – Saint Petersburg.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
Lots of cafes

The hipster atmosphere is such
that in the center of There are no supermarkets in the city and, until 2018, there wasn’t even a
McDonald’s in Krasnoyarsk.

After our journey through the rural and inhospitable Altai Republic, all we needed was an overdose of urbanity , good meat and delicious beer.

But walking around the city is also delicious, literally, because there’s a lot of delicious food and drinks to try, and it’s also very easy, since Google Maps and Maps.Me work really well.

Click a point on the map to see its legend

Stolby Natural Sanctuary (Заповедник

The word Stolby means
“pillars” in Russian.And the pillars are the main attraction of the
Stolby Natural Sanctuary, along with the cute squirrels that are scattered all over the
in the park.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
How cute!

The main trail of the sanctuary
is over 7km from the road to the pillars one way.The path is well
signposted, wide and, despite being a constant climb, the walk is easy.

Along the way there are some cafes and snack bars, as well as signs in English teaching you about the local fauna and flora. and also warning of the danger of finding bears there.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
Just imagine

So avoid leaving the trail and stay on the signposted path.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia

There are two mobile apps that show you the way and have some descriptions.

However, we recommend using Maps.Me itself, which works perfectly for finding your way around Stolby.Don’t forget to download the Krasnoyarsk offline map before heading out.

At the top of the trail there are several
pillars and rocks to see and climb.The path between them is indicated by
English signs.Our favorite was The Feathers (перья), where you can
go up and have a nice view of the city.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia

However, when it’s time to return, we recommend taking the same route as before, using the wooden stairs.

We decided to take one of the alternative trails pointed out on Maps.Me, next to The Granddad (дед) and ended up on an extremely slippery and bleak slope, very difficult to get to the bottom.A perfect place for bear attack.But everything went well and we are alive.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
The trails are well marked

Bus line 50 leaves from center of Krasnoyarsk and leads to the Turbaza stop, facing the main entrance to the park.This trip takes around an hour.

From this entrance to the beginning of the trail, it is 2km, which can be done on asphalt or following a side path, from where you can already see some rocks and, perhaps, squirrels.

Case if you are driving, you can
park at the beginning of the trail, avoiding the 2km walk.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia

St Paraskeva’s Chapel (Часовня
Параскевы Пятницы)

One of the symbols of the city of Krasnoyarsk, the St. view from the center.To find the way on foot or by bus, use Google
Maps or Maps.Me.

Avenida Mira (пр. Мира)

A Avenida Mira connects one end of Krasnoyarsk to the other, and is one of the hottest places to walk in the city.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
The city has many beautiful places

Despite being an avenue open to cars, the traffic there is not very intense and the best restaurants and bars are in this region.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
It’s very much like Russia

Revolution Square (Революция

Walk along Avenida Mira to the fun-filled Revolution Square.There are swings where adults can play under the protective gaze of the gigantic Lenin in the middle of the square.

Don’t worry, you’ll see lots of other adults around there trying to swing as high as possible.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia

Krasnoyarsk Central Park (Парк культуры и
отдыха имени А.Горького)

Krasnoyarsk Central Park is an event center and amusement park directly opposite Revolution Square.

The park itself is nothing different from other parks, but at the end of it you have a beautiful view over the Yenisei River with the mountains in the background.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
Central Park Krasnoyarsk – Russia

Sportivnaya Ploshchadka (Спортивная

The city

Krasnoyarsk is full of places for walking and cycling.Sportivnaya Ploshchadka, or Sports Ground, is a favorite with locals.

This is an island with numerous paths and trails, right in the middle of the Yenisei River.

Access to it is via the very pleasant square where the Philharmonic building is located.

Bicycles can be rented there to cycle around the island or along the banks of the Yenisei River, which has a paved path to Central Park.

Krasnoyarsk Big Ben (Красноярский

In the city of Krasnoyarsk there is a bad imitation of Big Ben that the locals are kind enough to call Big Ben.

The truth is that the clock is nothing special and even goes unnoticed if you don’t know that it was intended to look like London’s Big Ben.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
Russian Big Ben

Still, it’s interesting to
walk around where the clock is.Nearby is the Krasnoyarsk Ballet (Театр
оперы и балета им. Д. А. Хворостовского) and a beautiful staircase with statues that
leads down to the river.

krasnoyarsk russiakrasnoyarsk russia
Krasnoyarsk – Russia

Krasnoyarsk Dam

The Krasnoyarsk Dam is one of the
greatest symbols of the city and can be seen on the 10 ruble banknotes.To check the train timetable, access the RZD website.We have written a tutorial to use the site, go here:

Where to Stay in Krasnoyarsk – Russia

Krasnoyarsk, like all Russian cities that we know, has many options of excellent hostels.

For those who want to spend a little money, be well located and in a highly rated place, the Titmous House is a must.

If you prefer a hotel, the Mini Hotel 24 on Look is excellent.The price and location are great, and the rooms are beautiful:

Mini Hotel 24 na Mira

If If you prefer a larger hotel with more amenities, stay at the Hotel Krasnoyarsk, which is right in the heart of the city, overlooking the river and that beautiful staircase.

Hotel Krasnoyarsk

Bars and Restaurants in Krasnoyarsk – Russia

Our favorite part of our stay in Krasnoyarsk was delighting in the excellent quality of the food and beer.

Inconveniently, prices are
a little higher than in the rest of Russia.

So here’s a list of the good places to eat and drink that we tried.There are few, because we ended up returning more than once to the places we liked.

But rest assured that walking around the city you will see many other interesting bars and restaurants.

And if you like coffee, this is your city, with countless cool cars selling coffee 24 hours a day in every corner of downtown.Really hipster.

Jumbo & Уклейка– A delicious burger joint on Avenida Mira.The options are many, the price is reasonable for the quality of the hamburger and every now and then there are drinks promotions.One of the locals’ favorite spots.As the space is not very big, it is always full during peak hours.

Very very good!

Vinegret Buffet– This restaurant is Stolovaya style, or tray.Surprisingly, the price is great and so is the food.

Great option to try Russian food, but they also sell pizza, sushi, Mexican food and probably many other foods that we haven’t seen.They attack on all fronts.

Mama Roma– Mama Roma is an Italian restaurant chain based in other Russian cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow.The prices are a little steep, but they have an English menu and high quality food.

Movies and Germans (Кино и немцы)– A German movie-themed bar.Lots of sausages, good beer and good service.

Delicious breaded squid too

Los’ i Lossos’ (Лось и лосось)– Another restaurant chain, but this one is local.The menu is really varied, with good deals on drinks and cheap beer.

How to Get to Krasnoyarsk – Russia

Krasnoyarsk is one of the big cities in Russia on the Trans-Siberian line, between Novosibirsk and Irkutsk.So you’ll probably arrive and leave it by train.

The train station is about 3km from the city center, but there are many bus lines that take you to the center.Google Maps works perfectly in Krasnoyarsk for this.

Travel Insurance for Russia

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